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  1. The buying drinks before the 15 is a current recent change-- so some one was able to do it last year but can not do it last week. Its 15 alcohol drinks pp per day.
  2. serene56

    Discount 2 weeks after cruise

    Read those early savers rules- especially with booking so far in advance. Gone are the days when you book onboard you get a good price. Now its the same price with cabin credit-- but only by booking at the early saver rate
  3. serene56

    Carnival Breeze - Port Canaveral

    If the ship docks at 8- you still need to make your way off the ship. Through Customs and immigration. I dont think you will be at the airport before 9. Maybe 9:30 As long as your luggage is checked in 60 minutes before your flight you are good. But remember flights board 30 minutes before flight time
  4. serene56

    Sign and Sail question.

    Each cabin has their own booking #. Have each of your kids do their own online check in. and fill out their own information. I have never given the kids charging privileges. Make sure the adult kids know there is tipping of 13.99 pp per day
  5. serene56

    All Things Magic

  6. There are at least a dozen places to dine on the Carnival Liberty, each offering a variety of cuisines. Except as noted below, all are included in the base cruise fare. Golden Olympian Dining Room Silver Olympian Dining Room Lido Restaurant (Mongolian Wok, Chef’s Choice, Salad Bar, Carnival Deli, pIZZA) Blue Iguana Cantina Seafood Shack $$ Guy's Burger Joint The Steakhouse (fixed surcharge of $30 per person) $$ Bonsai Sushi Bar $$ Ol' Fashioned Barbecue
  7. serene56

    Do you have this problem?

    you can get the same pictures free by just using google
  8. google- Carnival Liberty room service menu, 2018 it lists what is charged and not. after 10 and before 5 there is a fee. and you should tip a buck or two for delivery- even if there is a charge. as for the map-- look on the back of the fun times-- there is a list of dining places and the times they are serving. If there is no $$ next to the listing that means its free Carnival Liberty has a facebook page too
  9. serene56

    Do you have this problem?

    Fun times change and is time consuming to get them scanned and hosted to a web site. Cabins are almost identical across the fleet. Unless you have an odd cabin. (but if its the odd cabin more then likly you will find pictures of it
  10. serene56

    Whale Watching in Grand Turk

  11. serene56

    Gibbs cay vs stingray city (grand cayman)

    Sting Ray city there are MANY MANY Rays. Gibb there are only a few.
  12. serene56

    Age Restrictions

    true-- she is 12 now and that happened when she was 18 months. I pitched a fit for many months after too. Now kids can cruise in the cabin across the hall from parents
  13. serene56

    Latest minute to book

    I think it was 72 hours. But by then all cabins are sold.
  14. serene56

    Age Restrictions

    Prog Rock. That policy was not in effect back then. Kids were not allowed to be booked in their own cabins as a parent needed to boom in with them. I am glad they changed the rules
  15. serene56

    Age Restrictions

    It has been that way for a long time now. My grand daugter was 18 months old for her first cruise. her parents were 21 at the time. THey would not let her be booked IN the cabin with her parents as neither one was 25+