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  1. serene56

    Age Restrictions

    Prog Rock. That policy was not in effect back then. Kids were not allowed to be booked in their own cabins as a parent needed to boom in with them. I am glad they changed the rules
  2. serene56

    Age Restrictions

    It has been that way for a long time now. My grand daugter was 18 months old for her first cruise. her parents were 21 at the time. THey would not let her be booked IN the cabin with her parents as neither one was 25+
  3. serene56

    Company for Monkeyland tour?

    interesting. Im going to look
  4. serene56

    Food and Drinks at Amber Cover

    I can not imagine being able to use your sign and sail card at Amber Cove
  5. serene56

    Help me plan for debark morning

    It will come clear when you are experiencing it. Ports will be in with the luggage with carts. Some use the porters Most do not
  6. Thats not true./ Online they will only show 5-7 available cabins. Calling they can see more available. Call again to get another agent who wants to do the job they were hired to do Give me a date and Ill look to see whats available
  7. I am sorry but that is not just carnival. Princess and Royal doesnt allow that either. March is prime time spring break so no cruise line is going to tie up a cabin for 4 people with only 2 persons booked. (thats lost revenue to the cruise lines. you must be looking at a short cruise because most of the older ships are grandfathered in for a roll away. Which is very small for any teen or adults. 5 people in an inside cabin is a nightmare-- -been there done that What I dont understand is how come you put one person in a balcony and 5 people in the inside? that one person is paying double cruise fare
  8. serene56

    Help me plan for debark morning

    carnival debarks on the same deck you got on- the Lobby area. We have ALWAYS eaten in the MDR for breakfast as the buffet is the worst then when you got on. Seems almost every passenger is there getting breakfast. I like it a tad quieter and more relaxing. Travel day is stressful to begin with. They call self assist by decks. FTTF will get off earlier then the self assist.
  9. serene56

    All Things Magic

    have the deck plans open. Avoid any noise area above or below you. Much noise areas on deck 5 under deck 6. Deck 7/8 by the aft elevtor 7429 or 8441 area secret decks are deck 6, 7,10 and then you also have the serenity area
  10. you'd lose 50.00 deposit PLUS they hold 200 for a future cruise. THey credit back the card that it was purchased on so if a gift card was used that would be put back on a gift card.
  11. serene56

    Passport Question

    IF you get married today and cruise tomorrow you dont have a marriage certificate to take. I dont understand why take that license if your passport is in the name that you booked the cruise under
  12. serene56

    Passport Question

    why would you book a cabin in your maiden name and take a marriage certificate? do one or the other if you book using your maiden name and your passport has that name on it you will need NOTHING else.
  13. serene56

    Captains suites

    From someone who did 5 people in an inside cabin on our first cruise== dont
  14. serene56

    Please Help! Sailing Vista Jan 2019

    you really cant plan ahead of time for your cruise. The white party is one hour Can be different from week to week based on whats going on around the ship there will be something happening every night.
  15. there is no name change happening-- its adding a person as the second passenger. You can do this no matter what rate you booked BUT if the ship is at capacity even though only one person is booked into that cabin you will not be able to book the second people in the cabin