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  1. If you want free go to where the ship docks. there will be free ones right there. BUt going further down the beach will give you less crowds. so spending 25.00 for 2 chairs and and umbrella might be worth it. The free beach will be crowded.
  2. hunt and peck to look at your photos.
  3. you will be sitting on your balcony-- looking at the water. The life boats will not be in your way unless you book the 7A ones on deck 5 Deck 7 will be a better choice
  4. there is food available at Ocean Plaza deck 5
  5. the next rate is only about 20pp more then the early saver rate. I never paid attention to that rate-- just booked with whatever was cheapest-- until i got caught with it once and had to cancel. Used my dads card-- and he doesnt cruise no more. and that credit went to him. what a waste
  6. depends on the cabin. two lounge chairs will take up your space. But if there isnt one there you can ask your cabin steward.
  7. you really cant make plans based on a past fun times. Stuff changes all the time. THe nightly ship shows will be the same== and thats about it. Avoid disappointment and dont plan
  8. your boarding pass will state that issue. Carnival liberty uses various lines. If you try checking in earlier you will be sent out of line to the later line
  9. You see it when you click on departure time. It will list how many.
  10. there are multiple piers in Sam Juan. It just put one out of commission
  11. Ours was offered a few weeks ago for a february sailing. All 30 were offered and was gone within the first hour. Join a roll call and be active in it. That is how it went so quickly
  12. your cabins are far enough from the casino. but I would move to deck 7 the cabins in the aft are the same price as what you have now
  13. If wanting the cheers package I would book one kid with one adult Kids will be in CLubs- 12-14 15-17 depends on how close his birthday is they may move him up also depends on the number of teens. Your oldest will be able to move down in the clubs but not really fair to him to do that. We took 2 teens in August and they were in separate clubs- both did well with meeting new friends. Its important- VERY importatnt they go to the first night orientation usually about 8:30 and stay for ice breakers. this is where they meet the kids xbox in the clubs are rarely used - its there but only for group activities more stuff going on and happening then video games the balcony divider does not open on connecting cabins. (silly isnt it) but the divider would block a cabin door so it can not be opened. The connecting door is at the foot of the bed at 16 and younger your kids can not drink in any port dress code in dining room is khaki pants for formal night. other nights shorts but not cut offs or gym/basketball shorts For us- dinner as a family was madatory. as the same as ports. we did the ports together. Considering they never been- how do they know they will not like it. Stuff is closed on the ship while in port-- no stores no casinos. very few activities-- maybe trivia happening. But yes they can stay on the ship without a parent. But will not be able to get off unless a parent is with them should they decide later to venture out (hope that still applies today
  14. the cruise is from the same port as your flight-- and this is a flight we would easily catch-- BUT remember this is part of peak hurricane season and weather can play havoc with your arrival / departure time with the cruise Remember all luggage must be checked in ONE hour before your flight so if you arrive at 58 minutes you are outta luck. Also remember that FLL is notorious for not allowing checking in before the 3 hour window for the cruise opens.
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