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  1. Disney is so expensive and the meet and greets was a hard sell for me. I really am torn but will be moving my August cruise to next year. (I cant even get a confirmation about the kids clubs for under 12 year olds-- which again is a huge draw for us.
  2. the best time to visit guest services is the first night right after dinner. I will wait til i am onboard. I have not seen the steak house fully booked unless it was a special sailing. Valentines Day. or another holiday
  3. that is the most highly sought after time. Might I suggest you head to YTD at 6:45 instead You still speak to the maitre de The menu will follow you each evening.
  4. you tube patrick duffy you can see how loud his playing gets the crowd. Bert Stratton is a highly sought after piano player too But he is on Princess now Carnival does have some low key players.
  5. camps are not opened for under 12 years olds. many people are furious with that and said they should have been told before having to jump through hoops to get that exemption
  6. see, I read these bars will be closed for july and August sailings. Not removed .
  7. mark your reservation as dietary restrictions. See the mairte de onboard. (they usually start meeting at 1pm in one of the dining rooms. you will be given a menu for the next nights dinner to make your choices
  8. last off the ship is about 10am You are out of your cabin by 8 buffet closes at 9
  9. I moved it til next august. Cant pay this kind of money for really no experience
  10. Piano Bar can get hopping until the wee hours. Really depends on the player. Some are better then others. IF you are on a sailing with a good player-- and gets everyone involved that will be loud with people singing etc
  11. We are cruisers- but first timer on disney. After being in nassau a few times-- I will be staying on the ship for all the reasons you have stated. I am paying a lot of money for this cruise vs the other ships we sailed-- so i want my moneys worth.
  12. When are you sailing? I have a cruise booked in August and meet and greets are not even listed
  13. My money has been tied to three cabins since 2019 now. I moved my August cruise on the dream to 2022
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