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  1. He would pay as he goes. Your sign and sail card is the age you boarded. (which may come into a problem) I know it works that way with camp- MUST be 2 by the date of sailing-- not two days later. can you go the week later
  2. serene56

    On board credit vs. Cruise Cash

    cash out in the casino cruise cash is used for anything onboard. If you dont cash out carnival will keep it.
  3. serene56

    On board credit vs. Cruise Cash

    you can cash out in the casino with cruise cash. (just follow directions on any slot machines)
  4. serene56

    Spirit premium balcony

    is 4 people booked into the cabin? THe best balcony is 6232 for 4 7258 or 8232 for 2 people. These are the biggest balcony cabins for the balcony prices
  5. serene56

    Pride room question

    the best balcony cabin for 4 is 6232 its the only balcony like this for 4 people
  6. serene56

    Pride room question

    look on the deck plans most pullman is a cabin that sleeps 4 people you might have a hard time booking that Most cabins for 3 is the convertible sofa
  7. serene56

    Is a passport card sufficient?

    a whole lot cheaper just to get state issued IDs they both serve the same purpose
  8. serene56

    Rubber ducks

    i cant imagine ONE person with 60+ and a few others. Thats just too many for a 7 day cruise. The ducks are supposed to be left in the public areas NOT the cabins
  9. serene56

    from fll to pom with baby

    Curious about that rate for the UBER as I am getting totals of 80+ we are a family of 4 2 adults 2 kids. it seems to be cheaper if I find non shared rides vs the shared rides. (why do i pay 15.00pp for the 2 kids and get told to put them on my lap)
  10. serene56

    Fort Lauderdale Hotel Day Passes or Day Rooms?

  11. serene56

    Day Pass For Hotel Near Miami Airport Post Cruise

    https://www.dayuse.com/?gclid=Cj0KCQiA2o_fBRC8ARIsAIOyQ-n-Lrbg3uXAEqO1jTgEGl4STko6KrrCY8BxKJbKoTJadwKqMJZ3QrYaAttvEALw_wcB do NOT book a regular room through the website as this will give you an overnight stay and the room will not be ready until after 3. (kind of defeats the purpose of the day room. We are using this site for a day room for February since flight is at 7:30pm
  12. serene56

    stamping passports

    Is there some place close to the cruise port that stamps passports?
  13. serene56

    stamping passports

    Is there some place close to the cruise port that stamps passports?