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  1. I just don’t want to be tied to my phone on vacation. Will use the hub app Meet up for meals. Ships might seem large but most is cabin space. I’ll be on deck 5.9 or 10
  2. Guess I never waited. We arrive about 11:15 and check in and boarding is usually started
  3. Oh ok. The hub app does that fir me. We sit at breakfast and mark up the favorites where we will be at any hour Does it allow group texting
  4. Just did it in May on the magic. Left the steward a note on the bed. Went to dinner and it was done. I’m not standing in that line on the first day to get it opened. Those lines are horrible
  5. i really am curious-- but what are we texting? i have not yet used the feature-- Have no idea what I would be texting about.
  6. No, they would need to purchase FTTF you can board with them in the regular line
  7. Gary: you only need to do that on a spirit class ship EVERY other ship the cabin steward can open the divider as long as it does not block a cabin door. If the divider blocks a door it will not be able to be opened.
  8. not on the valor. (and am curious did you buy the FTTF because that does not come automatic with suites. with suites you get priority check in- but the room is not ready until 1:30 On the valor the corner afts are vista premium balcony. nothing about it is a suite
  9. can you make the reservation about 20 min AFTER the sun sets.
  10. considering the many nights the lounge has a show happening.
  11. You can only get to the aft dining room by using the aft elevators-- get off deck 5 walk to the back and go down a deck or 2 to get to your table.
  12. Nope they show maybe one movie in the show lounge on some sailing
  13. Being an over planner is ok BUt being an over-planner can also lead to big time problems as small disappointments can snowball into something much bigger.
  14. https://airtable.com/shrxzucqLGHbpDmm8/tblZJCAW6us7UhDmZ?blocks=hide&fbclid=IwAR0EcENDyoOl6SwaEEgSiquG6PfL3OkZoeeNxr3UDBWtDzYn4e-o1WfBbJ0 Its updated through the end of the year. But even at that-- it changed a lot this past year too
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