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  1. Just to add to the piece this is what the FAQs for the insurance company I used prior to COVID, they sent me an offer the other day to renew, however checking the FAQs in respect of quarantine it says this and appears there is no cover, I have messaged them about what happens in respect of being offloaded from a cruise, I await their answer. If I am quarantined due to the Coronavirus, what cover is in place? Before your holiday: If you choose to quarantine due to developing COVID-19 symptoms or on the advice of a medical professional, no cover would be in place unless you provide written evidence of a positive COVID-19 test. During your holiday: There would be no cover provided for this. We recommend making enquiries with your Tour Operator or travel and accommodation provider(s) in respect of how they will respond if this occurs. However if you have been hospitalised due to coronavirus your policy will extend to provide assistance with returning home once you have been discharged. https://www.travelinsurance4medical.co.uk/information/coronavirus
  2. According to government website list of approved providers doesn’t go live until 22 October https://www.gov.uk/government/news/lateral-flow-tests-to-be-introduced-for-vaccinated-international-arrivals
  3. All finished now, the amount of light in that part of garden now compared to before is amazing, my neighbour also gains as will make her patio much lighter for longer in the summer. 1.5 tonnes of clippings, a few logs which went to a neighbour with a wood burner stove, the clippings go off to be composted. The wood pigeons & collar doves are confused keep swooping down from the house only to find that part of hedge has gone and have to abort landing, gave us a few laughs watching them over our lunch. Next job is to get a skip to remove the piles of rotting planks, and other detritus from behind the shed which I couldn’t access before.
  4. A unseasonably warm morning at 18C, drizzly rain, but the tree surgeons hard at work nevertheless. The hawthorn & holly hedge at bottom of garden being trimmed back, that part of garden looks much lighter already, it had grown a little too high over last 5 years, so need a severe cut back. The local pigeons will be confused as their canoodling hedge has been cut down somewhat and if they use it now will be sitting targets for the local Sparrowhawks.
  5. It’s only Monday, but a lot gone on today of sorts 1. Tree Surgeons rescheduled for tomorrow to cut back our overgrown hawthorn & holly hedge, a prickly task for them tomorrow, they had a cancellation a few doors away and offered to bring forward our appointment from next week. 2. Finally we have the new gates available for front of drive, due to fitted in November, this is the 4th Date, but builder has them in his store at last. 3. GP Practice sent invite for Booster Jab, booked for first week in November 4. Also email from Practice saying they will be contacting us soon the Flu jab, doesn’t appear we will be getting both together 5. Won £100 in a Prize Draw.
  6. Didn’t realise there was a tomato shortage we have been living off our 6 tomato plants in the greenhouse since late June, coming to an end now having to pick the not quite ripe ones and ripened them next to the bananas in the bowl, probably a week or so left of home grown tomatoes.
  7. £8.50 for cod & soggy chips 50p more if you want for what passes as curry sauce.
  8. Only applies to fully vaccinated, those not vaccinated will still need a PCR test and follow other associated rules, Shouldn’t be a problem for P&O Cruisers as there is a need to be vaccinated.
  9. Our bulk collections are £18 for 3 items, you get 10% discount if you hold a Council Loyalty Card. If the item is reusable, the council encourages people to contact organisations who will collect items for free, listing them on council website. Recycling rates in Borough currently running at 60% for kerbside collection.
  10. Had an email from GP practice this morning advising that as almost 6 months has passed since our second dose of AZ vaccine that they would be calling us for a booster vaccine in a few weeks. As ever our GP practice on the ball The service offered during pandemic and before has been excellent, where necessary face to face appointments have been available throughout, it was strange being in surgery with you GP in scrubs and full PPE rather than his usual casual dress. They improved the existing telephone consultations in the last 18 months so you can get consultation with a pharmacist about medications, an Advanced Clinical Practitioner for minor ailments and also a physiotherapist for muscle-skeletal issues. I had a 30 min telephone consultation with practice physio over my shoulder and neck problem, he then referred me to hospital physio with an appointment 3 weeks after consultation. I have had two lots of blood tests at the practice in the last 18 months. This is practice making use of all the channels available for patient care and if Telephone consultation removed patients will be worse off as a result.
  11. The Telegraph was once a respected newspaper, but it seems to be swimming in the sewers along with the tabloids these days.
  12. Our green bin garden waste is collected all year round every 2 weeks same day as recycled paper, cardboard,, plastics, metal cans etc. No recyclables are collected the the alternate 2 weeks, food waste containers collected weekly. They will also take clothing, shoes, batteries, light bulbs in clear plastic bags, our non recyclable bin is often only a quarter full when picked up. As we are over 60 we get 1 free bulky collection each year.
  13. Will be sticking to our policy of not booking a cruise until 2023 at the earliest, until more of the world is vaccinated then the risk of being quarantined off ship somewhere in the world will remain.
  14. I would switch but for 3 reasons haven’t 1. Cost of buying the car in first place 2. My Garage is at far end if my Garden accessed from a side street, the quote I had to provide electricity to garage in order to install charger was eye watering, plus the additional costs of way leave. 3. Alternative parking is at front of house on road, again nowhere to charge.
  15. Those companies that we in the Governments VIP lane for contracts are probably doing better than Chinese manufacturers with their markup for doing sod all.
  16. By us N95 Petrol was 132.9 at Sainsbury’s this morning, up 1p since Friday, Tesco is 133.9, the local Shell garage is 138.9.
  17. We test at least once a week, sometimes twice, so use 4 a week, we report our test whether positive or negative, so far only negative. We started doing this from late July after Johnson lifted the restrictions in England. Where we volunteer we are with members of the public, some follow the suggestion to wear masks when visiting others don’t so our manager recommends we test regularly. One of volunteers we know on a different site tested positive she felt fine, PCR confirmed her as positive, isolated for 10 days apart from mild headache and lost of sense of smell and taste she was fine and now back. As from this month you need to get a code before can pick up a pack from pharmacy https://test-for-coronavirus.service.gov.uk/collect-lateral-flow-kits
  18. At my cousins cremation 2 years ago the final piece was Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin, earlier we had had Wild Horses by the Rolling Stones, music was part of his life he and The choices he made reflected that. A colleague who I worked with had “Always look on the bright side of life” at his cremation, most of us left with a smile on our faces at what was a sad time.
  19. I took mine Renault in last week, didn’t have to wait outside I was allowed in as long as wearing a mask and stood 2m away from anyone in front of me. My wife picked me up & took me home. Under the previous owners either a curtesy car was provided should you need one or a lift home and picking up again when car was ready. Curtesy car was nice as often gave opportunity to drive another model, last one I had was the Zoe Electric Car. When the dealership was taken over in 2019, the curtesy car option was dropped and the lift option curtailed following staff cuts.
  20. Reports coming from InVolCan today are saying this is the worst eruption over 100 years on La Palma, now that part of the cone has collapsed and more lava flowing out and a increase in seismic events up to M4.0 in the last 24 hours, concern is that this eruption may continue for months yet. I suspect La Palma won’t be accepting cruise ships for sometime, TUI have cancelled all holidays there up to 27 October, all other islands are open. https://www.volcanodiscovery.com/la-palma/news/143413/La-Palma-volcano-eruption-already-biggest-on-the-island-in-more-than-100-years.html
  21. A memory popped up to today on that site, reminding me that we had finally landed in Malta after a 4 hour delay at Birmingham airport after the plane we were on developed a technical fault whilst taxing to takeoff. The plane returned to stand, a first we were due to disembark, but as the Captain said to the passengers P&O had put pressure on TUI head office to sort the issue pdq as the plane was chartered by P&O to transport passengers to Malta who were sailing on Oceana. Next to us on the stand was a TUI flight due to go Gran Canaria, which was acquired an we transferred planes by cross the tarmac. Arrived much later that anticipated, very hungry, but had to attend muster before we could eat, we finished up in the buffet as the ship set sail. Was a memorable cruise, returned to Venice after 54 years, I was 11 when I went last, but this was visit was also delayed due to thick fog, sat in the lagoon for hours listening to ship’s foghorns before finally docking mid afternoon. A change to itinerary meant we got an overnight stay and most of the next day in Venice. We should have been on the Oceana in May 2020 for 3 weeks, but Covid put a stop to that.
  22. Just done our Tesco order, no cauliflower, no nectarines, limited choice of apples, only iceberg lettuce (if the size of last weeks is anything to go by they seem to be melting) no carrots, fortunately still have carrots in the ground along with beetroot. No skinned chicken breasts. local Sainsbury’s was open for fuel this morning first time since last Thursday, by 5pm had sold out of petrol, both N95 & N98, only diesel left
  23. Not been warm here today, a bit of sun first thing, but then the rain set in and temperature dropped to 12C, finally succumbed to putting the heating back on when indoor temperature was showing as 16C. Windows & Doors company came around to survey and accurately measure up for our new front and back doors, installation is due in 6 to 8 weeks, the surveyor said it used to be 4 weeks until this year. Delivery time and prices have shot up, had we ordered them last year would have been about £500 cheaper. 🤬 Had the job to replace a couple of our decking supports delayed again, another supply problem. Just heard from my wife, she went out today on visit to an NT property as part of her volunteer role, was due to have lunch there only to be told restaurants were closed due to deliveries for today not turning up, second time that has happened to her in the last 2 weeks.
  24. We tend to avoid chain restaurants, with 2 exceptions Zizzi’s which my wife likes as it has good gluten free options, we had a few takeaways from then via Just Eat during the restrictions in the spring. The other exception is Cote Brasserie where we can enjoy some of our favourite French Dishes. Otherwise we will utilise local restaurants and pub restaurants that are locally owned and run, of which we have a few all providing good food. During lockdown we have rediscovered the joy of cooking for ourselves and are working our way through the plethora of cookery books we have on the bookshelf in our kitchen, adapting some of them as a gluten free option, so going out for meals is once again a treat rather than a regular occurrence.
  25. Two new vents have opened up with lava pouring out, some concerns that this will take another route to the sea straight through a populated area, so likely further evacuations other side of island will be required. The 1949 eruption lasted around 6 weeks, volcanologists are not predicting how long this eruption will last. TUI have cancelled all flights to the island until 7th October and review whether further cancellations will follow.
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