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  1. Room steward removed everything from mini bar and room and we are restocking ourselves. Just ask bar keep not to open bottles. Doing B2B and don’t disembark until 12/21.
  2. Inventory from mini bar on Celebrity Eclipse November 20, 2019 LA to Santiago
  3. Last night I saw 3 different prices for the Premium pkg. $35, $55 & $69. Also 3 prices for Classic. They were all good as I did a mock purchase that was viable purchases. What cruise was this flyer for?
  4. Not all ships are equipped to use the app
  5. I looked at booking on board and was told the package was only available on the ship. Didn’t book. One week after being home found the same offer on line! Received a better package during wave season.
  6. I save all documents to a jump drive that I can use on iPhone or iPad. Frees up memory and I can offload photos to it too
  7. I checked ports for the Eclipse from Nov. 20 through Dec. 22. If you read travel advisories you can see issues, which are fairly normal warnings (theft, assault, etc.) I felt good after reading warnings. Enroll in STEP program while you are there. i haven’t been able to find anything about Manta and cruise ship issues.
  8. Here’s the link for travel advisory https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/traveladvisories/traveladvisories.html I checked out port info and found nothing dire. also Checked travel advisory on celebrity. Nothing there either. (Bottom Right of home page Under customer care) hoping for the best
  9. I have always had great luck with Viator. But be aware that guaranteed return to the ship is not available on every tour. I always call and confirm and get an email confirmation. I was in Costa Maya Dec. 2017 and there was a horrible wreck on the only road entering the city. Multiple cruise ships had passengers sitting beside the highway waiting on it to clear. We sat there for 4-5 hours. My tour guide was already working on getting us to next port. Viator was great. It was unnerving. There were other folks in the van with us who didn't book the same tour through Viator and were up the "creek". As luck would have it, every cruise ship in port (6?) waited on passengers and the cruise went on.
  10. Not judgement just experience. You should go to Rome when you have a week to really enjoy the city. Even if you prebook transportation, museums, etc., things happen. My last trip to Rome there was a pop up transit strike. NOTHING was running. no taxis, buses, trains, private transport. Nothing! It lasted 1.5 days. Happens often. It could take 2 hrs to your chosen site and 2 hrs back. You preplan and book museum entrance and miss your time. Not getting in. You still have the unknown of the ship's procedures. It takes a whole day to do the Colosseum and the Forum alone. Many museums book months ahead and have limits on the time spent inside. Rome is starting to limit the number of tourists in some areas and have even limited tourist buses traveling to certain areas. You still have to look at traffic which is indescribable. I'm sure you are frustrated but Rome is beautiful and If it's a place you want to see, plan a week there in the city.
  11. We did excursion to Tarquinia. Etruscan tombs and ancient walled city. Wonderful! Available thru get your guide and my love Italy tour group. 30 minutes from Civitichea port. I laugh when people try to see Rome in a day.
  12. Viator, get your guide, SkyMiles cruises are all good. Do web search for tourism in ports of call. You can often get the same “ship” tour by booking directly with vendor much cheaper.
  13. Can’t remember exact title but someone actually created a move up tracker spreadsheet. Quite interesting data. Check it out on boards
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