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  1. port info on cruise critic is really good. check it out.
  2. Trying to make Point Systems look alike reminds me of growing up. Mom would dress 4 kids alike for family portraits. We were absolutely miserable, fussing until we were allowed to change. All different personalities. Same with cruise brands. You can make them look alike but loose something along the way.
  3. PUP show up in Celebrity app before web acct.
  4. worked for me. only a couple of ports wouldn't open
  5. Don't forget to sign up for Go Green on Celebrity. More points for you.
  6. Just completed an Enchantment sailing. Casino smoke was horrible. It's crazy to think they can contain smoke to one section of the Casino. It wafted out to neighboring bars. My husband and our friends didn't darken the door because of the smoke issue. We prefer Celebrity and the nonsmoking Casino is one reason.
  7. I think we are confusing PUP with Capt. Club status. PUP convert to Capt. Club pts. adding to your status level. They aren't separate accts.
  8. Webinair was very informative and wasn't too long. I always learn something on webinairs. Per my personal and unofficial tracking of PUPs. The first 5 pt. PUP was 10/2020. I have 14 @ 5 PUPs.
  9. DH received his points along credits to my acct. No problems for either of us.
  10. Info on how Captain's Club and Crown & Anchor Society compare. Can I Get Loyalty Points by Cruising with a Sister Brand? | Royal Caribbean Cruises Loyalty Reciprocity Program | Captain's Club | Celebrity Cruises
  11. Remembering when there was also the Ultimate Included (prepaid tips, WIFI, premium drinks, and OBC). Came & went during Covid. I liked that opportunity.
  12. I looked at the FbC site yesterday for flights to/from Athens, Greece. I looked at the same itinerary on the same airline. FbC were 3x the price.
  13. Just my strategy. I book upgrade by calling and get discount due to Elite status. If it goes cheaper, I simply rebook. Call Capt. Club to get discount applied.
  14. go to camping dept in big box stores. they sell detergent sheets. small about half the size of your palm. about 50 sheets per package. hand wash socks, underwear, etc. in sink. easy. let ship was other things. we mix items up, wearing about 3 times each depending on stink rating. take basic color dress or 2 for dinner that can be given a different look by using costume jewelry, scarves, etc.
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