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  1. 10/31/2021 we have a 14 day TA out of Barcelona and hope Royal Caribbean requires vax.
  2. Just thinking aloud….. we’ve all heard of rowdy flyers getting large fines, booted off flights and put on no fly lists over masks when everyone’s required to wear them. What happens if cruisers get rowdy? Vax v non vax? Mask v no mask? More requirements of those who don’t produce vax proof v fewer requirements for vax? Refusing to pay for tests? Different requirements in different ports of call? Different cabins? Et al. Lots of difficulty in monitoring, security. I hope the brig can hold everyone. It’s a big ole crazy world.
  3. There are upsides to everything. We were flying to San Juan the day before a cruise. Everyone waiting to board the plane were getting on a ship that day. Plane was overbooked. Gate agent came to us and explained that they were overbooked by one seat. She knew we weren’t cruising until the next day. She said she wasn’t messing around. We walked of with food vouchers and first class seats on a flight departing one hour later. The greatest thing was $2000 in flight vouchers!
  4. Last TA we had really rough seas. Pool was drained because water was sloshing out. Capt opted to disembark in Port Canaveral rather than Tampa. RCL bussed passengers to Tampa or other local airports. We already had a hotel for that night in Tampa with flights the next day. We had a relaxing trip to Tampa knowing that was our only glitch. Life was good. Not so for other passengers who were freaking out trying to change “day of” flights, etc. Computer access was difficult. Many were in panic mode. You need to look at travel plans pre/post cruise. This is living proof of post cruise issues.
  5. I never fly the day of embarkation or disembarkation. I consider 2 nights hotel and a couple of meals as another form of travel insurance
  6. I don’t have a real ID because passport book/card is easier to travel with. It actually takes more documentation to obtain Real ID and costs more. Go figure?!
  7. I see making a choice on where to go in the world or what cruise line to sail as just that ….. a choice. I know what documents are required and decide to produce them or stay home. We produce lots of personal information such as credit cards, passports and cruise contracts, embarkation documents, etc. I want to be safe and know those around me are vaccinated making all safer. I don’t want to wear a mask or lessen on board experiences. We have lost loved ones and know the price of being safe. The entire world has entry requirements and I’ll meet them when I travel in a short time. I’ll be traveling to 4 countries. I’m having a hard time with the privacy issue as we have been sharing information that has/is been treated confidentially. It’s not plastered on a billboard. I wish RCL would follow Celebrity on vaccine requirements. It removes a lot of guess work from travel and we all feel safer. I currently have reservations on both lines, but am rethinking RCL. It’s a choice.
  8. Kentucky just recently began issuing REAL ID
  9. Fed govt nor CDC maintains COVID-19 vaccination database. Each state maintains those records. If replacement card is needed that’s where you obtain it. CDC has contact information for each state. I asked for duplicate card when vaccinated. Explained why and was given same. One to carry (in heavy name badge protector); one in safe. Pics of mine and DH on each of our phones. We have MyChart info also. As of now that’s as good as it gets.
  10. We have both book and card, as it makes traveling easier. Enhanced drivers license can cost more then regular dl (no sense in duplicating) and passport cards Have longer lives. Be aware that you must have booklet to board flights in Canada and Mexico.
  11. CCL allows you to take 2 bottles of wine on board on embarking. Take an opener and enjoy on balcony. Corkage fee is charged if you take it to dining room. If you purchase alcohol at other ports it will be held until night before disembark. We purchase special shipping bags for items so we can pack them in luggage
  12. Check these articles out. Things may start moving. https://www.mynews13.com/fl/orlando/news/2021/03/29/cruise-lines-offer-june-bookings-from-us https://www.mynews13.com/fl/orlando/ap-online/2021/03/26/florida-to-feds-allow-cruise-ships-to-operate-or-well-sue
  13. I’m wondering if after being vaccinated, if negative tests will be required to fly or sail? Can’t find answer on CDC, airline sites or US Dept of transportation
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