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  1. MVJ is now corrected. Our Homelands cruise now starts correctly in Stockholm instead of the Netherlands. I trust that OnTheJourney’s Med cruise no longer starts in Alaska. 😀 Methinks the new s/w package had some data conversion issues.
  2. It was still wrong today. Chatted with Viking rep and she is looking into it with IT Dept. She said their database had the correct itinerary - pre extension Stockholm, not Arnhem.
  3. I see the same thing for my June 3 Homelands. The pre extension that was to be in Stockholm is now listed as Arnhem, the Netherlands, on June 1. But the first port is shown on June 3 as Stockholm with the cruise terminating in Bergen (prior to a Oslo post extension that we booked). The Arnhem start doesn’t make any sense. I have to assume this is a computer glitch as I have been selected as one of the guinea pigs for the new MVJ software.
  4. Pronsias We too are on a June 2021 Homelands cruise, rebooked from May 30th this year. It was relatively easy to use the Viking 125% voucher, even w/o a cabin upgrade. We added a Bergen/Oslo post extension, the prepaid gratuities and the Silver Spirits package. That leaves us slightly over $2000 (for 2) to use on excursions. We don’t really see a problem in using this amount. There are a number of relatively high cost quality excursions being offered (Pulpit Rock & the Flam RR are both north of $200 pp). We are booking a third party StP tour (Alla) but if one booked the
  5. We are on a Homelands Cruise ending in Bergen in mid June. We are following this with a ~3pm flight on Icelandair for an independent week of touring in Iceland. As we live in the DC area, we could have continued onward to Dulles with a 50 min connection in Iceland (getting to DC around 7pm). There are also direct Icelandair flights to other East Coast cities (BOS, JFK, BWI) and I believe to MSP and LAX. I don’t know the flight schedules and whether connections would work for other cities. But this might be a workable alternative way to get back to the US from Bergen.
  6. I agree on the delicious Icelandic hot dogs - called Pylsur, usually made of lamb and enjoyed on a bun with a sweet mustard. During the whaling season - July? you may also see some whale meat dogs. They still hunt whales today, I believe, with the whaling station at Hvalfjordur, about 50 km north of Reykjavik on the Akuyeryi road (don't go through the new tunnel under the fjord, but drive around the fjord to see the station at the head of the fjord). Hvalfjordur is also where the Murmansk convoys assembled during WW II before braving the U Boat and Nazi bomber gauntlet to bring lend le
  7. We lived in Iceland for 3 yrs eons ago, when I was stationed there with the US Navy. We actually lived for a time in the fishing village of Keflavik, pop 5000 and then the 5th largest city in the country. We have traveled back there twice (last time 5 yrs ago) but never on a cruise and will be flying there again self guided this summer after a Viking Homelands cruise ending in Bergen. Given your limited time in country and being with kids, let me suggest the following: When in Reykjavik - the Golden Circle is a must. Waterfalls, geysirs and history (the site where the olde
  8. We did a whale watch out of Husavik a few years ago. Saw a few whales (but not as many as Bay of Fundy in NS). Two types of trips offered - on what looks like a large fishing boat (about 80 people) and another on a zodiac (maybe 12-15). The zodiac tours provide what looks like rubberized survival suits which you need to fight the spray. It is cold (below 50F) and choppy out there. On the bigger boat, which we took, they provided heavy duty parkas and what looked like rubberized waders (w/o the boots). They gave us a welcome hot chocolate and cookies as well. They also run (in season
  9. Peregrina651 I guess I got my nomenclature wrong. Looking at their website now, you are correct, Icelandair does not offer a "Premium Economy" fare. I booked seats to Stockholm, return from Bergen, for this coming May/June, "Economy Standard", but with an upcharge for "with extra legroom". Seats are not the bulkhead row, but the row behind the bulkhead row. It too has more legroom (and costs more). On US domestic flights, "premium" economy gets you extra legroom, really nothing else. Even with the upcharge for the extra legroom, the basic Icelandair fare was less than Vi
  10. I have flown Icelandair to/fm Europe (both Dulles and JFK) in the past. It is basic, but no worse than US domestic flights. We are going on Homelands this Spring, flying Icelandair Dulles- Stockholm with a plane change in KEF and returning to the US with a several day stopover in Iceland, (4pm flight, Bergen-KEF). If I were returning directly to the US, I would still take Icelandair as you are not backtracking to Oslo or Copenhagen to get a direct flight home. For those contemplating a stopover in Iceland, Viking Air charges a “stopover fee” and uses the same (the only) Berge
  11. We will be in STP in early June on Viking Homelands and we have just two days in port. We have booked a one day private tour for our first day which visits the some of the highlights (Hermitage, Church of the Blood, Peterhof, subway). For our group, two 8 hr days of museums and churches would be one day too many. That leaves us with the second day to plan. As we haven't gotten any Viking excursions info yet, does anyone know what optional tours Viking offers in StP? Much thanks.
  12. My error earlier - the Douro cruise and the Madrid pre extension was this past Spring (2019) - May/June, not last year. The included bus tour of Madrid stopped at 2-3 locations (Plaza Mayor, Royal Palace) and we disembarked for short (20-30 min) guided walks at each site after which we returned to the bus. It's too far (and hilly) to walk between sites. The guided walks included some time in the Plaza Mayor market as well and were well worth the time investment. The bus tour ran from maybe 8:30am to 11am excluding the time in the Prado. The (for us) bus tour finished at the
  13. Did a pre cruise extension to Madrid last year in conjunction with a river cruise on the Douro. The included Madrid tour is a solid bus ride/walking tour seeing the highlights of the city and finishing at the Prado (good visit of the museum highlights). You can return to the hotel with the bus or stay at the museum. We did the latter and walked a short distance for lunch and a visit to the Reina Sofia museum (where Picasso's Guernica is exhibited). We purchased tix (senior citizen discount) for the Reina Sofia online before leaving the US. We then walked across the street to the Bota
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