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  1. I also carefully read the posts on here about cabin noise and felt safe in booking our cabin (3055). I heard the music on the loudest nights in the hall up to cabin 3041 Maybe the band was just cranked up extra loud on our cruise, but when one can not hear the TV over the music, it is a problem. In any case, I would never book any cabin from 3057 to 3041 again. I would try those further aft behind the atrium.
  2. The shuttle will drop you at Hadrian's Arch (Dionisiou Areopagitou Street and Vasilisis Amalias Street) and it is about a five minute walk to the museum from the shuttle stop. The ride from the port to the Arch will be between 30 - 45 minutes (or more) depending on traffic. Shuttle service started at 9 AM on our cruise. For the included tour, where you go and where you stop seems to depend on traffic and the whim of your tour guide. My daughter and son-in-law had completely different stops than what my husband and I had.
  3. Yes, Torshavn is a BIG problem for noise. While the deck plan seems to show the nightclub as not under the cabins, the diagram is misleading. At times, loud music can clearly be hear in the hall outside your cabin and inside the cabins as well. The problem is usually only on the nights that the ship's band is playing in the club. The music ends at around 11:45 PM, but if you are planning on being up early to make an early excursion, 11:45 PM to listen to the music.
  4. Yes, this is a good choice for you. However, there are those glibly assure folks that the location of a cabin does not affect the amount of motion felt. Many will learn, to their dismay, that even on a cruise with smooth water, that cabins fore or aft may still have some type of motion.
  5. Sorry, but you are now in my wheelhouse. While, there may be uniformed USPHS officers doing some of the inspection, those officers are assigned to the Food and Drug Administration as their duty stations. There are also non- uniformed USPHS FDA employees involved in the program. The placement of the FDA on an organization chart is convoluted and is based on historical precedents. An example, while the Agency appears on charts as part of Health and Human Services, funding is under appropriations for the USDA (Department of Agriculture) because when the original law was passed in the early 1900s, it was the then ag folks who enforced the law. While it is true that the Vessel Sanitation Program has its authority under Title 42 of the Code of Regulations (basically public health), and not 21 CFR which are FDA regulations, like many programs for the government, the actual work for the program may be done by a different agency than the one given the authority by law. In the case of the Vessel Sanitation Program, it is the FDA that performs the inspections (including Foreign trips when necessary). Attached is the section from the FDA's Operations manual for their employees (uniformed PHS or not) performing the work. https://www.cdc.gov/nceh/vsp/docs/vsp_operations_manual_2018-508.pdf And yes, there can be cross over between the various programs depending on need and experience of the employee. I do personally know an FDA civilian investigator who has had road trips that involved doing both air line catering facilities and vessel inspections on the same trip. He has also done vessel inspections outside the USA. And then there is my husband who was a at one point was a Regional Shellfish Specialist who also was involved with shellfish programs in other countries (in his case Korea and Japan). As one of the authors of the food code later in his career, he also organized the training of those people working managers of food operations (including cruise ship personnel) and was the one who signed off on their certifications. I have told the story on Cruise Critic when he was recognized on a Azamara Journey cruise as the person who had ran the course and signed the certification of the food manager on board. He was bird dogged throughout the cruise for any comments or recommendation he had on the food service on the ship. So while on the surface, it it is easy to assume that that PHS officer (or civilian employee) is somehow attached to the CDC, the actual duty station of said employee is the Food and Drug Administration.
  6. We were actually told about EU 261 and the arrangements that BA might be obliged to give us by both the Viking representative at our hotel (we were on a post cruise extension) and the Viking representative at the Athens' airport. Of course, both women were long time residents of Athens and British and were very aware of the BA level of service we could expect.
  7. This. On our recent Star cruise, there was a very slight motion of the ship (enough to let one know one was on the ship). The motion was noticeable the higher up and the more aft or forward that one was. We traveled with two other parties that were prone to motion sickness. Being experienced cruisers were were as low (deck three) as possible and as amidships as we could be. It made a difference. As an aside, I always laugh to myself about the passengers who shell out big bucks for what, in their minds, is the better location of being high and either forward or aft (especially on those lines that have their exclusive enclaves in those locations). Come even slightly rough water, and those passengers are miserable while those of us in "steerage," as the location has been snidely referred to by some, are in good shape.
  8. Just a note on just receiving the breast cancer diagnosis. As someone who has been there, done that, and needed a smaller tee shirt size after the mastectomies, there may be a several week or more window between diagnosis and any follow up, as far as treatment or surgery. Please have your friend check on the schedule for her mother. I understand the feeling of panic of it must be done now, but your friend may find that she can still cruise with you.
  9. Comment edited. I realized that the OP probably meant the pullman bunks that bring the cabin capacity to four and not actual bunk beds for two.
  10. Let me put it this way, on our last Rotterdam cruise we sat next to a couple chowing down on the so called pizza. When we asked how it was, they responded, "It's great - just like what we can get in (unknown small town), Michigan."
  11. Just an FYI for everyone. The inspectors that perform the vessel sanitation (and also inspection the kitchens preparing food for the airlines) are not from the CDC or "local" health inspectors. They are specialists in the Interstate Sanitation Program requirements and procedures and work for the US Food and Drug Administration. Other specialists that are part of this cadre perform inspections under the Interstate Shellfish Shippers program and State Cooperative Milk Safety Program.
  12. 👍 I was also wondering why someone would book an excursion when simple research would show that the time would be extremely limited and probable at dusk or evening conditions. In any case, a delay of being cleared by local authorities is a common occurrence. While the excursion staff obviously had you lined up and ready to go in order to squeeze out any time available for this time crunched excursion, the experience was exactly what one could expect. NCL doesn't owe the OP a thing.
  13. Just an FYI for anyone fortunate enough to port in Kotor, Montenegro, the port is fantastic. The old town is an UNESCO World Heritage site. It is within a short walk of the pier. If one is lucky, the local market stalls will be set up along the outside of the walls. If you are a cat lover, you will enjoy the story behind the old town cats. If available, an excursion which drives up Mt Lovcen is a must for those that enjoy an incredibly scenic route. Warning: it is not for those prone to motion sickness, have a fear of heights or might be stressed when two vehicles going in different directions have to pass.
  14. Thank you. I am not a litigious person as I figure everyone can make mistakes and things happen. However, in this case, it was such a complete mess I will look into EU 261. I do have copies of everything.
  15. That sounds better than what BA provided to us. While they provided a hotel room (minimal accommodation), we were expected to take a free shuttle bus that dropped us off about a tenth of a mile from the hotel (we were told that it would drop us at the front door) and struggled with our luggage up ramps and an overhead walkway to reach the motel. BA laid on a buffet for its passengers for which it was providing accommodations. It consisted of overcooked white rice, french fries (chips), chicken breast cut into strips, a brown goop they claimed was lamb curry (it tasted worse than it looked), and a mix of overcook, mushy green vegetables (from the bits that were still identifiable there was broccoli, some type of green bean and something that was unknown). Water and juice were provided. Coffee and tea were extra. Of course, we were expected to take the shuttle back to a terminal to get the bus that runs between Heathrow and Gatwick. We found alternate transportation.
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