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  1. If you have a Florida Driver's License, check to see if you have a gold star in the right hand corner. If you do, you have a Real ID Florida license. No star means you need to get yourself down to DVM or find another government issued ID that meets the requirements when you fly. The RealID for Florida is nothing new. I needed to show all the required documentation the last time I renewed my Florida license in 2010.
  2. Homosassa

    HAL vs other cruise lines

    And there usually is a smiling crew member at the bottom of the gangway in ports that says, "Welcome home" as you board.
  3. I would find out of your home state has the death penalty or life imprisonment for homicide and decide if the punishment was worth it. 🤔
  4. It is worse, much worse. And some people are now actually realizing the impact on their everyday life as services are not available or the economic problems of anyone whose businesses depends on the spending of government employees in their daily lives.
  5. If you are due into home port this Saturday, 1/26, Half Moon Cay may not be an option for any ship scheduled to be there on Friday, 1/25. We are expecting a frontal passage on Thursday, 1/24, that will go from west to east over Florida. Heavy rain with gusts up to 60 mph are currently predicted for us on the west coast. As the front moves east and out over the Atlantic, there is a good chance Half Moon Cay will be a no go on Friday.
  6. Homosassa

    Crew having sex on NCL Jewel

    If you need help finding your cabin and you request help, you will be given assistance.
  7. Homosassa

    HAL vs other cruise lines

    I have to counter the argument that all HAL passengers are over the hill with one foot in the grave. While we are now in the older category, we definitely were not when we first started cruising HAL. And my daughter also loves HAL. As mentioned, yes, many go to sleep early because most are up early to enjoy the ports. No one has mentioned the artwork that are on the ships. Each ship has beautiful works of art on display. If curious, guest services desk can provide you with a handout describing each piece or collection. The other attraction is that one does not need to eat in speciality restaurants to have food that approaches edible. The HAL main dining room serves food that is equal to food that is served in better shore restaurants. Service is impeccable. If someone's idea of dinner is gobble and go favorites such as mac and cheese, fried chicken or meat loaf that one can have in a greasy spoon, HAL is not the cruise line for them.
  8. Homosassa

    HAL vs other cruise lines

    Trivia fan here. You will notice that HAL gears its trivia game to its passengers level of education and experience. Questions will require a wide base of knowledge to answer. The game is certainly more intellectually stimulating than trivia games on other lines.
  9. Homosassa

    New TV commercial

    I don't buy this statement. As someone who cruised with my daughter from the time she was seventeen months old and when a cruise on most any line, except Carnival, was as depicted in this ad, cruising with a child was a wonderful family vacation. Of course, for those of us who saw cruising as a time to enjoy each other as a family, we did not expect to dump our kids when we walked on board nor did we think that very valuable space should be taken up with thrill rides or other amusements that could be done on land at an amusement park or arcade. For anyone thinking of cruising with a child on HAL, I would say that it depends on the child and the parents. If one wants a dump 'em at the gangway upon embarkation and pick them up on the last day experience or the child will only eat a gourmet meal of various fast foods and expect that they will be passively entertained by amusement rides instead of enjoying the new experience of traveling to new places, then HAL probably would not be a good fit.
  10. Homosassa

    Sleeping arrangement Dilemma

    Repeated in case the OP missed this suggestion. It would be a solution to one bed.
  11. Never Royal Caribbean or NCL as they are definitely a step down. If it is the ports and itinerary that are important, go up to either Viking Ocean, Azamara, or others of that level of cruising.
  12. Homosassa

    false advertising on royal carrib

    Look carefully. It will only be for certain itineraries on limited dates and will probably be a guaranteed inside cabin.
  13. Homosassa

    Switching Cabin With "Neighbor" Once Onboard- Possible?

    If I had to listen to an unruly toddler shouting and singing from the balcony, security would be notified very quickly. OP - time to teach your little one the meaning of the word no.
  14. Homosassa

    Personal water bottles

    LOL - After always having washed out my water bottles with hot water and soap, I was on a cruise where I was following my usually procedure of using water glases filled with ice and water to fill my bottle at breakfast. After watching me for several days as I was sitting in the same section each morning, one of the supervisors came over to me , took my bottle before I started the routine that morning, and took it away to be filled. He did it every morning for the rest of the cruise (and also at lunch - bottle had also been washed with hot water and soap before going up to the buffet).
  15. Homosassa

    Personal water bottles

    Bring a small bottle of dishwashing detergent. Use it to wash the bottle in hot water in the bathroom sink. Soap and hot water is all you need. (Microbiologist here).