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  1. The ships back into the berth at Ocean Cay. That means when docked, only the starboard side faces the island.
  2. It depends on what one is used to. For many parts of the USA, 35 C (95 F) or higher is normal summer time temperatures and we are used to being out and about in those temperatures.
  3. I am in my early seventies. I am in average physical shape for people my age that haven't destroyed themselves with smoking, alcohol abuse, or recreational drug use. I take commonsense measures for hot and humid weather - plenty of water, a hat, and find shade (readily available). My point is, as a traveler, one must be aware of the conditions in the location to which one is traveling. I would not travel to a cold location in the winter wearing a tee shirt, shorts, and flip flops without a coat and then complain that I have hyperthermia.
  4. LOL - I am a volunteer at a local Florida State Park. My assigned duty involves being at an outdoor information station for six hours. It isn't a problem because I am prepared for the heat, humidity, potential thunderstorms and the insects. If one is prepared (and shouldn't travelers be prepared?), there is no problem with being outside for a long period of time.
  5. It also means that vaccinated guests will also have more restrictions due to the unvaccinated guests such as mandatory mask wearing in certain locations.
  6. See my above post. CDC dies have enforcement authority but often delegates its authority to another fellow agency (the FDA or the Public Health Service Uniformed corp as examples) to carry out the boots on the ground work.
  7. Many regulatory agencies have guidelines . A guideline consist of procedures that experience have shown to be the most effective in preventing a problem that potentially exists. While it is true that a guideline does not have the regulatory authority of a requirement set out in a regulation (regulations are the means by which the authority of a law is carried out) and can put another procedure in place, if an issue develops, the failure will be cited as a violation of the law as expressed by the applicable regulation. Guidelines also are often codified into regulation when there is enough data to show the procedures to be the best way to prevent a problem. In the case of the CDC CSO for cruise ships, I can foresee where the CDC will eventually have similar regulatory controls for Covid 19 outbreaks on board ship as they do for norovirus. As far as Florida goes, any cruise line can ask for the voluntary submission of vaccination status. The line can also put in place any measures that they need to have to maintain the health of all on the ship. It is not a denial of service if the procedures in place are more onerous for those who are a potential problem for the spread of disease or have pre screening requirements to determine fitness for travel. It comes down to personal responsibility to accept the consequences of one's decisions.
  8. This comment is not directed to anyone on this thread, but is just a common sense hypothetical wondering about who is to blame: 1. I am cruising out of a port on Florida when I know the weather will be hot and humid. 2. I know that if I arrive early, I may not be allowed in the terminal. 3. I have an assigned check in time, but I decide to ignore the instructions about arrival and time and come early. 4. I do not plan ahead and bring water or a hat for sun protection. 5. I arrive early and am directed to remain outside in a line in the heat and humidity. 6. To my shock, it is hot and humid, I have no shade or water to drink. 7. It is the cruise line's fault that I am standing outside, hot and thirsty. 8. "They" should have known that I am special and provided me with a tent, water and a good looking tent boy (I am female) to fan me gently. Does this cover the blame game?
  9. Court of Appeals for the 11th District has stayed Merryman's order. CSO remains in effect.
  10. There are many cases in which people are air lifted to Miami from Caribbean islands because of a medical problem that needs more sophisticated medical care than available on the island.
  11. You are confusing the need to carry one's passport ashore with the need to have a passport so that the ship can be cleared to dock at the port. Ship clearance is done by the local authorities BEFORE passengers are allowed to go to ashore. Once the ship is cleared (You have heard the announcements that the ship is cleared and that passenger can debark, haven't you?), passengers can opt not to debark the ship, but to clear the ship, all passengers (and crew) must have any documents required by that country for entry. Once again, one must be very careful that one has the required document that the country requires. Martinique requires cruise ship passengers to have passports and the local immigration officials will be clearing the ship before any passenger or crew is allowed ashore which means all on board must have the required document (passport). That is why at the point of embarkation, a cruise line will determine if a passenger has all the required documents for each port. No document, no boarding of the ship.
  12. No, the birth certificate will not be fine. One must have all the required documents for all ports on the cruise at the time of embarkation or one can not board the ship. Saying "I won't leave the ship at port X" because I don't have a (fill in required document) will not work.
  13. Lady, you should have been aware of the cruise lines protocols for unvaccinated passengers before you set foot on the ship. Kudos to Royal Caribbean for having and enforcing their procedures.
  14. I have sailed on the Divina and Armonia. In those ships, soft serve ice cream meant the self service machines that might contain ice cream (usually more of a quasi ice milk concoction thickened with gums and whey). The gelato is scooped for you and has a charge.
  15. There is a bit more to the story. According to local news channels, the man had a hissy fit at the ticket counter when told he needed to wear a mask. When that didn't work, he told the agent there was a bomb in his suitcase.
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