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  1. Returning back to the original question of cruises out of Florida, it is my opinion that any cruise line will be keeping a close eye on the Covid 19 situation here in Florida and that cruise departures scheduled from Florida will be with a tentative hope that the situation may improve in the future. The future being sometime in 2021. At this point the rate of infection and spread is high and with, for lack of better words, the laissez faire policy at the state level on putting any restrictions in place, it is not going to improve any time soon . We also have a problem of a mega spreader event being scheduled in Jacksonville in August that is still on the schedule in spite of the pleas of medical personnel in the state to cancel the event. In short, if anyone books a cruise out of Florida between now and the end of 2020, do so with the realization that it will be very likely cancelled or the ship repositioned out of the state of Florida where there is a long shot of a cruise departure.
  2. Well, that stinks. We were hoping to book a seven night Armonia from Tampa but were holding off due to the out of control Covid 19 here in the state. We prefer smaller ships and have no interest in an MSC mega ship.
  3. Could they possibly have been hot dogs for US guests who are not culinary adventurers? The hot dogs are usually by the hamburgers.
  4. I could see bocce ball being on MSC (if not already there) before there would be cornhole.
  5. The lanai cabins are not private balcony cabins. Those cabins designated as lanai have a door out onto the public and popular promenade deck. The only "private" real estate are the two deck chairs immediately outside your cabin. There can be deck chairs for general use next to those deck chairs.
  6. My experience was better. As usual, it is warm and sunny. The pool is just outside my living room. While I am not a sun worshiper and prefer to be in the shade on my lanai, there is plenty of seating available. I also got to watch the pool boy (husband) bend over while cleaning the pool.
  7. LOL - Let's also not forget the news story from a number of years ago about a woman banned for life from Royal Caribbean. She was stopped at the gangway with a full table service for eight (?) in her luggage.
  8. OMG - the overuse of that fragrance is not very sinus friendly to some of us. On our last cruise, there must have been a source at the junction of the elevator lobby and out hallway. Every-time we walked off the elevator to go to our cabin, we were hit with a blast of the scent and our noses were dripping water before we hit our cabin. We had to ask for several days to get a box of tissues for our cabin. We did finally received a box and we asked our cabin steward not to use the stuff in any air freshener for our cabin.
  9. ????? Are you sure you mean Costa Rica as the country is politically stable and, in many ways, puts the USA to shame in its infrastructure and providing for Ticos.
  10. My husband and I are seriously considering the same seven day cruise (or the one leaving on December 4). As Tampa port is an hour away from our home, we don't have to worry about transportation or lodgings. If MSC uses the same rigorous embarkation screening and on board procedures as they used on out Armonia cruise that departed on March 9, 2020 , we will feel safe cruising on the ship.
  11. The letter looks like political pandering. It is poorly written. If blaming China for Covid 19 doesn't stick, we can next try pointing to the cruise lines and - hey - start with Carnival Corp as they are the largest target.
  12. We had three cabins in a row on the Star. We were told that the dividers could be open for a limited time while in port, but would be closed before departure and while at sea.
  13. April 2021 will be spring break time and is still high season in the Keys. Check the cancellation policies for any reservations at any resorts, Airbnb or VRBO. You may find payment due before your trip (30-60 days in some cases) and the last date for cancellation also will be out an amount of time before the reservation.
  14. Just an FYI: When "mineral water" is listed as being included, that doesn't necessarily mean a fancy water with carbon dioxide (sparkling). The term is used in Europe to just mean bottled water. You will have a choice of flat (think Dasani or other brand name water taken from a municipal source) or sparkling. Of course, there are some bottled waters that are though to be "premium" and may have a surcharge just like requesting a top shelf brand of alcohol. For those of us who are water drinkers and not alcohol drinkers, having the "mineral" water included is a big plus.
  15. I still don't agree with you (and obviously several others don't either and have tried to explain to you booking and payment procedures on Viking). And from what you posted, you checked the conditions of the payment when you decided to take a new promotion offer that had different final payment schedule than your original offer, decided to take the offer under the new terms of booking payment, managed to obtain a two month delay in those new terms, and now are upset because the terms under which you booked for the new promotion is different from what you booked under in 2019. Nope, still no Bait and Switch.
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