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  1. so not directly related to B2B, but for these June sailings out of Nassau, I have read that the ship will be at about 50-60% capacity. has there been any further info on mask requirements or social distancing, since everyone will be required to be vaccinated?
  2. yup, more annoying than anything.
  3. there is no hot tub in Havana on Mardi Gras. Havana area on Mardi Gras is way scaled down from the Horizon.
  4. with the Spirit class Serenity area tied or a very close 2nd, since they also have a pool and hot tub.
  5. hmm hadn't heard of the Loft 19 before so after looking it up. 1. looks like Excel gets access to the Loft 19 but it is also open to all guests for a charge, including kids. what is the cost per day? 2. do Excel have access to the Havana area or is that for Havana only still? 3. Looks like the Serenity area on MG has a pool as well? but still free to anyone and no kids? 4. and now the "the patio" on Deck 8 is open to everyone, which is kind of where the Havana used to be?
  6. wow, I didnt realize they already cut the Havana area so much on the MG. From Vista to MG they went from about 60 rooms to 100 rooms and cut down the deck, pool area significantly. Not to mention half of the Havana rooms are above the Theater.
  7. omg, I would shoot myself if I had to have 1 room with my wife and 2 kids, especially an interior.
  8. so I am just a lowly Carnival Red, if I submit, will they match me to Classic and give me the 5%? also will they still give me the 10% civil servant discount as well?
  9. so I am new to MSC, is the intent on this class of ship that the Aurea experience passengers will have there own restaurant and bar, like the YC. I know they have the Aurea sundecks on other ships. But will these be truly exclusive to Aurea passengers or can Bella/Fantastica pay extra to use them as well.
  10. US site lets you book the packages and gives pricing, but no details are provided for Easy Plus or Premium
  11. so looks like since I have a Aurea package I will stick with the Easy package, since I drink mostly Miller Lite, and once I scope out drinks and such on the ship I can upgrade to the Easy Plus if I think it is worth it. So my understanding is that the Easy package doesn't work in the Specialty restaurants, but the Premium package does. So question is, does the Easy Plus work in Specialty restaurants. Maybe the above screen shots say, but I can't read Spanish.
  12. Carnival adds the 18% when buying the package, so I would assume HAL does too.
  13. so would my math on this be correct to compare to Carnival, prepaid vs buy on ship. Carnival Cheers ($20/drink limit) at $51.95/day: Seven day cruise $363.65 + 18% gratuity one time charge of $65.46, for total of $429.11/person MSC Premium ($15/drink limit) at $69/day Seven day cruise is $483.00 (but buying pre-cruise there is not 18% charge added), so total of $483/person
  14. thanks So for the US market looks like we now have: Easy ($6/drink limit) for $38pp/day Easy Plus ($9/drink limit) for $49pp/day Premium ($15/drink limit) for $69pp/day
  15. so just booked a cruise with the Aurea experience which includes the Easy Drink Package. But under my booking online, i see an option to upgrade to the Easy Plus package. anyone know what that is? I though the next level up was Premium?
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