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  1. i see an aft extended balcony on the Legend. It is Deck 4, Rooom 4232, which is right above the dining room. any issues with noise? looking at aft balcony since it will be a Panama Canal partial transit and seems like aft balconies give a pretty good view all around.
  2. do you find that more people dress up on Formal nights on longer Journey's cruises? We are looking at the 13 day Panama canal cruise on the Legend in May. Do you think that certain decks have better views for transiting the Canal? ie is deck 7/8 better than Deck 4/5 in terms of what you can see? Also there are obstructed view balconies due to the life boats, would having the obstructed view, in which you cant look down, affect any of the experience while transiting?
  3. how is the wind situation on the forward obstructed balconies? can you sit out there while cruising? i do see a note that the ship could restrict your access to the balcony under certain conditions?
  4. just sailed back in May. on sea days i usually hit my 15 limit by dinner and then had my wife "buy" my drinks. On port days i usually hit about 12 drinks.
  5. i am pretty sure that capacity is listed based on full double occupancy. plus on certain ships the single rooms. so all ships full capacity can be higher.
  6. we cruised on the Miracle about 2 weeks before you. was great and pretty much agree with everything you said. we spent most nights in the comedy club and agree that it was crowded. First couple of nights if you arrived about 15 minutes before you could get a seat. By the end of the cruise people were starting to try and find seats for the next show before the show before it even ended, which was a little crazy. we stayed on the Serenity deck during the day and didnt really have any issues with the CHOGS. Also to note if you want to be on Serenity and use the "cabana lounger" bubbles they are pretty popular, but if you go up one deck on the stairs (port or starboard) from the Serenity deck there are about 4-5 more of these covered loungers on each side which were usually empty and it was just as quite as the Serenity.
  7. We used King David in Belize. Went to Altun Ha and Howler monkeys. The monkeys were awesome. Much better than monkeys anywere else where they are all in cages. Our tour guide at the Howler monkeys got a good tip since all i had were $20 bills. In Roatan we used Victor Bodden and did all the usual stuff there. These two ports are our favorites since they seem more authentic than most other places
  8. not specific to Sunshine, but i agree that the Sports Bar is a waste. We were on Miracle this past May. Everytime i went to the bar they had on Soccer. Hockey was in the playoffs and they had no coverage. The bar was completely empty and the design is VERY sterile. Seems like a complete waste of space on the ship and a big loss of opportunity for revenue. The Red Frog was right next door and packed. Only reason i walked over to the sports bar was to get a drink since the bar at Red Frog was always so crowded. You could walk over get a drink and be back before you would ever be served at Red Frog, especially at Happy Hour.
  9. we just cruised out of Tampa in May. We had no status or FTTF and we arrived about 1 hour earlier than our appointment and there was no one in any of the lines, so we just walked right on in. We were onboard in about 15min.
  10. no the road is still open. banarama still has there little booth just to the right of the road when walking toward the beach. Thats why i was confused with the original post that said he went through Banarama to get to Paradise or wherever.
  11. to clarify you didn't actually go in Bananarama. your guide just walked you in the public access past Banarama. the public access runs between Banarama and Paradise.
  12. yes, the beach is public so you can walk anywhere. you don't actually need to use a resort at all if you dont want to pay. Its only if you want access to the resort facilities (chairs, restrooms, etc)
  13. im not accusing you of anything, i think my comment wasnt clear. I meant don't let the cruise lines fool you with the Tabayana Beach. There is no Tabayana beach, its all West Bay
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