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  1. Have you decided which (if any) organized excursion you will do on that trip?
  2. What did you end up doing in Tahiti iti?
  3. Any advice on Tahiti Iti? We depart in 3 weeks and I still haven't decided what we should there...
  4. Any idea where approximately in the ship the lower them from? πŸ™‚
  5. I am a newbie going on my FP trip this Feb, but after looking over the options the IC wouldn't be my first choice in Moorea. I would ask for prices separate from PG for Hilton and SOFITEL in Moorea. The ferry and transfers are very easy you don’t need them prearranged.
  6. That makes sense. I started thinking I was planning all wrong for a second! πŸ™‚
  7. Currently Marc's doesn't have any reservations for the date we are in Huahine - though we are 60 days out as off today so perhaps that will change. My husband really wants to go the vanilla plantation - any feedback on the PG Huahine Iti tour?
  8. I wasn't sure if the tenders tended to go from one side to the other. With such a small ship, does the location really matter much noise wise?
  9. Does it make any difference if our cabin is on the port or starboard side?
  10. Evening dresses? How formal are you planning for? I was only planning on bringing a nicer summer dress, kind of what I would where to a summer winery wedding.
  11. I saw those hours posted somewhere, but then I also saw several posts of people complaining about everything being closed midday on a Saturday, which is why I asked the questions myself πŸ™‚
  12. Thanks for the feedback. I am torn about a full day cruise as it would be nice to just have some time to relax....
  13. I read something about the market in Papeete closing early on Saturday's. Does anyone happen to know the approximate hours?
  14. Thanks for the response! I think we will do Marc's Combo tour, or the Motu snorkel - but currently no one else has signed up for our sailing date!
  15. I am debating changing our flights to arrival in PPT at 6:40pm on our embarkation day. This would give us 3 nights in Moorea post cruise, instead of 1 night in PPT and 1 in Moorea Pre cruise. It is the United SFO-PPT flight, I am just so worried about it being delayed that I was initially wary about that option, but I am starting to think it may be worth it. Any thoughts? It is only a 8 hr flight and 2 hr time change so we won’t arrive exhausted...
  16. We booked air separate, direct flights from SFO were $635 to pp!
  17. Oh, I thought you were asking about time of day! πŸ™‚
  18. We only have one day in Moorea on our cruise, so that is part of the reason for wanting to spend more time on that island. We actually considered taking the flight that arrives the evening of our embarkation but that is another tangent... We will plan on being on the 16:30 ferry, so it would be tight, but perhaps we will make the safety drill!
  19. Ahh. Good point. We do have access to the Air Tahiti Nui lounge.
  20. We will need to have an early dinner, around 5pm, I wonder which one would have the best options to eat at that time?
  21. Thanks for the great advice. I was thinking the Manta Dive should be at the top of my list!
  22. I just wasn't sure if IC was significantly nicer to make the higher price for a shorter time period worth it. Sofitel has available day rooms if you email them directly (in case you need one in the future).
  23. I have a connection at IHG to help in that regard. IC would be about $60 more, neither include any food, but Sofitel would give me the room for the whole day.
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