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  1. So if you fly from Canada to Greece and you get all the necessary Covid tests done before flight. You then stay overnight in Athens before boarding ship, when and where do you get a new Covid test done before getting on ship.
  2. Oh that’s good to know about the App. Our cruise is not until next June and I am already worried about using it. We both have Princess Plus, but my hubby only has a flip phone and from what I read, you can only order 1 drink at a time on your own phone. Princess have really messed up this App “thing.”I am prepared to give it a try, as we really like Princess, but we don’t need this App if it is too much like “hard work.”
  3. I can’t get on and don’t see any updates for my roll call for some time now. Most of the other roll calls for Princess cruises are not showing any updates either??!
  4. Why can’t I see any updated roll calls. I no longer can see any updates/answers to questions on my upcoming cruise’s roll call. Have I been kicked out of my roll call?
  5. Did any of you people go to the ship without getting the our medallion. I find the whole online process quite confusing!
  6. Thanks for your info. I still do find the whole thing about insurance so confusing. As I say, we have cancelled our cruise on the new Enchanted Princess and will wait for calmer times, hopefully ahead, before cruising again. This will also probably be in Europe, as I am not liking what I am hearing out of Florida. I sincerely hope you all have wonderful, safe cruises to wherever!
  7. We’ll, I just reread some of the rules for Canadians and travel. The main one for me is that Canada is still not recommending ANY travel for nonessential reasons, which also means that you cannot get medical insurance, particularly for Covid related reasons!!! So, as far as I am concerned this is a definitive NO for cruising. I have also just cancelled my upcoming cruise in November!
  8. Do we have to use the Medallion system. I have no idea how to sign up for this?
  9. Can someone tell me what the latest is with sailing out of Florida and DeSantis ruling of not requiring proof of vaccines before embarking on a cruise. I have lost track of what is required now!
  10. Yes, this has opened up a whole can of worms. You may not die, but you could have a very lonely & unhappy cruise because some unvaccinated passenger brought the virus onboard. Don’t think that’s a good enough answer for me!!!
  11. We are booked out of FL later this year and will cancel if Princess does not have permission to ask for proof of vaccination. Any future cruise booking will be subject to the same rules and may lead us to change cruise lines, although we would be loath to do this, as we have had great cruises with Princess in the past.
  12. Good to know. Will definitely NOT be cruising with them. Thank you.
  13. My hubby and I are booked on the Enchanted in late November, but reluctantly will not sail if everyone, including the crew, have not been inoculated. We both have other health problems and don’t want to be compromised.
  14. I should add that my hubby and I have sailed on both Celebrity and Princess and we found Celebrity to be a bit dull and snooty. Princess has a better mix of age groups too.
  15. I agree. I feel that seniors undoubtedly make up the largest portion of the public who go on cruises, sometimes numerous times in the one year. The majority of these senior cruisers either have been vaccinated or are just waiting for the vaccine. It doesn't make any economic sense for the cruise lines to allow unvaccinated people onto their cruises, as I feel they would lose a big percentage of their valued customers - the seniors!
  16. In addition to all the positives mentioned above, I find the self serve laundrettes on board come in very handy and I also love the Movies Under The Stars.
  17. Yes we have got it under control in Canada. Some provinces are worse than others. Out here in Vancouver in Western Canada we are doing not bad and want to keep it that way. This is why we are not allowing any ships in our waters in order to protect Canadians. We also need to think about the threat of these new variants and what will be the outcome of these. Regarding only being able to take ship’s tours, I am ok with this, but would probably take less, as we all know they are quite expensive. My husband and I are happy to go by these new rules. Anything that keeps us safe is alright by us.
  18. To those who have already been vaccinated, are you given some written proof of this vaccination! I would imagine we will need to prove this in the future, ie., to board a cruise ship!
  19. I don't know what makes you think we will not do the prudent thing. You can't speak for everyone. We all have different circumstances. Some people have saved up for years to go on these cruises. It is a trying time for the whole world right now. Please, at least, try and be civil!
  20. So if you go ahead and cancel on your own before final balance do they give you back a refundable deposit. If they cancel before final balance, do they just give you a credit. Our cruise on the Enchanted is not until 29th August, 2020.
  21. This is why I buy private travel nsurance.
  22. Can't seem to find a tour at this port for the 1st of September, 2020. Are there usually plenty of taxis at the port. May
  23. Thank you everyone for your detail filled replies. Will need to look at all our options including the Hop on/off in Naples. Husband will be 6 months postoperatively, so will depend on how he is doing. He's usually a fast healer, but you just never know!
  24. Thank you Eurocruiser for your detailed information. Hlitner: thank you for your info as well. I am probably more interested in training it from Naples to Sorrento simply from the fact that the trains run more frequently. Would you know how far is the train station from getting off the cruise ship. My hubby will be 6 months recovering from a knee replacement. May
  25. Anybody used this ferry. Do you have to book and does it leave from The same cruise ship port in Naples.
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