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  1. As stated, everyone who sails on NCL gets a Latitude number and is enrolled in the program. If the person is under age they accrue points, but are not official until they are either 18 or 21. One of the NCL regulars has a kid who will be Platinum or even Platinum Plus by the time they turn 18. My daughter cruised once with us back in 03 - she took her first cruise on her own this year - our TA found her latitudes number and found the 7 points from her first cruise. She now has 14 and her DH has 7. I think that a call to the latitudes desk might be in order. BTW my wife's number is one digit off from mine.
  2. In addition to the responses you get here, a simple google search for breakaway cabin 9706 yields some photos and your tube videos.
  3. We did this stop on the Dawn in 2016, we entered the Fjord very early in the AM. There is a large statue about half way up - it is on the Port side of the ship. Other that that it is a typical Fjord with forest on both sides. Here are some photos from our trip. They were taken from a Port side SC 2bdrm Suite on deck 11.
  4. This is also one of those excursions that I would not book early. If the weather is bad, the view from the top of Mt Roberts is not very good. You can also buy the ticket at the tram for less $$. Go whale watching, dog sledding, see the gold mine, or Mendenhall Glacier.
  5. Thank you for posting about this - I agree that they should have given you three hotel rooms to match the three bedrooms in the GV. I wonder what would have happened if you booked some of the individual suites - say the Deluxe Owners Suites and a penthouse or 2 bedroom family suite - granted you would loose the gathering space. I am glad that the cruise was enjoyable - even though the land tour was problematic
  6. We had one of those suites on the Dawn a few years ago - loved it - also had Anoop on the Pearl in AK - always said Hi. Too bad you found out about the pool deck noise after the fact. Our TA first put us in the same room as you - as he thought it would be further from the elevators - but I reminded him of the pool deck and he moved us forward.
  7. I have done both of the itineraries over three cruise dating back to 2002. There is never enough time in any port to really explore everything the port has to offer - hence the need for several trips. Between the ships, they are cousins and while similar there are differences - the Joy was built for the Asian market and then re-vamped for the US Market. I understand that there are differences in the spa area and the restaurants. You would have to go on the website to compare them As far as AK goes - I think I would prefer the Bliss as it goes to Glacier Bay while the Joy visits either Dawes or Sawyer Glaciers. which are nice, but not quite the same as GB. One note - the Joy alternates between Icy Point and Skagway - I prefer Skagway as there is way more to see and do. Juneau - Bliss is there in the PM, Joy the same day in the AM - Bliss can be delayed if a Joy tour runs late as they use the same dock. Joy leaves here to go to the glaciers - they usually offer a small boat tour that is highly recommended. It leaves ahead of the ship and allows you to get up close and personal with the fjords and glaciers - you re-board the Joy in the Fjord. This is the best way to insure a great glacier view. Both ships offer whale watching, dog sleds, gold mines, and more. Ketchikan - We like to simply wander around this town - visit Creek Street, shop at Tongass trading company etc. The Lumberjack show is good as is the Crab Boat tour. Float planes can take you into Misty Fjords park. Skagway - The Train Rides are good as well as the gold dredge and tours into the Yukon they now have rafting trips . Victoria - Here is where the Joy has the edge as you spend more time here in the afternoon/evening - the Bliss arrives sometime after 6:00PM and leaves at 12 midnight. Carriage rides, the Butchart Gardens, and simply the area around the inner harbor are great places to visit. For more ideas about the ports - try www.cruiseportinsider.com I would also seriously consider the Jewel which runs between Vancouver and Seward Alaska offers the best port times of any - the only drawbacks are that it does not visit Victoria, and you have longer flights from Anchorage back home (or vise versa). Alaska is way more about the scenery and wildlife over the ship - we love to sit on our balcony and watch the scenery and wildlife - eagles, whales and more go by.
  8. They were probably trying to get people to book the Haven instead of bidding their way into it.
  9. So would a shot with a beer chaser count as two drinks? Right now NCL is one of the more lenient cruise lines when it comes to the drink packages - others limit the number of drinks per day and/or how often you can get a drink as well as how many you can get at a time. On the other hand, NCL has one of the least inclusive packages when it comes to what they offer with their packages. On our last cruise back in 16 we were three adults in a suite and while only two of us were supposed to have had the UBP, all three of our cards were coded for it. The bartenders never swiped our cards - they just looked and saw the UBP and gave us our drinks.
  10. As a note the vouchers are per cabin and not per person. So as I read it, if anyone in the cabin is platinum or above the entire cabin will be able to have dinner. Some time ago the vouchers were for two people and issued per person so a couple that were both platinum could get two dinners on each cruise. Now they simply issue two vouchers per cabin one for each set of restaurants.
  11. If you don't plan on drinking it onboard - why not have it shipped to your house. We did that on our Canada cruise with Maple Syrup and Canadian Whisky.
  12. Considering all of the computer "upgrades" at NCL I would suspect a computer glitch - I just canceled and re-booked my cruise and the DSC matches the NCL website.
  13. On our cruises with 3 the sofa bed was a sofa during the day and bed at night. Now when we did a 2 bedroom suite they asked if we wanted the second bedroom changed from sofa to bed - we told our room steward that we preferred it to be left as a bed and they did.
  14. I would not be so sure about that - recently I tried to take advantage of the 20% off past guest offer and had to cancel and re-book under the current promos - so I lost my Distinctive Voyages perk and OBC but the overall savings more than made up for it.
  15. When the Joy leaves Juneau, it does some Scenic Glacier Cruising on the way to Skagway - they usually go up one of two fjords to visit tidewater glaciers - there is also a tour offered where you board a small boat that leaves ahead of the Joy and goes into the same fjord - but your get to experience the glacier much more up close and personal - it also makes the fjord experience grander - the excursion fills fast so I would highly recommend it - it used to go under the name of Tracy Arm Explorer - not sure what today's name is for it. In Juneau there is whale watching, a glacier, sled dogs, and gold mines - take your choice of one. Also in Skagway the train ride is cool - but best done in the afternoon as the weather is often better and there is more wildlife. I am not sure NCL offers it, but there is an all day excursion that combines bus and train between Carcross in the Yukon and Skagway in AK - you must have a passport to do this one - or any excursion that goes into Canada. Also in Skagway is a store that sells Christmas stuff - some of it made by first nation people. Get your shopping on in Ketchikan - your first stop there are several Tongass trading companies near the dock and in town. They have the best selection of souvenirs and clothing. Also take a walk to Creek Street. As for NCL I think you will find them more similar to the others than different. If you want to see the shows - make reservations early. For more port information see www.cruiseportinsider.com Enjoy your cruise
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