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  1. Glad to see that you had a great trip. And it was very fortuitous that you misread the year. We also consider ourselves lucky that we were able to do our Panama Canal cruise in Jan just before this virus thing broke loose. I just hope that we are back to cruising as usual next year - we have our 4th AK cruise on the Jewel booked for June 2021.
  2. While not during the POM or NCL cancelled sailings, I had some FCC from a price drop on a cruise after final payment but before the cruise. I found a good deal on a cruise that was on my bucket list, booked it in Nov and it was Feb before the FCC was applied to the new cruise. So it seems that even in good times it can take 90 days.
  3. I have been to AK 3 times now and have a 4th booked for next June. The previous three have all been RT Seattle and all in June. All have visited Ketchikan, Juneau, and Skagway along with Victoria - all are excellent ports and each have their own personality. Ketchikan is the eagle and float plane capital of AK It is an easy port to walk around, take public transport to see the Totem park. You can also flght see into Misty Fjords NP. Juneau is the capital of the state, the city is spread out and the central city is away from the cruise port. Lots of things to do here including gold mine tours and whale watching as well as Mendenhall Glacier. Skagway is the gold rush town, rich in history and lore of the Klondike gold rush of 1898. You can also ride the railroad that is an engineering marvel. Take a one way ride to Carcross YT and bus back to Skagway. Our last trip was in 2012 on the Pearl and we were able to take the Small boat tour of Tracy Arm as well as seeing Glacier Bay - the tour of Tracy Arm we saw Sawyer Glacier clave from about 1/2 mile away - awesome. In Glacier Bay there was no calving the day we were there - just the luck of the draw. Both sets of glaciers are fantastic and Sawyer was best from the small boat. I am looking forward to my next trip and seeing Hubbard Glacier as well as the Glaciers around Prince William sound. AK is less about the ship and more about the ports, wildlife, and scenery - my opinion - YMMV. As far as the difference between one way and RT the one ways are able to spend much more time in each port as they don't have to hightail it back down the outside of Vancouver Island to Victoria and then Seattle. I know that at one time RT tickets between the same two airports was cheaper than two one way legs from different ports - I have not seen that the case in my recent travels and after COVID who knows what airplane travel will look like. Getting to Vancouver BC is fairly easy and flights from either Anchorage or Fairbanks back to the states is also not that difficult to find. Anchorage is a re-fueling stop for many polar flights heading to Europe from places like Chicago. You may have to make an extra hop getting back from AK. Also if you really want to fly to Seattle there are many different ways to get to Vancouver from there. Our 2121 cruise is going to be one way and in late June - we will be spending a week touring after the cruise.
  4. I am hopeful that the 2021 AK season will go as scheduled - I suspect that there will not be enough left of the 2020 season to make it profitable for the cruise lines since most of the ships used there are on in the Atlantic and not the Pacific
  5. I have never been charged for insurance on the deposit side - I have signed up for it but it does not come out until final payment.
  6. I also do not believe that NCL will go under - that said, the POA could be sold to another US operation - perhaps American Cruise Lines or Un Cruises would be interested in taking over that operation.
  7. I agree that 2021 is too far out to make any kind of prediction. I do have a cruise on the Jewel for the end of June 2021 - I am only into it 100.00 right now, so I will watch and wait. As for trying to do the AK ports with a US Flagged ship is interesting, it would also require the ship to be built in the USA. NCL got lots of waivers on the POA - they actually bought 2 hulls started in the US and finished in Germany - they found that only one hull could be completed so they got special waivers for the new build Jade and a re-vamped Sky to be the other two ships in the fleet. This took quite a bit of lobbying by the congressmen of Hawaii to make it all happen. The Jade and Sky were eventually removed from HI service - the Sky went to Miami and the Jade went to Europe. My point is that you simply can't reflag a ship to get around the PVSA.
  8. I received some FCC prior to the COVID stuff and it was applied equally to my wife and me on our next booked cruise so that part is nothing new. As far as refunds go - the initial offer is for FCC and they seem to have various windows for you to download the form - then you wait 90 days - this part of the process is new.
  9. When did you start making reservations for motels etc. How did you layout your itinerary and find the attractions etc. At some point we want to take the train - is there a "best section" to ride.
  10. On our first cruise we had our numbers but no points until we finished the cruise. I suspect that this is a computer glitch - esp if the points are showing up after the cancelled cruise would have ended. It is probably going to be harder and even more expensive to correct it than just let it go. They should realize that they are going to need as many of us Platinum/+ cruisers to come back when they start cruising again.
  11. Carnival has already used ships as collateral on loans. The last burn rate I saw for Carnival was 900m/mo, RCCL 450m/mo, and NCL 150m/mo. Carnival claims to be able to hold out until Dec,
  12. We are booked on a cruise for late June 2121 that ends in Seward. DW wants something guided, I am not so sure and so I turn to this collective for some help. We will both be 65 and in good health - we like scenery, wildlife, moderate hiking, and adventure. Things I am considering are: Full DYI with a rented car out of Anchorage (would take the train from Seward to Anchorage) Use the AKRR tour packages - or go DIY Book a tour with Alaska Travels (self guided mostly train with some motor coach) Their packages include some tours, lodging, and transportation - you are responsible for getting yourself to the meeting points with your luggage etc. I have also looked at their guided tours but they all start on Sunday and we arrive on Monday. NCL offers cruise tours but I have not seen many reviews and the ones I have seen are mostly negative. Some questions - is there any narration on the train that talks about the scenery, history etc? Are there other tour companies you can recommend for me to look at.
  13. I think it is fairly certain that the cruise industry in general will be forced back to where they were 15 to 20 years ago. Some of it depends on their ability to meet the CDC regulations with regards to handling a future outbreak. Ships with a high public space to pax ratio will be the easiest to enforce social distancing. A virus that transmits through the air is harder to contain than one that spreads through direct contact - both are nasty. I think that NCL will have to start with the Jewel class ships that they were running in the 2000's. Can you imagine trying to sanitize something like the ropes courses - I suppose they could make you wear gloves. NCL also needs to look at which ships have the lowest operating costs and run routes that provide the greatest amount of traffic. A back to basics approach - Alaska, Mexican Rivera, Caribbean, maybe Hawaii etc.
  14. I believe that on all of the Away/+ class ships (which includes the Joy) that all suites have Haven access. the Courtyard suites are actually in the Haven complex.
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