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  1. I am not sure, but I think the child center is closed on port days. However if it were open and you were late I suspect they would leave them along with your safe contents with the port authorities.
  2. We live on the west side of Portland and frequent the north coast and love the Astoria area.
  3. We were with DURN in 2016 on a Boston to Quebec and back (14days). We enjoyed PEI - we ordered a tourist guide from the PEI chamber of commerace and it had several different self guided routes so we rented a car and DIYed it. We also did the same thing in Sydney as the best thing to see there is the Bell museum which is about an hour drive. It is also a stop on several ship's tours but we were not sure how much time they spend there and we had a Bell fan with us so we spent lots of time there. Halifax was our favorite port - our cruise visited it twice and the first time we went to Peggy's Harbor and visited a maple syrup plant, the Titanic graveyard and more. The second time we walked the massive boardwalk and visited a crystal factory. Since Bar Harbor is a tender port in is sometimes missed due to weather - we did Ollie's Trolley and enjoyed it very much. Saint Johns New Brunswick is an interesting port with the reversing rapids and all of the sea caves. This was our favorite cruise.
  4. The article in the Astorian indicated they would be docking - I know of the main dock they use for cruise ships - I believe they also have secondary tie up spots - I know they have parking spots in the river. The article also mentioned that there is not much ship traffic this year due to sanctions against China - no logs or lumber moving back and forth. I can't imagine charging 75k for a river parking spot. They also mentioned that the crew would be welcome in town once they have passed a quarintine period. I just checked Marine Traffic and the Regatta is shown at one of the side docks - not the normal tie up spot for cruise ships visiting port.
  5. Thats right, they planned on bringing the Encore to AK in 2020 and it would do the GB. I also just read where the Oceania Regetta is going to berth/lay up in Astoria at a cost of 75,000/month. They indicated that NCHL wanted to send other ships there for layup but with a major COVID-19 outbreak at a local seafood factory gave the town cold feet about berthing a cruise ship. They also said that the ship had around 90 of the 400 crew members. Currently the ship is sailing from Mexico.
  6. Update - my TA cancelled my cruise and also mentioned that he has seen more cancellations than new bookings lately - all for the same reasons. Instead of a cruise we are going to spend our first year of full retirement in our travel trailer camp hosting in Oregon. So far we have every other month from Mar to Sept booked at different parks. The rest of the time we will be trying out some other parks.
  7. Dave, so sorry for your loss. On another note we were thankful that we got our Panama Canal cruise in before COVID-19 hit. Long before that cruise we had a one way Alaska cruise booked for June 2021 - tonight I told my TA to cancel it. Yes it meant giving up a great price and some prior FCC but in the long run I don't see Canada opening its borders and even if the cruise came about I do want to be able to walk freely around the ports. This was a hard decision, and one day we will make the trip - just not in 2021.
  8. If you are on one of the Glacier Bay cruises the Port side has all of the glaciers that the ranges point out. We did the bay from an aft balcony so the narriation was way ahead of us - but we could see both sides of the bay.
  9. We were on the Pearl to AK in 2012 and the Gem this winter(2020) from SFO to NYC via the Panama Canal. The ships are practically indentical in layout and with the recent refirbs they are very modern in decor. We also did a 14 day Boston - Quebec -Boston on the Dawn in 2016 - one of the best cruises we have ever taken. You can't go wrong with either ship.
  10. When we cruised with my mother-in law we got the 2 bedroom suites on deck 11 - gave us the seperation as well as togetherness we needed. We have also cruised on the Gem and Pearl on the deck 10 Aft suites - no issues with soot on either cruise. Quite frankly the only requirement for us is a balcony as suites have gotten out of hand price wise.
  11. While I am not a CAS member, I would think that they would simply look at the difference between the cruise and the cruisetour. The pricing of the cruisetours vary with which one you sign up for. The most expensive one for 2021 is about 3600 per person.
  12. I looked at my already booked AK cruise in 2021 and the new sale is about 200.00 more than when I booked it.
  13. We were in an SF suite on the GEM for our Panama Canal cruise and got to know our butler quite well. He serviced all of the suites on deck 10 - that included the 4 SF suites aft and the 2 Owners Suites and 4SE Penthouse suites forward. He indicated that the deck 8 aft suites would be losing butler service this fall. BTW the extra catagory for the Deck 10 AFT and the two inner FWD suites are because they are larger than the others - for the AFT suites it is the balcony - for the FWD suites they have more interior due to the bridge bump out.
  14. We prefer the smaller Dawn and Jewel class ships and usually book SC or SF suites (love the SFs on the aft) on longer voyages like a 14 day New England and our 21 day Panama Canal trips. The SC was when I had my MIL with us and she wanted the seperate bedroom area. I really don't think the extra price for the Haven on these ships is all that much of a value. We do enjoy Breakfast and sometimes lunch at Modenero/Cagney's - esp on port days - we also noticed that breakfast was served until 11:00 at O'Sheehans.
  15. Travelling2Stone - I also have 100.00 invested and agree they will not get a penny more for quite some time. My FCC was tied to a drastic price reduction from my Jan 20 Panama Canal cruise - which we thankfully were able to complete. We picked up almost 2k in FCC that had to be booked before 2020 and used by 2021. I am not sure exactly what would happen with that FCC if NCL has to cancel our 2021 cruise. I really don't think we will have a good vaccine by then so I guess we will have to do with the precautions they will have in place at that time. I also think that if we have to wear masks and other stuff - I will cancel in Feb.
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