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  1. We're going to fly in Mcr to Paris, few nights in Paris then on to the Carribean. My DH can only just cope with a 7 night cruise so are didnt eve. Suggest the 14. We did look at the other 7 nighters, but in research, more of those islands are less tolerable to same sex couples. Oh the joy of colonialism history. I'm looking forward to our itinerary... all the food looks amazing! (Sorry for delay, had covid for a few weeks - better now)
  2. Our honeymoon should have been next month on the MSC Meravilgia. Rebooked on the Seaview, which went on last year round the Med. Any thoughts on what to avoid / make sure we do on the ports below? We're also considering spending a few days on an island post-cruise. Which would you choose? Much appreciated
  3. Finally able to rebook my honeymoon last night on the MSC Seaview in March 2022. Unfortunately booked the wrong segment. Phone this morning and they swapped it to the correct one free of charge. Thanks MSC! FYI - this is outside of both the standard bookings and the current flexible bookings.
  4. MSC still does an Easy drinks package, but it's not available on cruises of 1-3 night duration.
  5. It's quite possible but I've not looked at every deck plan. Generally, as you work up for different MSC experiences from Bella to Fantastica to Aurea, the cabins move into more desirable location.
  6. The UK site ship page has the same deck plans on it at the bottom of the page, though bizarrely not the shaded balcony key. https://www.msccruises.co.uk/cruises/ships/msc-meraviglia
  7. There are, If you take a look at the deck plans, you'll notice that for example cabins 8001 - 8047 have a shaded balcony. However, if you go aft on the same deck, you'll get to more bella cabins with a non-shaded balcony. https://www.msccruises.com/en-gl/Discover-MSC/Cruise-Ships/MSC-Meraviglia/Deckplan.aspx There is a key further down the page that lets you know which are metal balconies, those that are half glass/metal etc. Hope it helps.
  8. Its a specific room service menu unless you are medically restricted to your cabin. There is a charge for items off the menu, though delivery is free.
  9. You realise that you're literally calling @heatherb1958 a lair? That's a little rude. By all means express you're amazement, but assuming you weren't there, hope about a little more cordiality? Having worked in bars in my student days, I'm aware that drinks can be produced without actually placing any entries into a till/POS system etc.
  10. Members of the Voyager programme get gifts and stuff depending on what level they are, such as a glass of bubbly, fruit, free dinner, OBC.
  11. In sterling for a 7 night Mediterranean: Easy = £189 Premium = 252 Premium Plus = £357 Non-alcohol = £119
  12. The under 18 clause has been part of the Voyagers Club T&Cs since I joined last year.
  13. I sailed last under the old internet packages. Does anyone know if the "# devices packages" include general browsing e.g. news websites or do you need to get the streaming packages in order to brows anything that may have video packages? The descriptions aren't completely clear and I can't trust that I'll have full EU mobile phone roaming rights (in or close to land) after the 31st December... ☹️ (on a western Euro cruise). This is so not a keeping in touch with work thing, I enjoy keeping up with news and also watching youtube clips etc. My holiday, my relaxation. or
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