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  1. I know! Doesn’t state this on the website either. We will definitely check with our TA this week- was told that they’d have to request that for us since they booked for us.
  2. This sounds promising. Good to know-- before I was aware of this change, I spoke for an extended time with Oceania this morning and explained how I felt about the conflicting cancellation date options on our end. Very nice customer service rep encouraged us that, since we have ten more days until the March 31 deadline, we still have time to decide. Was pointed out that we were not signed on for Traveler's Assurance Program which allows cancellations up until 48 hours prior. I was not aware we had to specifically request or sign on for this program- I assumed it was automatic? Will speak wit
  3. PS Just found this info on the link posted above regarding ports that MAY possibly turn ships away. Doesn't make me feel any better about the two new stops in Malta. Malta: With the local government blaming misinformation circulated by the media, the government of Malta and MSC Cruises agreed to have MSC Opera skip its planned port of call in Malta in order to avoid public unrest.
  4. Ah....we too are booked and paid in full for the April 29 date. This new itinerary isn't working for us. We are part of a group of 30 cruising with an Italian wine theme- Tuscan winemaker hosting a paired dinner on board, on board -group wine tasting of his wines, and excursions with wine and food pairing theme in Sicily. After debarking in Rome we were to travel to Tuscany for four day tour on land before flying out of Rome. We have no interest in traveling to Greece or Turkey at this time. Nor does leaving port in Malta at 2 PM one day and arriving in another port in Malta the next day h
  5. This is my question too. We have not received new itineraries and cannot reach our TA. Is it best to wait for new itineraries? Does Oceania typically offer full refunds?
  6. Ha. That’s ok! I’ll take it as Newbie initiation. 😂
  7. My reference was about options to reserve in the specialty restaurants ahead of time online. But any dining while on vacation is special!
  8. Thanks so much- as it turns out, within the hour it opened up and I was able to book!
  9. New to Oceania! Tried several times to pre-book specialty dining online through management option- received errors and/or messages that booking online is not yet open for us. We were told we can book 60 days out from cruise date. I'm wondering if it's a time zone issue. Is Oceania USA Eastern Standard Time? Or may it be that we need to reserve specialty dining through our TA? Thanks!
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