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  1. Definitely have one BUT still surprised how many people will actually refuse to have one. I have an elderly friend who has refused to have the Flu vaccine as long as I can remember and has said he definitely won't have the Covid 19 vaccination when/if it is released. His reasoning, "Don't believe in vaccines they make you ill. Better off taking you chances'. Beggars belief but at least he is, reluctantly, agreeing to wear a face mask when shopping but not until 24th July!!
  2. Only covers cruises that involve a flight according to The mail today.
  3. Which is another reason to be disappointed - I have requested a refund but only a month or so ago.
  4. Been appearing on mine for over a week now, which disappoints me a bit because I was hoping for a refund!
  5. On the subject of shirts, not Polo shirts, conventional shirts, what is this new habit of wearing the shirt buttoned up at the collar BUT NO TIE!! This cannot be right - surely, or does it signify something?
  6. You'd be surprised how many people think it's nearly all over as lockdown is released slightly, despite the fact that about 400 people will probably die to day and thousands of new infections will be reported.
  7. Same for me and in the past I haven't noticed much diffence in cost between ES and Select taking into account the financial benefits of Select.
  8. I always used to do all my research for forthcoming cruises on P&Os web site and then, armed with the information, set off to my TA who used to be in the plumbing business and is now into farming. Most times it worked out ok but their were a few hiccups where things got missed so about three cruises ago I decided to book online with P&O but there was an issue with their web site and I had to phone them. I couldn't have wished for better service on the phone and booked that cruise immediately knowing that everything was exactly as it should be. Since then I have
  9. You're probably right and both have their parent company in the US.
  10. Just out of interest - I got my refund about three days ago, which was credited to my 'US Fast' credit card. This refund put me several thousand pounds in credit so I rang my card company up and asked for it to be sent to my bank account, which they were happy to do BUT warned it could take 10/14 days to transfer. When asked why it took that long I was informed that it was due to all the cruise refunds they were handling!
  11. The chances of catching it are low, as are the chances of dying from it if you do catch it. Bummer for the optimistic 36,000+ people who caught it and died. I wear a mask outdoors if there is any likelihood of getting near to anybody, intentionally or otherwise, and, in doing so, reduce the, infinitessimal, chances of catching it slightly more. Each to his/her own. Sorry I attributed the quote to you Adawn47 it should have been wowzz.
  12. Not wishing to draw out this debate but poor weather would not have had the same effect on Ventura, and it certainly hasn't in my experience, due to the covered pool area, which is not weather reliant. Sister ships they may be but with a significant difference.
  13. A couple of times but things weren't helped as it wasn't the sort of weather where you wanted to be out on deck a lot, which lead to a problem with crowding in public areas and queues for Costa in the atrium. The decor was really shabby on both occasions with groves cut into the carpet where chairs had been moved. The TVs in Azura cabins couldn't, in my opinion, have been much smaller or put in a much worse position compared with Britannia and I didn't go much on the outside cinema. Nothing about Azura convinced me and my wife that we would use her again unt
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