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  1. Thanks for all your suggestions. My wife says someone always has the answer here. My son would not want to join CC. He will not setup a new email for this. He tells my wife to deal with all the travel stuff. We are paying for everything so he has never needed to get into his captain circle account. I think I will just call Princess and ask them to send me a copy of both of their credits. His girlfriend did include her email so tomorrow we will ask her to sign in and see what we find. JF - yes, I know they would get all the suite perks. Not a big deal.
  2. My wife takes care of booking and managing our trips. We have had two Alaskan cruises canceled last year and this year. We are taking our son and his girlfriend. We just booked a long cruise for 2023 and was told my wife had a FCD but I did not. Last cruise we purchased 6 and we always buy the same amount. After one hour and 35 minutes, my wife finally found out what was going on. Instead of giving back my last FCD or refunding the $100, they returned it in OBC. It was not close to expiring. For our Alaskan cruise, we booked a suite and the kids are booked in the cabin next door. S
  3. Just wondering if anyone has stayed in any of these forward cabins. Thanks
  4. Thanks for the reply caribill. I thought I said she booked it back in April. Yes, it is for Nov. 21. She did go back every hour and then again many times the next day because we know, like you said, that they show sold for a certain amount of time. She even called Princess right away and they were no help - said there was nothing under our name. We are doing the 34 day. And there were a couple minis opened on the 24 day one but Princess said they could not do anything. Everything was sold out for the following 10 day cruise. We even called back two more times over the first mo
  5. As with many of you, we have had numerous cruises canceled this year and we have been very frustrated with their website since March. I would say 75 percent of the time, we get an error message or it is down for some reason. I would find a cruise and after looking it over and finally selecting a cabin, we were unable to. Over and over. 2021 is our 50th anniversary and my wife has always wanted to sail on the Pacific Princess so we decided to book a suite. Had a great one from Tahiti to FLL along with the cruise prior to it. But it was canceled since the US banded travel to Cuba. The
  6. darn auto correct. How did it go from the to you?🤷‍♀️ " And the problem is!" I have seen too many guys who were over served on the unlimited package. Not real fun to sit close to them and witness their rude comments to the crew, especially the waiters And their loud talking has ruined numerous dinners for us.
  7. This is OLD NEWS!!!!! Back in 2017 they changed to 15 drinks. They did have some issues with people purchasing drinks for friends. Everything is documented and when someone ordered four different types of drinks in 30 minutes, a red light started flashing.
  8. They use to be the same price as a lower mini price. And they sold out right away. Maybe raising the price satisfied the bean counters.
  9. There was talk a while back about changing them to a different cabin category since they are so cheap. Guess they figure they would still sell and not have to give suite perks with them.
  10. Have no idea. Maybe they are discouraging leisure travel. My other thought about our fall cruise is that if this continues throughout this year, will people be quarantined when coming back to the US from foreign countries. Hate to get stuck in Brazil after the cruise. So many unknowns!!
  11. FlyerTalker, One example is my fall South American cruise where the price on Delta/American is $2000 higher than when I booked back when flights first came available Milwaukee to LA/ Buenos Aires to Milwaukee. I also dive and have been looking for flights for week dive trips to the Caribbean in August. I normally pay $900 for first class - Milwaukee to Cozumel and now they are $3000 and coach $1400. Prices to other islands are much higher than I have ever seen them.
  12. That is my thought also but I have been looking at future cruises since we each have 6 FCC's and have noticed that deposits are much higher. A South American 4 week one is requiring $600 each for deposits. If they want to get more people to book, why not $100 deposits. I am still waiting for a refund from an excursion I canceled in January so how long will it take to get these deposits refunded if it gets canceled.
  13. I decided several years ago that since I am getting too old to put up with being uncomfortable and with my husband hating flying these days that we will book first/business from now on. I have been checking a few flights and first class tickets are out of slight. Although coach is three times what I am use to. But with the new rule of not using the middle seat on flights, will coach be more comfortable? Has anyone been on a flight since they changed the rule?
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