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  1. We cant know anything as well as we cant predict what will be going on in Summer. My best guess is that we will be back cruising with Covid passports or something. In any case, we will have to wait and see
  2. This vaccine passport is a joke cause it doesnt mean that you wont catch a virus. It only means that you will have easier time to fight it.
  3. The overall statistics is still very unclear and hard to take for granted. We need at least a year to pass before we can start making any conclusions. In any case, I really wish that we will manage to overcome this crisis with less number of casualties
  4. I doubt there will be any changes. well unless the whole cruise will be cancelled. I doubt that we need to expect any cancelations in Autumn as vacciantion is increasing in numbers. All the restrictions will be down by then
  5. Well, from what I have learned we need like 75% of the population of Earth to be vaccinated. I ll be honest with you, my grandfather was vaccinated. I visited him for a week with my family and we all fell ill. I dont know whether it was Covid or not but we were reaaalyy in a bad shape by his side and he was just fine.
  6. Those MediCare Advantageous plans are a joke. You will never be in a situation where all this help and money will be needed. I very doubt it any time soon
  7. Ohh man, its so sad to hear about it. I really wish that it never happend. Well, in any case let me wish you to find a new way to enjoy yourself. Have a great vacation
  8. Well, I am not surprised at all cause Spain is one of those African hubs to Europe. The situation there could even worst if they didnt close the bparders right now. I really wish that this situation will change soon
  9. Its better to check all those policies beforehand. I mean many people purchase insurance plans without even reading what is included and then they yell at people for not telling them about what is included. Please read whats in it before making a purchase
  10. Are you sure you couldnt find it? Last time I checked it was there... Maybe it was some other type of bar.. Ill go check one more time
  11. Most likely. I mean why not? Its like the over all world trend at the moment. Well, at least for some time (maybe a year or two), we will all be obliged to vaccinated before coming on board.. - thats for sure
  12. Well, they all have their ups and down, advantages and disadvantages. Its just how things are. I would suprised if there was like some cruiser without any issues with it. In any case, they are all great in general
  13. Its hard to forecast at the moment, but I doubt it will be any different from what it was back in the days. Well, in any case I will be glad to see something new
  14. Yeah, I cant wait to start cruising in 2023. I am very very curious how things are going to change by then. I am sure it will be totally new experience
  15. These restrictions are being put down right now.. yes, slowly but we are about to get rid of them. I wonder how much longer it will take to abandon them once and for all..
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