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  1. I wasnt really planning on going anywhere this year, well at least my wife wont bother me with all the cruising vacation thing anymore. At least I will be free to choose some other option for our summer vacation. Maybe go to Colorado Springs or smth, or go to Florida for a change. The beaches there are very nice.
  2. I just got a feedback from a friend of mine who works in a bank. (wont tell what bank it is due to safety reasons) but according to him all this refund "payments" go through a different protocol. It requires information collected from the cruise company which has to be later approved. I think it has something to do with tax policies
  3. Honestly, I have no idea how they plan to regulate social distancing. To me it sounds impossible. No news about buffet as well btw. How are they going to manage all that with so many people on board? Are they going to draw red lines all over the ship? This is rediculous. The only option I see so far is a mask policy being mandatory.. but even mask wont really protect you from anything
  4. If I am not mistaken you will be assigned to a specific place where you will have your breakfast and dine. At the same time I doubt that they will kick you out if you come somewhere else to eat and show them either your ticket or your cash. In any case, I would clarify this question a few weeks before loading. It wont be a good thing to walk far from cabin to have breakfast
  5. You can pretty much purchase only one package and just share your drinks with your friend/spouse. Its not like they are going to strictly control how you use your package or whats so ever. In any case they are not that expensive, so you can just prucahse two of them and forget about it. If I were you I would rather just visit a bar. The reality is that you wont drink more than you can or want to drink anyway
  6. I just read a news feed and found that some EU leaders might extend the limitations up to October. I doubt anyone would like to travel, especially to Europe if the limitations will remain. Most importantly it concerns Germany and the UK and their major port hubs. I doubt we will have good time cruising anytime soon
  7. To be honest with you I have no idea what kind of discount is it. I might be wrong but Captain's doscount should be like 50- to 70% and the deal should include a free dinner and a nice suite cabin. I always wondered where you guys are getting all these discounts.. I am like an outsider when it comes to discounts. Never really was lucky enough to catch one
  8. Just imagine a crew of a thousand people trying to keep those1.5 meters away from each other. Its insane. I think they will make this procedure in several steps. Maybe it will take like whole day to put everyone on board. We dont know. We will see to it but I hope all the limitations will be put down by that time
  9. As an American I can say that we have been stuck at home.. well aside from the protests on the streets we have to reconsider our plans for both the summer and winter vacations. I doubt we will be able to travel anywhere soon. I only hope that there will be no more problem in the homeland. This is like the number one priority right now
  10. Breakfast is always nice. For dinner we usually get meatballs with salami and sweat cucumbers. To be honest they have a really high level of service and sometimes their food looks nicer than at some fancy place in town. The only problem with it is that its very expensive sometimes and its being late sometimes
  11. I dont have a problem wearing a mask but I would hate it if they keep it for the next year as well. I understand the new policies and their desire to start operations as soon as possible but I doubt people will appreciate cruising in masks for the end of days. All the new cruises will be planned without masks being mandatory that s for sure
  12. Regent got the best periods covered for cruising. Yes, you can always pick Crystal or Silversea but in the end you will end up getting a quite boring cruise cause the period is not the high one and most of the people traveling will be old people or lone sailors. To be honest.. you actually never know. You can get a nice company with you on board or the other way around
  13. Buffet is the best thing you can imagine on board. The key word here is "Variety". You can always pick what you want or mix all the things together and you basically have unlimited access to it any time of a day. I doubt they will ever go anywhere. Buffets are nice
  14. There were way too many rumors regarding this announcement but in reality we got no real announcement at all. Its like waiting for Santa to come out of a chimney but in the end you get just your dad hiding behind a Christmas tree. I expect any real announcement somewhere closer next week or so
  15. Well, in my opinion if Canadians want to cruise they can always travel to some near by country and get a cruise there. I am sure river cruises will be available sooner then ocean and sea cruises. Moreover, I doubt that they will keep the ban for so long. I suppose they will ease the ban by the end of summer. It will depend on the current political situation
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