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  1. Sailing out of NOLA on Glory October 8!
  2. I have posted the next paragraph Elsewhere offsite, but I figure I may just et more useful answers here... The cruise in question is on the Carnival Glory, leaving October 8 (3 weeks!) So, we'd already booked a room in Slidell, and were planning to park at Fulton. Now, plans have changed (there's a church we want to visit) and we've booked the La Quinta in Gretna, with the parking package. How does the parking generally work? If we drive to the church, could we get back into the parking lot (it would be after check out time)? Should we ask for a later check out time, and get back into the parking lot before then? Should we Uber or whatnot to church, go back to the parking lot, and get our luggage and shuttle to the port? Am I overthinking this? (Quite probably...)
  3. Did you book directly with Carnival, or through a TA? If you used a TA, you'll have to call them and have them apply the cards to your booking. You can prepay your gratuities and everything else on your own, but not your actual booking if you used a TA.
  4. OK, maybe I will dress up for my cruise in October--that's great!
  5. Yep, Guy's may or may not've been another reason for choosing late--this is my husband's and my second cruise, and more opportunities for Guy's would've been welcome 😉 (This'll be the first cruise for the girls, and the younger doesn't like burgers.)
  6. My family's going to be sailing on Glory this October. When I booked last September, I chose late dining because 1) the youngest going is 14 and 2} those of us still at home (older daughter will be 20) are used to eating late, due to my work schedule. Plus, I figured that if anyone got hungry earlier, it's not like there's no way to get a substantial snack mid/late afternoon. I didn't choose YTD because we'll likely all be mostly doing our own things, and having a set dinner time seems less complicated. Anyway, are we going to end up losing the ability to see shows, if we want to? We've got FTTF, so theoretically, I should be able to have my TA change our dining time if needed.
  7. We did Sea Trek at Jeanies and loved it!
  8. What'cha wanna bet that it started as a normal line, then people joined because there wouldn't be a line if it wasn't something good?
  9. I've pointed out to my older daughter that her first cruise this October will be on a ship that started the same year she did 😉
  10. Me neither--unlike Monsters, I've not seen cans of Red Bull larger than 12 ounces. I took fancy sodas that were smaller than normal soda cans with no problem.
  11. Amy Paperlady

    Sea Trek?

    I could've sworn I'd seen mention of Sea Trek in Belize, but, for the life of me, I can't find anything useful when I search (going this October). Does anyone have any tips on where to look to find a price, or am I just wrong? Maybe there had been a Sea Trek location, but it didn't survive covid?
  12. Though if you booked with a TA instead of directly with Carnival, your TA has to do it.
  13. I'm noticing that those complaining about the chat (and naming the ship) are on the older ships, and those saying it worked well are on the newer ships. Could that have anything to do with it?
  14. Oh, good! I'd been wondering the same (though mine's a 5 day out of New Orleans, instead).
  15. My husband and I are going to be in Cozumel on August 30, and are going to book a Sea Trek. There are 2 locations available--One by Jeanie's Beach Club, and one at Chankanaab. Is there a big difference in the experience at one location vs the other? I mean, just the walking around under the water part--obviously there's quite a difference between being in town as opposed to a national park! I can find lots of videos of the location near Jeanie's, but not of Chankanaab (snorkel/scuba, yes, but not Sea Trek). Price is the same, though admission to Chankanaab is not included.
  16. Well, yeah--Google doesn't get hungry or have a bladder 😉
  17. This doesn't apply, though--the name on my reservation does match my driver's license. It's just my birth certificate that doesn't match anything else. Heck, by this point, I've had this last name longer than my maiden name.
  18. First off, I know passports are best, but mine was in my purse (I know, I know...) when it was stolen. I will have a copy of my birth certificate (because of course I couldn't find mine) in plenty of time to cruise, but not in time to be certain of getting a new passport. Since I am a married woman, and followed the usual US practice, the name on my driver's license no longer matches my birth certificate. I can't find my marriage certificate, either, but I do have a copy of that saved to my laptop. Would printing that out to take with me be good enough for Carnival (sailing out of New Orleans, if that makes a difference), or do I need to spend the money on a new marriage certificate? I've got time for it to get here, with a couple weeks to spare.
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