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  1. If I had to wager money on future protocols, this is ultimately where Carnival will be in a couple months. It is going to be a modern day leper colony on these ships with unvaccinated walking around with whatever "mark" while segregated dining, entertainment, shore excursions exist. What a weird time to return to cruising. Suspect various destination ports won't even allow ships to dock unless it's a 100% vaccinated cruise. Glad I'm not cruising until March of 2022 as this restart is looking more and more like a complete $61t show.
  2. The cruiselines won't spend a dime more than they have too now on testing...hence any testing prior to embarkation will occur off the ship at the passengers expense with it unlikely additional testing will exist even at debarkation. I see many many potential covid cases onboard covered up now by people doping up on Tylenol and/or Ibuprofen. This just reinforces my vaccination status as I am exposed everytime I go to the store with it likely going to exist at a higher level on the ship now with mixed vaccination status. At least my chance of getting even a moderate case is near zero let alone u
  3. Good heavens that is horrible security by Carnival! I get not showing the card getting off the ship, but allowing random people on the ship is disturbing even if that was 30 years ago!
  4. I honestly have no idea what to expect now given this ruling with protocols aside from little to no consistency from one cruiseline to the next, not to mention one home/destination port to the next. As long as unvaccinated are required to get both a PCR and rapid test ahead of embarkation, then I as a vaccinated individual have no problem cruising with them. However, the minute my cruise itinerary, onboard entertainment, shore excursions, etc.. is impacted by the anti-vaxxer's on the ship, then Carnival will be sending me a refund.
  5. That was going to be an issue even before this ruling as many of the destination ports may not permit cruises with even the slightest number of unvaccinated to dock. While Mexico won't likely stop any ships, many of the smaller island nations may forbid mixed vax and anti-vaxxer passenger cruises to dock. This doesn't even include home port rules this could enable.
  6. First they need a ship since the Miracle is running Alaska cruises through September and the Radiance hasn't even completed refurbishment.
  7. That's how I view cruising out of Florida now! No thanks on Florida
  8. I'm truly sorry for your frustration given Carnival's informal (yet obviously unofficial) statements for months about not requiring vaccination that ultimately looks like it was aimed to keep folks deposit money. With that stated, these one-sided threats about losing loyal customers if they don't get what they want is getting old. I heard even more folks prior to this announcement saying if Carnival didn't require vaccination that they were leaving Carnival. In the end this is a business decision by Carnival to take the least risky path to return to cruising as they understand either choice i
  9. Wrong. The trials won't even be finished in 6-8 weeks for under 12 kids, plus it will take longer for EUA compared to the bridge studies for the 12-15 year olds. Fall at the earliest for under 12 which last check is still 4 months away. https://www.washingtonpost.com/dc-md-va/2021/05/14/covid-vaccine-kids-under-12-trials/
  10. Indeed. With the next covid spike expected to match the onset of the fall flu season (albeit smaller than last year due to vaccinations), it won't be back to 2019 cruising for a long time. I'd wager that at a minimum it will be at least until next summer before the testing and vaccinated checks subside but possibly longer.
  11. Indeed with that comment at the end about "...the reason we are doing vaccinated now..." is the nail in the coffin for mixed vax and anti-vaxxer passengers to start.
  12. Yep! Funny to watch DeSantis backtrack with this laughable compromise! Grab the popcorn and watch the backtracking spin! 🍿
  13. Maybe not as we shall see what destination ports require and other ports in the US might require vaccination proof to even enter the cruise terminal. Going to vary considerably from one cruise to the next let alone cruise line.
  14. Apparently that law doesn't have jurisdiction over cruising as it appears Celebrity was told that. As was stated by others, "FL has no jurisdiction over international travel or areas under Federal control or jurisdiction".
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