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  1. We have had 2 cancelled cruises-March and October 2020. This is the dreaded message that pops up right before a cancellation announcement (which causes confusion when you are paid in full). Our January and March 2021 cruises are not showing this message. Another sad thing is the cancelled cruise shows up on your NCL account until after the sailing date is completed. Sigh...would have been on the Encore in 10 days.
  2. We are booked on the Epic January 2021 and the Bliss March 2021. Two cancelled cruises in 2020-the Joy March 2020 and the Encore October 2020. Needless to say, we are ready and willing to cruise! My husband and I work retail management-he for a major drugstore chain and me for a major gas station chain. As "essential workers", we have been working this entire time. I personally feel we are at greater risk at the workplace than we are traveling. We have flown, stayed in hotels, gone out to eat and visited places of tourism. We do whatever the protacol requires with masks. Our jobs did
  3. Hey we were on the cruise before yours that hit the pier in San Juan...sorry about that! But since we were just sitting on our balcony and not guiding the ship, guess we can't be to blame. We received FCC from the "EpicFail" as well. Now with 2 cancelled cruises (March and October) under our belt, our experience is that the FCC keeps popping back into our account. Some of it shows up in your Latitides account but some only shows up where the cruise consultants can see/apply it to your balance. So worth the phone call when booking before you pay in full. Hoping our next two bookings (Jan and
  4. Was on the Epic February 2019. We were on the cruise dubbed the "EpicFail" which made international news due to engine problems then hitting the pier in San Juan. That being said, we loved our cruise and the ship! It was quite an adventure. The unique cabin layout is referred to as European style. Did not bother us at all. But we do let others know as it seems to bother some. Attached is a photo of our balcony room. We also missed the deck called the Waterfront on some ship such as the Escape. But we loved Spice H2O-two hot tubs and a small pool on the Epic. There is a public sundec
  5. We are also booked on the Encore for October 13th (fingers crossed). Assume all of this is Covid related. Book your specialty dining and monitor for other things to open up. Nothing came up to book until after they cancelled sailing through September. Gives us hope that this sailing has a chance.
  6. We are booked on the Encore for October 13th and are holding on to hope that it will sail. It was a rebook from cancelled March 15th cruise. Prior to yesterday's announcement, we could not book specialty dining but that opened up last night. Fingers crossed!
  7. We were cancelled on March 15th two days before sailing. Ours also showed the whole time like we were actually sailing. FCC took a bit but got everything, CruiseNext deposits required a few emails and phone calls. Finally talked to someone in the CruiseNext department and it was fixed the next day. Our prepaid service charges just became part of the FCC.
  8. Got our emails on Friday. Split unequally between me and my husbands accounts. When added together it was what we paid out of pocket minus the 50% bonus that we are supposed to receive. Cruise Next deposits have not shown up yet. Called (long hold times) and was told they are still working on everything. We have already rebooked for an October cruise and they have not had us pay even the deposit due to this wait.
  9. We were supposed to be on the Joy March 15th. We are now booked on the Encore (out of New York) for October 13th. I agree with you that cruise shopping is a great distraction! We hope to book another for early 2021. Husband and I both retail management and actively working. Hoping for a cure and vaccine. Dreaming of better days on board.
  10. We are in our 50's and love cruises as our vacation of choice. Husband and I both retail management (in "essential" industries) so a cruise provides us with a great mix of activities and relaxation. Hoping all of this does not cripple the cruise industry to the point we cannot afford it anymore. As for restrictions, we went on a big final family vacation in October 2017 with my father who was 83 at the time. He had a stroke a year earlier, diabetic and limited mobility. It was him, his 3 daughters and 3 son in laws. We had balcony cabins side by side. Dad loved the wonderful dinners toget
  11. Hello from Illinois Chicagoland Suburbs! Husband and I are "essential workers"-both retail management. Him for a major pharmacy chain and me for a major gas station/convienence store chain. Our daughter is a police officer for neighboring suburb. The stay at home order not working the greatest. Too many people still out for non essential things. We have rebooked our cancelled March cruise for October and it gives us something to look forward to in all of this craziness. Everyone stay safe!
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