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  1. I don't think that Yacht Club needs a sub category on the forum. I do not sail in Yacht Club (so far) but may want to some day. Besides that, it is not difficult to scroll past the threads that do not interest you.
  2. Seeing people with a lot of fruit is not bad as long they leave some for the rest of us. I think you will be fine as long as you know that some people may be a bit pushy.
  3. My husband does most of the grocery shopping. I was shocked when he told me how much a bag of chips costs. It is good he was shopping because I am too cheap to pay that for chips, and I would miss having some with my sandwiches. There are definitely less appetizer choices, but it is in line with the number of choices we had on our HAL cruise. I love seafood and have been disappointed in the cut backs. My favorite appetizer at Le Bistro is gone. I understand making changes to keep things interesting, but they should replace items with something else. NCL needs to have something to set them apart from other lines if they want people to keep coming back. Another issue I have is entertainment. I told my husband that if NCL keeps cutting back on shows, we may as well cruise with HAL. So far NCL is still my preferred line, but this could change. We shall see after my next NCL cruise in September. By then I will have tried HAL, MSC, and Princess within a year.
  4. I have enjoyed watching my husband, and other people do the go carts on Prima and on Joy. Watching on Prima was more fun because you could shoot the light on the top of the carts to give people a speed boost. Not easy to do, but I think I helped out a couple of drivers. My bad back keeps me from doing them myself. I am afraid of getting hit by some one who is trying to get past me, so for me it is not worth it.
  5. Love the last one above. My husband is still "Bank of Dad" to his thirty something year old children. We are turning 60 and 70 this year. I tell him that "someday" is now! We need to enjoy traveling now while we still can enjoy it.
  6. I am having the same issue. Only a couple of the videos work for me. I am in Chrome on an older lap top.
  7. I like to bring a regular watch on cruises that I set to the time that is being used by the ship. This is just in case the time on my phone or on a smart watch automatically adjusts to something different. Plus I do not like to always be carrying around my phone.
  8. NCL needs to get it together in regards to excursions. We have a Canada/ New England cruise booked on Jade in September. One of the reasons I picked this cruise was because it goes to PEI. I wanted to see the Anne of Green Gables house. None of their excursions include this. I won't be using my 50 dollar excursion credit here, and we will just explore on our own. Luckily I have a Princess cruise booked with a similar itinerary for August. They had more than one excursion that included a stop at the Anne of Green Gables house and museum. We picked the shorter one that just goes to the house. We have never been to PEI before and I did not want to venture that far out without a ship excursion. I know a lot of people never do ship excursions but I like the convenience and comfort level of booking with the cruise line. They generally won't leave without you if you are delayed getting back to port when your excursion is through the ship. Very rarely they may have to leave, but they will catch you back up to the ship if this happens.
  9. Yeah, I think I screwed up and booked an ocean view on deck 8 for our upcoming trip on Meraviglia. I don't think it will have a couch. I will report back after our cruise. I was also surprised when I booked a balcony room for a Princess cruise that the standard balcony room has no couch. I really do not like the only sitting area to be the bed. At least we have chairs on the balcony to sit in. Maybe there will be enough space to bring one inside the room? One of the reasons I upgrade to a balcony on NCL is to have a couch. I really do not like the only sitting area to be the bed. Our inside cabin on Royal Caribbean's Serenade of the Seas had a small couch. This is a Radiance Class ship. I do not know about the other classes on Royal.
  10. Good for a night out. Dinner, show, drinks, and casino. Sounds fun if you are local.
  11. So happy to hear this! I had been looking forward to using the giant hot tub out there, but the low ceiling above the bar and hot tub area held in the smoke, so we never used it.
  12. My husband and I have discussed that if we had this type of cabin again, we would ask to have the beds separated. I think we would like the floor space in between the beds, and no one would bang their head.
  13. I think you may see a disproportionate amount of posts about the Yacht Club for two reasons. One being that it is not the "usual" cruise experience so people have a lot of questions about how things work. The other may be that people are excited that they are having or going to have a more exclusive, luxurious experience in the Yacht Club and want to share their excitement (and maybe brag a little). I will be taking my first MSC cruise very soon on Meraviglia. We will be in a regular Fantastica ocean view cabin. I will report back our experience, and may be some comparing to NCL, which has been our most frequently sailed line.
  14. That is exciting. We enjoyed an anniversary cruise on Pride of America back in 2011. It was a very enjoyable trip, even though Pride sometimes get bad reviews I would enjoy going on her again. My husband and I are not quite up for the long flight from Massachusetts again. Our first cruise with NCL was also in Hawaii, Wind back in 2006. This trip had me hooked on NCLs Freestyle dining and laid back vibe.
  15. My grandparents would have loved this cruise. They used to spend the summer at a nudist camp in the the Berkshires back in the 70's and 80's. I never went, just not for me. I agree with the comment about having seen it all before. We encountered a group of nudists on a special snorkeling excursion at an island off St. Maarten. We were there on a "regular" ship excursion. They were not quite nude as they all had on masks and flippers. It was quite interesting people watching! We had been forewarned of there being possible nudity seen on this excursion. I believe we were on a Royal ship at the time.
  16. Best wishes to you both. We are hoping to be able to cruise as long as you have. Becoming Ambassador seems like a goal I would like to achieve. It is great that you were able to enjoy so many cruises before now. Whenever some one I know seems surprised I am going on another cruise, I tell them that I am enjoying them well I still can. Enjoy all your great memories!! Are you doing a Canada/New England cruise? We just made final payment on one, out of Boston in September.
  17. I wouldn't get back off the ship in Manhattan, unless I wanted to go to the Intrepid Museum, which is right next door. The earliest we have seen boarding start in Manhattan was 11:00 for Haven and shortly after that handicapped people board. Being Sapphire Lattitudes we have boarded by about 11:30.
  18. Agree. It may help if other people stop complaining about how crowded the atrium is when they hold games there. Some people do not read the Freestyle Daily and having it in the atrium may attract spur of the moment players who see the event while passing through. Having a game in the theater during the day is okay, but I enjoy a show or some other type of performance at night. Wheel of Fortune is not a good replacement for a show.
  19. Loving the picture of your breakfast. On my last cruise I enjoyed a pina colada with my breakfast. My husband was a little surprised when I headed to the bar, but it goes very well with the fresh fruit! Not a bad idea on a sea day.
  20. I hope that whatever they do, they update the website to reflect any changes. Sometimes they aren't very good about that.
  21. Thanks Radio for posting all the awesome pictures. We were on Joy last September and really enjoyed it. I watched you back away from the pier yesterday on the Port New York webcam. So exciting and I wished I was there. Have a great trip!
  22. Leaving from Manhattan, I believe the Statue of Liberty is on the starboard side. If you go to an upper deck you can also watch as you go under the Verrazano Bridge.
  23. I hope they don't remove them. Some day I may be lucky enough to enjoy them. I would love to have my own private whirlpool. I enjoy a nice bath, and do not like the trend of hotels going to just showers and not the tub/shower combo. Having a tub option on the cruise ship is nice for people who want to soak their sore muscles or bathe children.
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