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  1. I think you would find the NSW health site interesting reading . Only reports NSW cases which shows the virus was already in the community before the Ruby left Sydney. Read the entries from 4 March on when the early cases were being reported. Although the no. of confirmed cases were not very large there were a high no of cases being investigated and on 6 march two workers at the Dorothy Henderson Lodge tested positive.
  2. I did quote the source but sorry do not know how to create a link google health.nsw.gov.au/news there is a media release for every day since covid struck and media releases going back many years. The site refers to cases at these institutions prior to Ruby departing on March 8. Click on each day from 3/ 4 march and you can see the daily case growth. Ryde Hospital is a general hospital. Some / a staff was infected from there and staff from there attended a medical conference with staff from another hospital. All the details are given on this site. Can't possibly say where t
  3. Just want to say that there was virus in the NSW community at the time of the 8th March departure of Ruby Princess. NSW Health puts out a daily media briefing health.nsw.gov.au/news. On 8 March there were 38 confirmed cases and 488 cases under investigation. On 10 March there were 61 cases and 1008 under investigation. There were confirmed cases associated with Ryde Hospital , Dorothy Henderson Lodge and also another retirement home and sadly fatalities at at least one of these rest homes. So it is not beyond the realms of possibility that the virus was transmitted onto the Ruby Pri
  4. My post was referring to the 8 March - to 19 March Ruby cruise (not the one which disembarked on 8 March) . I was on. the 8 -19 March cruise and I was clarifying time frames mentioned in an earlier post yesterday and confirm again we berthed in Sydney at 2am on Thursday 19th March. This was the final Ruby Princess cruise.
  5. OzKiwiJJ Yes you are right the 8 March cruise that arrived at 2 am on 19 March was the last cruise - no passengers embarked that day. The ship left OPT later that evening with just crew aboard.
  6. I am pretty sure that the Australian government ban on cruise ships was made on the afternoon of Sunday 15 March and with effect from midnight that night all returning travellers were required to self isolate, New Zealand made the cruise ship ban announcement on Saturday 14 March and Australia followed the next day. Cruises already in progress in New Zealand waters were permitted to proceed. 3 Hours after leaving Napier we were advised that due to the Australian ban ( and possibly the cyclone which was developing on the north coast of New Zealand) we would be returning to Sydney immediately
  7. It is incomprehensible that Mrs Williams states she had no "formal" notification from Border Force authorities to self isolate. I received at least 5 maybe 6 leaflets from both Australian Border Force and NSW Health in the last few days prior to arrival in Sydney .( I kept them all as well as the info Princess provided when we embarked on March 8 ) All gave explicit instructions to self isolate for 14 days on arrival whether at home or in a hotel for international travellers with a later departure date. This was also conveyed verbally by some official at the queue when leaving the termina
  8. I agree with BRANDEES assessment but these dates may help a bit with the timeline 11March Fiordland WHO declares global pandemic 12 March Port Chalmers/ Dunedin Princess announces a pause in operations voyages underway and extend beyond March 17 will be ended at the most convenient location for our guests - made sense to disembark in Sydney. 14 March NZ PM announces no more cruise ship visits after 15 March ( but cruises currently in NZ waters were apparently able to continue) I think it was this night the Captain gave us the "good news " that we were able to co
  9. New to Cruise Critic , As mentioned in my first post I was on the Ruby Princess on the 8th - 19th March voyage, To compensate for the shortened cruise and missing 3 ports we were offered 2 options, was worded in a strange way but the choices were 75% FCC or 25% refund plus a 25% FCC to be used on any voyage before 1 May 2022. BTW I have received the NSW Police Survey and concur with BRANDEE that the questions seem to have no relevance to investigating what role the Australian authorities played in this tragedy. I should also like to add that I "got distracted" and d
  10. I was a passenger (And have not received the Police Survey )on the Ruby Princess which disembarked on 19th March - 2 days not 3 ahead of schedule - and not on the 14th March or any other date that the media plucks out of the air as in many reports I have read. In fact it has been most troubling to see the media debacle . I don't believe I have read one report that does not contain factual errors. Disappointing the Police give the survey to the media before the passengers. It has been very frustrating and disturbing to see the calibre of the Australian authorities who are being
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