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  1. I just brought my own, and it worked out well. Just remember to grab it before the waiter does. Have fun on your cruise!
  2. So with the dining package, we chose La cucina as one of our evenings...what are we allowed to have? One from each area? soup, salad, pasta, entree? How does that work? Thanks!
  3. So, I actually called NCL and they said that 75% of their reservations are available on the ship, so they only allow 25% of reservations to be made online before sailing. So the agent suggested that as soon as we get on the ship to make the reservations for the times we didn't get/want.
  4. I did bid on ocean view to balcony and to Mini suite....minimum on both, so happy with the balcony. Never did the bidding and I do think, looking at the ship, that most rooms are balconies.....so I think that helps your chances. Good luck all that put bids in!!!
  5. Just got informed my bid from an ocean view to a balcony has been ACCEPTED!! Bid minimum...$40/pp. I think we just got lucky, I think it depends on how full the ship is.
  6. Trying to decide between the two, would like a great snorkeling experience. Does anyone have any insight of opinions of either? Thanks so much!
  7. I have the dining package on the Getaway and I was wondering how far in advance should I book for dining? Can a person make a decision that day or is it best to book in advance? I would appreciate any help or insight with this. Thanks so much!
  8. We are thinking of getting the 3 meal dining package as part of a promotion for one of our choices. Could anyone please tell me how that works? Can one dine at Ocean Blue? Is one limited to cost or can you get the sea food extravaganza? Any input would be appreciated how to get the most out of this package. Thanks in advance!
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