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  1. No its the Loyal to Royals that say they'll put up with ANYTHING and headquarters can keep testing. And yes it is all the other cruise lines that have to be more careful.
  2. That QUITE LITERALLY is what Royal is now. I'm sitting here early this morning and very frustrated with this new technology and was just feeling like seriously why do I even do this . . but I got an AI to do it PERFECT the same way. Thank you for posting that and I seriously need to watch this Vacation sequel!!
  3. You know what? Cruise Critic people don't always know what's going on and I get that. Seriously SUPER-DUPER loyal here and many onboard Radiance too but more there with two feet on the ground. And yes look at ALL the negative reviews from people afraid to speak up here so I will do it for them!!
  4. Royal knows that their base is loyal. And yes I asked people to take a stand in 2020 and the MAJORITY said no - more cuts is OK!!
  5. And X is supposed to be a LUXURY cruise now?? And yes I just got off Radiance Of The Seas and the MDR food was ALWAYS cold!! Seriously, do we need Viking to get a good meal anymore??
  6. YES I get that you wanted to see a normal 7 night cruise. This wasn't perfect but we all had to make lemonade out of lemons. And yes it would be super cool if Princess still sailed Alaska in November. So true but seriously that's not my decision!! So glad for the ones who stayed onboard and saw Ketchikan with DRINKS and OBC and made the best too - wish them a safe flight home! Also to the other couple we met on the train who found fantastic alternatives too!
  7. Hope all have a great rest of the cruise and yes it felt weird leaving but definitely worth it in my opinion.
  8. Obviously three full days helped but I agree with what Princess did! And yes we're looking at them for next year PLUS Princess goes to Glacier Bay!
  9. Thanks so much! I'm so glad to be here. And yes the ship wasn't a bad deal after all for 3 nights in Seward with the drinks and OBC!! DH is looking at Turnagain Arm and a Glacier Cruise. Seriously have to try a reindeer sausage tomorrow!
  10. I would love to have sailed to all the ports but it was too expensive for us to get here just to drink!! At least our cabin was cheap and we spent a couple days in Seward. The casino is down too so not easy to blow the OBC! We are very excited to pick tours from Anchorage and ride the train back in the morning!!
  11. Thanks so much we're on for one more night to get an earlier train ride back. Seriously should have picked Grand Princess - no propulsion problems!!
  12. It’s so important to compare what they would say if it was suddenly Carnival. And yes many people are Loyal to Royal and Royal can do no wrong. There is such a huge difference in maintenance for various lines. Seriously, who broke down in Alaska?? FINALLY they're painting the ship after being here for weeks!! It is so weird like they knew it wasn't going to sail Friday! And yes our tour driver today thinks the mechanics STILL need fixed!!
  13. I heard that Alaska was magical and we're going do this the best ways we can starting tomorrow! And YES next year we'll pick a different trip - I get it though everyone wants to stay and drink hard because adulting sucks. I was SO hesitant because of Royal's reviews but in hindsight, I'd rather skip and see as much as possible because the coach down here it was just . . .wow.
  14. Right?! And YES they knew at 9am on Friday about weather, or do you seriously think a passenger had to warn them a couple hours later, AFTER we boarded?? I can't believe everyone wants to believe Royal is ignorant as a PASS!!
  15. Yeah seriously DONE! You know DH called Delta I wasn’t there but honestly I can’t get over that it was ONLY $172 each for the flight change!
  16. YES but spending it in Anchorage will be an amazing experience and value for money to get here + see nature, HUGE!! And yes it is only 240,000 Hilton Hotel points. Honestly being onboard hasn't been such a great experience - we just want off tomorrow.
  17. Yeah and we picked the dome upgrade because we took the coach here so I'm super excited about the views back!!
  18. Ridiculous! This bed isn't comfortable enough for a whole week - maybe the first night or two MAX if you're tired. Seriously?! And we can’t wait until tomorrow to leave this ship!! And yes we'll be staying at the Hilton in Anchorage until Friday with points. Honestly I am SO grateful to go back and actually SEE ALASKA!! That's what we all came here for, right??
  19. Right?!?! And yes DH is still hungry after dinner!! Seriously are they already running out of food??
  20. I love cruising - but this is already not a great vacation. First MDR was not my FAVORITE but the servers were good. Photos coming but food isn't an excuse for all the other problems. And yeah seriously no one has rose colored glasses on anymore!!
  21. Still just cold and rainy - maybe for DAYS. And yes they seriously have the indoor pool closed off and drained!!
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