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  1. Relive the cruise with me as I start my series of vlogs with the pre-cruise days from London to the day I boarded Getaway! Hope you enjoy and that my vlogs help you all plan 🙂
  2. Piraeus is the embarkation for the Jade. Getaway embarks in Civitavecchia
  3. So we took off masks when we sat down to dinner and didnt put them on until we got up to leave. For bars/shows, we took our masks off while we had a drink but once we finished the drink, we put the masks back on.
  4. Dubrovnik was a port call, the only tender was Santorini. There was free shuttles in Mykonos I believe. We personally walked everywhere so not 100% sure on the others.
  5. Dubrovnik, Corfu, Katakolon (Olympia), Santorini, Mykonos, Naples, Livorno
  6. They used to be but no longer. All charged.
  7. The $10 option for in app messaging/calls is the best option.
  8. Dining reservations can be made on the app, on the screens around the ship and also there was a dedicated guest services desk specifically for dining where the crew member had copies of all the menus so you could browse and book. For entertainment, again app and screens but also at the Getaway Theater box office - very easy! COVID test on embarkation was pretty quick actually, though waiting for results was a bit of a muddle. They give you a code to anonymise your results so if you do not use the TrustOne app, you have to watch on a tv screen for your code to come up then go get manually checked. Overall the process took about 30 minutes.
  9. You can do it on the app, on the screens around and YES, there was a desk next to guest services for dining booking and they had all the menus there to look at too 🙂
  10. I was able to book ALL specialty dining onboard. Was fine 🙂
  11. We did this tour last week on Getaway. They drop you off outside the entrance to Pompeii and meet you there after 2.5 hours inside the park. The cameo factory was optional for us and we decided to skip it. The ticket to Pompeii is NOT included and costs 16 EUR for adults, though half price for under 25s.
  12. Thanks for all the comments guys! Home safe and lots of content to show you all when I have the time hah! To start with, take a look at my room tour: I post videos every Sunday and will be posting some reports and such here too. Any questions you all have I will be happy to answer 🙂
  13. Try using Edge browser. I foind Chrome never worked but Edge did!
  14. I used the live chat on the website and got my edocs an hour later
  15. No, just this one. Most ports we're doing our own thing 🙂
  16. It says that in the excursion details on the website 🙂
  17. If you do stuff in Rome before boarding the ship, there's nothing to stop you! Just make sure you test negative at the terminal 🙂
  18. In Italy, everything is open as usual. There is a local regulation that is in place saying that cruise passengers (vaccinated and unvaccinated) must only do cruise shore excursions and stay in their bubble. I'd not take dollars at all. Nowhere will accept them. Euros are accepted in Greece and Italy, Croatia's currency is krone but they will sometimes take Euros. Best way to prepare is take SOME EUR and use a credit card with a good exchange rate 🙂
  19. From my research, cloth (surgical) masks are fine in Italy, Greece and Croatia for my cruise.
  20. NCL are providing everyone with a face mask and a bottle of sanitiser.
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