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  1. The vaccine passport issue is not a part of the injunctive relief issue and not part of the ruling.
  2. Not in FL as the Legislature already has spoken and requiring vax verification is prohibited. As the ports are mostly state-owned, they will not and cannot implement any protocol in violation of state law.
  3. Carnival may do as it wishes. However, in FL, there are consequences to violating its laws.
  4. Possibly. However, if any cruise line denies a service (e.g. non-vaxxed not permitted into a venue exclusively in use by vaxxed) that, conceivably, could run afoul of FL law despite it occurring in the open seas. If a cruise line charges more for the fare that isn't connected to a reasonable testing fee, that could be construed to run afoul, too. RCI, seemingly, already has (or will) implement some measures that could be viewed as a violation of FL law (restricting non-vax access to certain venues, providing less service in terms of shows, etc. to non-vax customers). If RCI charges a reasonable fee for testing non-vaxxed (not some huge markup unrelated to actual cost) that doesn't seem to violate FL law. In any event, FL law is in force and each violative sailing could rack up millions in fines.
  5. Correct and, as such, FL's law is valid and in force. If Carnival, etc. chooses to violate it, it/they will be incurring millions of dollars in fines per sailing out of FL.
  6. The outbreak last year was, primarily, due to the negligence of Princess and Japan. Much has been learned since then.
  7. applies to Florida. And, no, the judge just doesn't want more "specific instruction" from the CDC. It's ordering the CDC to modify its CSO to comply with his order. READ THE RULING.
  8. Did you read the ruling? Doesn't seem so as your "interpretation" isn't correct. RCIs "class" system might violate the intent of the FL law and expose RCI to huge fines.
  9. This ruling affects Florida.
  10. You didn't read the Order, did you?
  11. On the contrary, FL is doing great.
  12. Absolutely correct. However, the cruise lines now can't argue it's requiring vaccinations because of the CDC.I predict FL also will prevail in that matter. I also predict any cruise line that violate current FL law will be fined to the greatest extent per the statute ($5,000 per customer violation) and those fines will be upheld when FL comes to collect.
  13. I agree with your first two thoughts - especially the buffet protocols. Should always be workers serving. The judge ruled the way he did because the CDC does not have the power/authority to issue those rules. I predict Florida also will win any suit brought re: it's inherent state power re: medical privacy. When that happens, cruise lines either will have to abide by the law or take their boats elsewhere. Given Florida has three of the busiest cruise ports in the world, I think the cruise lines will comply in the end.
  14. Oh yes it settles a lot. The CDC has two weeks to submit modifications consistent with the judge's order by early July. Florida may respond, if it wishes, by July 9th. Either way, the CDC's current CSO is gonna be out the window.
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