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  1. Damn... this virus has no boarders
  2. Maybe you should post your question on the Australia/NZ board under categories here on Cruise Critic? I can tell you we had booked a Jan 2020 there and several months ago there was no way that is going to sail (for all the reasons you read up on). For us it was a no brained to switch to a 2023 cruise there. Wish you the best what ever you decide
  3. Exactly like ours at two different sites at different dates.
  4. I'm glad you brought out this point. I have yet seen any info about how Covid is or is not transferred between passionate kissing (thinking about the young people more so than this old guy 🙂). I mean, passionate kissing is done a lot around the world and I have not heard anything about the transmission this way (I can only guess it is very transmissible this way).
  5. Agree 100% with you @caribill, it was totally unnecessary to lock up people from that shore excursion (sorry, should say quarantined to their cabins). None of them would test positive from passengers, it would be after the cruise that they should be tested. And that is what I would be upset with.
  6. So, X and the MSC had passengers that tested positive this week (not speculating how they got it, it's irrelative without the facts). My concern (and I would think many would share it) is on the MSC cruise, the couple of positive cases went on a shore excursion while at one of the ports. As reported here on CC home page, all the folks on that shore excursion had to quarantine in their cabins until they tested negative on the ship. This is what would piss me off, to be quarantined to our cabin because someone else tested positive in our excursion, dinning table, cards/tr
  7. That just put a big smile on my face 🙂 Beautiful city and great memories coming/going from that port. Great to know it’s still bringing smiles on people’s faces until we get our boarders open and cruises starte back up.
  8. Well damn! Confirmed on other news agencies so yep, not good right out of the gates. This thread will get bounced soon but thanks for the update
  9. I heard and have been crossing fingers as we are heading there in Oct. We did go to Kauai this past April and yes, had to do the test and state application to enter. Will be nice not to have to do that anymore 🙂
  10. I thought Princess did already came out and say they are going with the 95% vaccinated? Why would they even try for a unvaccinated cruise to come out of a year and a half shutdown? It's going to be hard enough to get these cruise ships back in business without adding in the people who do not want a jab.
  11. I guess it is what it is (and agree with @chrysalis). How they divide it up is not my concern but, I hope it's fair to all the employees.
  12. Between all the things on this menu and the espresso menu, I think we will be perfectly happy 🙂 I got to ask though, how was that “Strawberries on Fire” drink? Sounds...... kind of interesting (as in I would have no idea what hot peppers would taste like in a drink...lol)
  13. You forgot to factor in "Island Time"...lol 🙂
  14. We now (subject to daily changes) are on the Grand
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