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  1. What do you get when the worlds worse speller typing with two fingers has auto speller??? Thanks so much for the online proof reading and description of miss-spelled word 🙂 Cheers, John PS: hors d'oeurves I hope is the correct spelling. Should have just stuck with munchies...😉
  2. Sail away we always enjoy sitting out on the outside portion of terrace cafe while drinking and having ordures/munchies. Most times there is plenty of room to either sit in the shade or the sun 🙂
  3. The ship design is perfect except for this point. Walking 5 miles on a O ship will make you feel like a hamster on a wheel. The solution for my wife and I was we did 5+ miles of walking every day getting off the ship while at port. I do not know about the itinerary you like but, O cruises are usually port intensive so you should have plenty of opportunity to walk on shore all you want. To answer your other questions... YES 🙂 Have fun, John
  4. AZjohn

    Air Advice

    I'm not aware of any Premium Econ on TAP. As mentioned previously, also look on how much $ credit you can get from O to purchase your own PE flights. Flying ORD-CDG and then BCN-ORD can be < $1,200 in PE. Getting a flight CDG-NCE is cheap, even with checked bag. Side note, Nice is a fantastic town and glad you are spending a few days there before your cruise. Cheers, John
  5. Looks like most the major airlines have matched $2,500-$2.700 RT (both SFO and SJC to LHR). Who knows how many hours this will last but, I'm guessing by tomorrow it might disappear??
  6. Hi, So I just wanted to make sure I understand. Viking only allows a max OBC that's non-refundable and TA's aren't allowed to add "refundable" OBC? Oceania has always allowed TA to do both "refundable" plus "non-refundable" OBC combined with pre-paid gratuity, drinks, wifi, etc. Sounds like Viking doesn't do this which is a huge factor for us. Cheers, John
  7. I'm glad Hawaiidan keeps posting options for business class flights. I have been a United mile hound for most of my life because I felt they offered the best savor inventory. But, like all good things in life, it will be gone very soon and United will follow Delta's lead (like always) and obsolete decent value for mileage. One thing I wanted to add is those booking from US to Europe, don't get stuck on a specific airport to fly in to in Europe. Intra-Europe flights are plentiful and mostly inexpensive. So look at flying to any Europe city with a decent price (either miles or $) and then book separate ticket to where you need to be or leave from. Cheers, John
  8. Everyone picks their own battles. Who gets to log in over the other is not one I would pick. Thus, I am happy to spend the $20+/day more for both my wife and I to be able to go online at the same time in the evening when in the cabin. 😉
  9. I will have to say, my wife and I massage's on board Riviera were outstanding. We used our non-refundable OBC for them and so happy we did 🙂
  10. Agree with all posts regarding check in not allowed until 2 hours before departures and then waiting until +1 to find out which gate to go to in Europe. No way you will be allowed to go through security before check in. Enjoy what Nice can offer before going to airport. Cheers, John
  11. Nice is one of our favorite towns on the Med. The drive between Monte Carlo and Nice is beautiful. Several places to stop and walk around. Downtown Nice at the beach has such a great vibe and friendly people and great to just walk around. NCE (Nice airport) is a small airport without much to do there and would agree, total waste of time sitting there when so much to see just a few miles away. And showing up 3+ hours before flight is total overkill because of security concerns. Suggest you get a private driver and explore a wonderful area around the Med. Cheers, John
  12. Yes it is but, it made my wife happy to not share the wifi when we were both in our cabin for the night. I try to look at it as "happy wife, happy life" :)
  13. I forgot the exact cost for the second wifi account but it was very expensive. For a 7 night cruise it was > $200
  14. Wife and my iphones were able to text each other (using imessage) while not logged in on the ship wifi (while at sea). Was very surprised with this. EDIT: Just remembered we both had wifi accounts on board so I am wrong about this. Never mind.. :)
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