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  1. that's the info I have about Senegal - no visa required. But, US citizens do need visas for some other stops on the 38 day leg that I am on (Jan 21-Feb: 28): Angola, Benin (evisa possible), Togo (evisa possible), Ghana, Ivory Coast, and Gambia.
  2. where did you see these charges? I don't see them.
  3. if I go to the canopy walk in Kakum national park, will I see animals and which ones? I've seen some videos of the canopy walk, but no one seems to see any animals.
  4. No, not until January 2025, LOL. Planning ahead.
  5. thanks, but can you be more specific as I don't see a following box and not sure what page on this site has the following box. I want out of one notification stream, but keep another. Thanks much for your help.
  6. Borna


    For those on the 38 day Cape Town to Barcelona leg, here's what I independently learned and I welcome any corrections: No visa required for US citizens to visit: South Africa; Namibia; Sao Tome and Principe; Senegal; Cape Verde; Canary Islands; Morocco; Gibraltar; Spain. Visa required for US citizens to visit: Angola; Benin; Togo; Ghana; Ivory Coast; Gambia; Algeria.
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    I am only on 38 days of the African grand voyage as I've been several times to the places seen on the eastern part of Africa. I board in Cape Town, and go to the end in Barcelona. Very interested in seeing the west coast of Africa. Some countries, particularly for cruises, give a day visa on arrival. So, far, my own research is not finding any of those and I guess I'll need to apply for a regular single entry visa ahead of time.
  8. I am registered for the 2024-2025 African cruise on Sojourn. Many countries visited on the cruise require visas. Does Seabourn take care of the visas? Or, is that responsibility on my shoulders? thx
  9. thanks, and what should I see in Swakopmund?
  10. Sightseeing suggestions? Guide referrals? I'll be in Walvis bay for a day from a cruise ship. I am thinking of seeing: Comments? Additions? Deletions?
  11. I'll be on a cruise that stops for the day in Luderitz. What should I see/do? Referrals for private guide? I'm thinking of seeing the following: Comments?
  12. Thank you. I'm not going until early 2025 on Seabourn Sojourn.
  13. While I'm a curious and adventurous traveler, I find no worthwhile attractions in Takoradi (or its connecting sister city Sekondi). I hope I am wrong and welcome suggestions as to what to see and do there while my cruise is docked for the day. Thanks in advance.
  14. Recommendations for tour guide? This is what I plan to see in Dakar; any comments, anything I should skip or add? Thanks for your tips Place d'independance Chambre de commerce La Gouvernance Cathedrale du souvenir Africain de Dakar Palais presidentiel Dakar railway station Grand mosque of Dakar Monument du Millenaire Mosque of the Divinity Le Monument de la Renaissance Africaine Les Mamelles Lighthouse Lake Retba (Lago Rosa) Ile de Goree La Maison des Esclaves
  15. 1. Is it safe to walk around Lome? I am planning on walking all day from the port where the ship docks to see the sights. 2. Here's a list of places I'd like to see in Lome: Grand Mosquee Akodessewa fetish market Dove monument in roundabout (Colombe de la paix) Sacred Heart Cathedral (Cathédrale du Sacré-Cœur de Lomé) Grande Marche Place des martyrs (Ancienne place des martyrs) independence monument Palais de Lome (Palace of the Governors) Corniche Is anything on the list a waste of time? Anything else I should see in Lome? 3. Any recommendations for a great guide in Lome? Thanks in advance for your answers.
  16. best tour guides to hire in Casablanca to see Casablanca and possibly a day trip to Rabat, Marrakesh, or Chefchouan?
  17. Remind me - I will have shipboard credit. Can I use that credit to book excursions BEFORE the cruise starts? Or, can I only use the credit to book excursions AFTER the cruise starts? thanks for your intel.
  18. The saga with Regent continues. It took two months to get Regent to issue AA air tickets for my cabinmate with payment of the $175 deviation fee. I told Regent that I was transferring points from a credit card to AA to get the same itinerary as a frequent flyer award. So, I thought all was done. Now, Regent tells me it wants to change my cabinmates's flight schedule completely! I'm resisting naturally. Who knows how this will turn out. I have nothing good to say about Regent.
  19. how did you find out about that, it seems far in advance for Regent to assign
  20. This will be my first and last cruise with Regent. Two months of back and forth with Regent about "custom" air. Air department message states they're too busy, so I should deal with general reservations. General reservations tells me I have to deal with air department. On the rare occasion I can speak with someone in the air department, they promise to call me back with answers, but never do. Worst customer service.
  21. thanks for your great daily trip reports, keep 'em coming.
  22. Thanks. I've done that many times. Usually, I'm told that it's in the queue to be worked on. Once on Sat. Aug. 6, Jonathan (Regent rep) told me, coldly, that my request is not an emergency and he would not help me!
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