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  1. I ask for Sriracha, which they’ve always had on my various cruises.
  2. Yes. Spend the extra to get nice Bose or AirPod, or Sonys. You pay for what you get.
  3. A bottle of champagne is in the room when you arrive, which the butler will swap out for a bottle of wine. I should probably have been a bit clearer in that the only time the butler has brought additional champagne bottles was for parties we throw in the room. We don’t ask for them other times. Again, they probably aren’t supposed to, but most will. Just do not get upset if they stick to the rules,
  4. Just a few observations. I would list the times you want your coffee in the morning to be delivered. I don’t recall seeing pineapple juice around the ship, but it very well could be a mixer for alcoholic drinks so the butler may be able to get it that way. You may get charged for the Veuve since it’s a higher end champagne. We have found that the butler will provide prosecco or the Celebrity branded champagne at no charge. Your mileage may vary as to how many bottles of champagne over the one that’s already in the room they will bring. Technically it’s extra, but some butlers will and some won’t.
  5. Agree. Depending on what they are showing, it won’t be as quiet up there as it once was. Last time we were in they showed a football game so it got quite loud with all the folks cheering. Not saying that’s a bad thing, but just need to be aware of what you may get. Other times it was completely quiet.
  6. It’s about 50/50 for us. Sometimes we have been charged the incremental amount and sometimes not. I have a feeling that it’s a matter of different servers doing things maybe to try to get a better tip or not wanting to do the extra work to charge. I don’t say anything and just pay if they do charge. I bet they are supposed to charge.
  7. You may want to edit out your booking number.
  8. Totally agree about the info. That's the easy part. Getting them to actually apply it, now that's another story. Maybe I need to submit when the moon is full on the 12day of the month ending in R and when Jupiter is in the sky. Who knows what in the world they do. One would think it's a pretty easy job, but I guess not.
  9. Thanks. Never tried the fax method. Here’s to hoping old school works!
  10. I haven’t seen the printable form. I type in all of the required info (name, sailing date and ship and res number) into the email. I only see the online form. Do you have a link? Didn’t see it in their site.
  11. Yep. Did all of that. I’ve requested the OBC for a number of years and haven’t had a problem. I’ve sent the broker statement via email (and I get the automated receipt) and also via the website link. I understand the shoreside concierge doesn’t handle but they should know who to reach out to.
  12. I’m on my 6th time of asking for the credit over the course of 2 months. Everything requested is included and circled in red. I wonder if they only handle a few a day and forget everyone else. It’s getting incredibly frustrating. The one time they did respond, it was of course the time I typed in the wrong reservation number and they rejected it. The other 5 have gotten automatic replies but no action. Hate RCL shoreside. I wonder if the shoreside concierge can intervene. Should be getting a reach out in a couple weeks.
  13. I would agree. I’d rather deal with the naughty room staff who are obviously Celebrity employees than the contractors manning the magnetometers. That way you know it made it on board. Maybe even tape a note on the checked bag so they can see what you’re doing.
  14. Celebrity keeps on local time (except for one time out of 25 where that particular Celebrity Captain kept ship time)
  15. Love/hate relationship with this. Love getting extra OBC. Hate having to submit multiple times. I’m on my 4th try over 2 months (email and web form). Murphy’s law happened on the third try. They let me know they couldn’t apply because the booking number was incorrect. No word on all the other requests. Wish me luck on the 4th request (with a correct booking number).
  16. Is it a ship excursion? Or is it a private one. Makes a huge difference as to the answers you’ll get. If it’s a ship excursion that’s the meeting time on the ship.
  17. Agree that it’s airline dependent. Some will allow you if you have a record locator. Others require a call to FBC who can book the seats.
  18. We have. Never again. The chair hogs at the resort make cruise line chair hogs look like amateurs. The alcohol was all below well quality and some of it was in bottles that were only marked with masking tape. The food was also underwhelming and very poor quality. They did have a nice pool, but that’s the only positive I can think of.
  19. Terrikka is excellent. She’s been our shoreside concierge for at least 3 cruises on Reflection.
  20. I bought these several years ago to use when we're on Celebrity. They work great with the European plugs that are in the rooms. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07R3RN4D5
  21. My favorite cruise is whatever one I’m on.
  22. I’m not sure I’d trust Celebrity to do this since their transport is 3rd party. Something is bound to get lost in translation. I’d look into arranging a car service yourself if you wanted a definite confirmation. I always use (and have been very satisfied with) Larry’s Limo in Miami. However, I have no experience whether they offer wheelchair accessible vehicles. Worth a call to them though.
  23. Agree with what other folks are saying. We always sail in a Signature suite on Reflection and in a CS on other S Class ships. Love the high ceiling and also being right by the spa cafe. Super handy to run out and grab something. It is a bit tighter in the living room than the CS, but it works well for us.
  24. Next thing you know is that they will be demanding that their immensely talented daughter be able to give a solo flute and interpretative dance concert in the atrium.
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