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  1. Thank you, was just going to post something similar. They most likely wanted to get the word out as quickly as possible. If they waited to have all questions answered people would be complaing about the even shorter notice. We are in unique territory here give them a chance.
  2. I am pretty sure the rules changed in just the past day or 2 so that it is all FCC now including the non penalty amount. Guess too many were cancelling.
  3. My bad, I should have used the word acknowledge instead of sign but still the same outcome. While I agree that you do have people ignoring the rules on a daily basis all the line needs to do is point to the contract that was agreed to, in whatever way you want to say it was, if someone claims they are being treated unfairly by the company if they are not following those rules. In your case they agreed to not bringing the ESA but did anyway so were denied boarding. The line need only to point that out if the offended party goes to the press. It will soon go away. No need to agre
  4. If they signed a cruise contract stating no ESAs allowed they have no case. All the rest of the passengers would if they did allow them onboard.
  5. Saw this article earlier about this meeting. Not a whole lot, but something. https://www.politico.com/news/2020/03/07/coronavirus-cruise-lines-123455
  6. One of the lawsuit attachments, the 101 page one, posted a few days ago has the measurements in it. It was definitely over 30 feet but don't the exact number.
  7. The last one I remember getting on Royal was in 2009, so just over 10 years ago.
  8. We are in the opposite position and not worried yet but keeping an eye on things. We have a land tour of Ireland scheduled for this spring which includes multiple flights to get there. Our tour operator has the same terms as your cruise. We thought quite a bit before making our final payment recently. We did take out insurance when booking the trip, long before this virus was a thing. Will we need it, and will we be able to use it if we do, can't say for sure. If it was a few cruises maybe a company would do something just to be nice, but with the volume of trips impacted there is no way
  9. This is my understanding of how it works as well. Would be nice if all rooms could be open to whatever up until x amount of 2 person cabins were booked to allow 3/4 passenger bookings, however the I am pretty sure the IT systems could never handle it.
  10. We had this in Fort Lauderdale last year off a Celebrity cruise, like others we didn't stop from ship to curb, self carry off. While I definitely recommend passports and this was a great thing, I am not sure I would choose it as a reason to get them.
  11. Maybe I am not remembering it correctly but I thought way back the original story stated alcohol was not a factor. How they know that I can't say but pretty sure that was in the original reports on this. On the other hand, as I have said before, I would bet the heat had something to do with it. If they flew in that day coming from Indiana to Puert Rico in July can be a big change in temperature, let alone the humidity. If GF was not in the best shape, can't say for sure but by the looks of him wouldn't discount that, not drinking enough water and in the heat and humidity of PR I
  12. That one is on the Norwegian boards, a place I don't normally look. I thank the OPfor putting this in a more generic place as it really is not a line specific issue. I don't see a problem with having both.
  13. Agree, I think has been mentioned somewhere in this thread but worth repeating, look at how Bode Miller handled the death of his child. They went out and reminded people about the potential dangers of water while grieving their loss instead of jumping to sue any and everyone. They took a tragedy and used it for good, not point the finger at everyone else and look for $$.
  14. Thanks for keeping us all updated with what was happening and the overall great attitude with a crappy situation. I truly hope you can relax a bit now and enjoy your cruise!
  15. First off Bermuda is still south of New York. Second, the original itinerary had the cruise stopping in Port Canaveral as well as the Bahamas. We had family in Orlando 2 weeks ago when it was in the 50s and 60s. Going to Florida or the Bahamas in winter you need to expect it can be chilly. Bermuda is usually a bit cooler but looks like it will be very nice for cruisers there this week. Maybe no water activities but there is a lot more to do on the island that is not water related.
  16. I believe the 14 days may now be up from when the cruiser in question left China and could have had a potential exposure.
  17. It's supposed to be 70s and sunny in Bermuda next week. Had family in Orlando 2 weeks ago where it was 60s and overcast. Unless you are going to the Carribean in winter you take a chance with having cool weather. Hey the sites in Bermuda won't be crazy crowdedlike they can be in mid summer, I would take it.
  18. See clip below which I have seen in every article on this subject. Bayonne Mayor Jimmy Davis told News 4 that none of the 27 people who were screened were from Wuhan, the epicenter of the virus, or had traveled there since the outbreak was first identified. Not saying that Royal was not hoping to keep the info on the crewmember quiet, but I would bet things like that happen more often than most realize. If it hadn't been for the rest of the news on this voyage I doubt we would have heard about it at all.
  19. I don't have a definitive answer but reading on other threads it depends on what is stated in your particular policy. Some do exclude this particular situation.
  20. An article CNN, note the comments fro the GF towards the end. https://www.cnn.com/2020/02/06/us/royal-caribbean-cruise-ship-toddler-death-lawsuit/index.html
  21. We were in CC on Silhouette last fall and did not get the invite. However did see an invite on our noisy neighbors door one afternoon. Wonder if they got themselves invited or were just the luck of the draw.
  22. I saw this too but thought it was the regular spring water, not as a replacement for Evian? The spring water on board is usually a local brand isn't it? Would I be drinking this, maybe not, but when sailing from China, which is where this was from, I wouldn't be surprised by it.
  23. Part of the problem is everyone uses the same email addresses whether it is for what most would consider a minor issue or truly what needs to go to a senior executive. Again, in the world we live in, if you post on a public forum anything at all, be prepared to add, or be asked to add, additional info. So much is available via a search by posting you are opening yourself up to those questions.
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