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  1. I could be wrong but it sounds to me that they have 2 cabins, one where the move up has been accepted with the other cabin still being pending. They are looking to cancel the request for the cabin still pending so that they do not get another partially obstructed ov.
  2. Depending on how far away the next port is leaving late could impact arrival at that port impacting their day there. That's the big thing that comes to my mind.
  3. I am not sure why you are fighting so hard to put down those who choose to do something besides a ship tour when in port. If you, or your wife, are not comfortable with it no problem. However there are many who have found they appreciate what a private tour can provide and are responsible to find a reputable one and take responsibility if something where to happen. We have had some of our best experiences on private tours, far better than what we have experienced through the ship but we are comfortable with travel around the globe and are fairly easy going when traveling.
  4. Everyone needs to do what they are comfortable with. Nobody on these boards is going to change others minds from a few comments so why be so insistent? Personally we have, and do, ship excursions, private excursions and DIY days. We take a look at the port, decide what we would like to do and then figure out the best way to do it. There are pros and cons to all options. Some things we take into consideration are safety at the port location, distance from the port, availability of excursion (sometimes the cruise line has exclusive rights so you can only book through them) and
  5. Ok so I won't bring my car and drive it around the ship as long as others don't smoke on their balconies. Deal? 😉
  6. Nothing to do with winning at all. You have been so emphatic on here that it just cannot impact anyone to the extent some are saying it's way over the top. Having kids and grandkids with intolerance, no not allergies, to things others would never think about it's opened my eyes to what others may experience that I don't. Is it the norm in most cases no but much more common than a perfect storm to many out there unfortunately. So I will leave at your words - yup let's agree to disagree.
  7. I agree it is not common but can see for some people in certain cabin configurations and depending on how close the smoker us that it could happen.
  8. Some people are just more sensitive to smell than others. Back when smoking was allowed on balconies I was sitting out on the balcony with my daughter while at sea. My daughter commented she smelled smoke, I called her crazy. We then went to look and sure enough someone a few cabins down was leaning against the rail smoking. Just because you can't smell it doesn't mean others can't.
  9. Agree it's not about the $$, but instead the publicity. This is 1 or more a few people who booked this low fair while the drink package was many many more. If they did not honor the drink package price the bad publicity would be everywhere. We once heard of a great deal and booked it fully expecting to get a call saying sorry. We waited a few months to book airfare just to make sure we were good. Would never book non refundable in this scenario at least not right away.
  10. I don't do gym classes on a cruise and the sushi you find in the buffet is fine for me so why should my cruise price increase because you want to use those? Again, I would rather pay a lower base price and add on what makes the trip for me than have a higher base that includes things we won't ever use. As for price another example, other than the one in my post you partially quoted, our cruise in November is cheaper for an 8 night with all 4 perks included than a 7 night we booked back in 2004, both balconies. However I will give you that our November cruise is now almost twice w
  11. Personally I would rather they charge extra for those things not everyone wants instead of raising the base cruise fare. This way we all get to pick and choose what is important to us and only pay for those things. Our first cruise was in an ocean view cabin in 1988, my upcoming cruise is just slightly more than that one in a balcony cabin. How do they keep those base fares low, add on extras. If people stop buying those extras, which I don't see them doing, watch your base price go up. Now refundable vs non is a slightly different discussion but I do see it gettin
  12. In theory I agree and if their last sailing was recent this would hold more true. However, since it had been years since they had sailed with Royal not as much. I, as well as others here, have said the rep should have notified them about the deposit but the OP needs to take some responsibility as well. How often do companies change their policies, quite often I have found, and the longer inbetween purchases the more likely it is. The issue many have is they were screaming big bad Royal was out to deceive poor me and I have no responsibility in it at all which just is not the ca
  13. While I am very happy Royal stepped up and made good with the OP this is where I still have an issue. Yes Royal should disclose the no refundable option, but in the world we live in with things changing so much, especially if I had not booked anything with a company in years, I would be asking the question if it wasn't stated. A simple "haven't booked with you in a while is your policy still to refund deposits up to final?" would have alleviated the whole issue. The OP keeps saying how travel savvy they are but makes assumptions and you know what they say about assumptions. Thank
  14. While I do agree with the OP that the customer service rep was wrong with not stating they had a non refundable deposit, I also place blame on the OP. If I had not booked with a company in 4 years I would be asking questions and know what I was handing over $2000 for. In the world today businesses change their terms all the time and we as customers need to look out for ourselves. Even if I didn't ask when on the phone I would be looking over my confirmation to ensure all was as I expected. Whenever I call in for anything I ask for a confirmation email and don't hang up until I get it. My
  15. I can't say for sure why the threads on the Royal board were deleted, however they started to get quite nasty with people condemning the grandfather. I see no reason to remove a thread as long as the discussion is civil and sticks to the facts. However since the only facts we know at this point are a child has died and a family is mourning people tend to make assumptions.
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