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  1. I use Cover-More for my land travel and there is a section in their PDS about their cover for COVID. (starts at page 46)
  2. I started watching a random episode just to see what it was all about and gave up within five minutes. The chef was having a meltdown because he couldn't cook eggs for 8 people. I mean, really?
  3. Maybe the cafe is copping too much flak from the unvaccinated public and decided it's not worth the hassle?
  4. Just booked myself on April 2024 wine cruise. Doing the same itinerary on the Eclipse in 2023 and just as I suspected, the itinerary on the Edge is more expensive.
  5. I'm not going back to Bunnings until they reopen the sausage sizzle 😂
  6. You might like Azamara as they're supposed to be all about the destination. It's top on my 'to cruise with' list once things go back to normal for us.
  7. Harris Farms offers home delivery as does FruitEzy. I think there's a FruitEzy in the Chatswood area? They're not the cheapest but last alot longer than Coles/Woolies and have a great range of leafy greens, salads and herbs. We used to go to the Miranda one before COVID and we've now transitioned to their home delivery service.
  8. Haha it is extremely addictive and way more fun than FB and other social media. With the amount of time I spent on YouTube researching cruises, it would be a tragedy if I get on my first cruise and realise I hate it...
  9. I started with something along the lines of Googling 'best YouTube channels for cruising'. Currently my favourite channels are Tips for Travellers, Visit With Us, Cruise with Ben and David and Emma Cruises. They are all UK channels and each channel offers something a little bit different so you get a good mix of info. If you start with those, you'll hopefully be able to get a sense of what you're looking for and work out what to look for on YouTube next.
  10. I am also waiting a couple of weeks before going to the hairdresser and making restaurant bookings. I've waited this long, what's another week or two. Some businesses have chosen not to reopen to avoid having to deal with a potentially angry public.
  11. I think it might have something to do with how strict China is around gambling. Gambling seems to be a thing with the Americans too, I've read threads on how some people get their cruises for free as part of a reciprocal deal with their casinos. It's sad to read about the situation in HK. I went there as a kid and have always wanted to visit again but doesn't seem like such a good idea anymore.
  12. SYD - SIN seems to be a more common route for some reason. Spending time with my parents can be....intense. So a long slow cruise back could be a good way to unwind. Not until quarantine is no longer a requirement though.
  13. I hope you get to go on your Feb cruise because it means there's a good chance I'll get to go to mine in March.
  14. Have you done a SIN-SYD cruise? That's something I'm considering for my next trip, fly in to Singapore, spend a week-10 days visiting family and friends and then cruise back. The only itinerary I've seen that does SIN-SYD is on Cunard and that's a bit too fancy schmancy for me right now.
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