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  1. Teddy123

    QE Canaries Cruise

    Future Cruise Deposit - see posts #7 and #9. Now off myself on a QV Canaries Cruise - on which I plan to buy some FCD.
  2. Teddy123

    QE Canaries Cruise

    So you would have had $300pp anyway and by using the FCD you got an extra $300pp. The FCD happens to double the OBC in this case, but that's just a coincidence, not a general rule.
  3. Teddy123

    QE Canaries Cruise

    Not according to the info here: https://ask.cunard.com/help/cunard/before-you-sail/FCD - the OBC depends on the kind of cabin and length of cruise, and is between $100 and $400 per person.
  4. Teddy123

    Queens Grill menu's from our recent Queen Elizabeth

    Since I don't eat meat, I only remember the vegetarian and fish items from our recent PG cruise on QE, but these seem remarkably similar! Also the A La Carte menu looks identical, with the exception of the "order in advance" items which seem slightly more extensive than in PG, but which I wouldn't eat. Interesting to see I'm not missing out much food-wise by choosing PG!
  5. Teddy123

    QE on a cruise to nowhere.

    I was on this cruise too and everybody onboard I spoke to understood the situation and was not irate at all. I had been tracking the weather, and dispute that the conditions on Sunday 10th were known sufficiently well 5 days before sailing (ie on Sunday 3rd) for a major change of itinerary to be justified, as suggested.
  6. This is exactly what happened (only went in once so don't know about the last bit). Served in PG restaurant only. As well as stand, there was a tray to pick your sandwich/roll from and people were asking for different cakes - we were happy with ours. Service was perfect.
  7. Teddy123

    Princess Grill on Queen Elizabeth

    I agree entirely.
  8. Teddy123

    Princess Grill on Queen Elizabeth

    Force feeding is illegal in many countries, including the UK, but in France is legally required for the production of foie gras. About 80% of foie gras comes from France, so in the absence of any evidence to the contrary, it's a fair assumption that any provided by Cunard involves force feeding.
  9. Teddy123

    Princess Grill on Queen Elizabeth

    So Cunard has surrendered to the pro-fois gras lobby.
  10. Teddy123

    P & O compared to Cunard

    It's obviously OK on this board to make sweeping and insulting comments about people who use other lines, but as I have experienced, expressing a personal view about P&O that is negative results in a torrent of personal abuse. The same will probably happen now.
  11. Teddy123

    Secrets of Cunard:

    Quite so.
  12. Teddy123

    Oriana cruise cancelled?

    I believe you are confusing the right of the consumer to accept an alternative, better cruise (a right which exists) with the obligation of the supplier to provide such a cruise (an obligation which does not exist).
  13. Teddy123

    Secrets of Cunard:

    To be precise, she is queen of the United Kingdom.
  14. Teddy123

    Queens Grill questions

    True on QE and QV but not QM2. On all ships, after the first day or so you will be recognised as being in the right place.
  15. Teddy123

    Alaska in May

    This reply will only be of limited help I'm afraid. We chose to go in early July so that it was the peak salmon run time and when we got up to Anchorage we could make trips to see grizzly bears catching the salmon. BUT this may not interest you, and unfortunately Cunard have chosen not to go all the way to Anchorage, just half way and back again. July temperatures weren't too bad, but I'd expect May to be rather chilly.