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  1. We also had the silicone band on Ovation back in August. I had no issues with it. We were on Oasis last week and got those horrible ribbon bands. Best part is the person who checked us in didn’t know anything about them, so I accidentally made mine too tight. drove me nuts all week. luckily I had some scissors so I trimmed off the ridiculous ends that flopped everywhere. They do dry quickly once they are wet, but that’s about the only good thing I can say about them.
  2. We sailed last week and did the same thing. We stayed onboard in Florida and also in Nassau. The ship is so much better than those 2 ports and we really enjoyed ourselves. Do you know many people are onboard this week? Enjoy your cruise!
  3. We sailed last week in an Owner’s Suite— I forget which level that is. We got an email from the Concierge about a week before we sailed, so we booked a 6:00pm dinner time each night in Coastal Kitchen. When we were in the a Suite Lounge for HH, you could easily see that there were plenty of open tables for early seating. We had. 7:15 reservation for the Ice show one evening and just went over to dinner early. No problems. I would recommend that you make reservations and also make them for shows by communicating with the Concierge. Everyone is extremely helpful.
  4. We are also on this sailing. I can add that we went to Chill Island around 9:00am and easily walked off the ship with no line. We walked to Chill Island and found great lounge chairs in the shade under a palm tree with an umbrella with no problems. We were behind the lifeguard station and were an easy swim - or walk at low tide, to the swim up bar area. There were also plenty of loungers with umbrellas in the sun too. We were near the restrooms, a small bar and also an easy walk for plenty of food. There were lots of guys available to take drink orders or give you a Coco Loco. We have done the Coco Beach Club before on another cruise, and it was good, but now I’m thinking that was a waste of money! Beautiful day with no extra expenses!
  5. Those balconies are pretty awesome! We loved it❤️
  6. I haven’t sailed in this cabin, but the J1 jr suites have the shower in the tub. The J2 has the split bath and has no tub at all. I’ve sailed both categories on Anthem. Hope this helps.
  7. We tested negative yesterday for our second cruise since August. It’s very unlikely you will have a false positive.
  8. Kind of like the way my IPhone tracks me and how Facebook tracks people and the way Alexa listens to us. I can go on and on….
  9. We had them on Ovation in August and it’s a fairly new, high tech ship. They were easy to remove for showers or sleeping. We turned them in when we debarked. Why are people so annoyed by them? It reminded me of the Wow bands, which I loved on Anthem. Personally, I think any cruise protocols that help protect passengers and get cruising going again are good. And, I’m supporting what Royal is doing.
  10. You can see the menus for each night in your RC app.
  11. I put mine away in my purse when i take it off. I try to keep it clean, since it’s going over my nose and mouth. I’m not fond of other germs either….
  12. Everyone is different, but we really loved Ovation. Also, we have sailed many times on Anthem fully booked and never felt like it was crowded. It’s a well laid out ship with gorgeous aft spaces like 270 and the beautiful Suite lounge. There are lots of comfortable spaces on this ship to relax and many, many fun things to do, and it’s awesome for cooler/cold weather sailings, which happen all winter from NJ. I would sail this class of ship anytime. For us, it’s easy since we don’t need to fly to get to the port. But, we are sailing Oasis for the first time in a few weeks. I’m sure we will love it, but I have a feeling I will be missing Anthem too.
  13. Thanks for your post, and Im happy you had a wonderful vacation. It’s always nice to see more pictures to remind us of our perfect cruise on August 20. We loved Ovation, and knew we would. We frequently sail Anthem from NJ, so I jumped at the chance to book this ship, especially now. I know we won’t see these low numbers onboard again so it made for an unforgettable cruise. It’s tempting to go back and see different ports someday…
  14. Sorry to hear this. I agree about Nassau. I refuse to get off the ship there and I hear it’s worse now. And we loved Costa Maya. We went to Maya Chan there and had one of the best excursions ever.
  15. This is one of the most ridiculous posts/complaints I’ve seen recently… We have sailed in Junior suites and Full suites and both are nice rooms to enjoy on a vacation. The amenities included with these cabins are very clear. If you want full suite amenities, then book one. Don’t whine about something you didn’t pay for. No one owes you something.
  16. We sailed on Ovation on aug. 20. While on board, we asked the suite concierge if there had been Covid cases on the prior sailing and she said no. We wore tracelets the entire cruise and turned them in as we debarked. We never heard of any Covid cases and since we were very active with ship activities and excursions, I assume would have been notified if some we had been near had tested positive. I’m assuming there were no cases. And we all know it would have been blasted all over the internet if there had been cases identified. We felt our health and safety were a priority on our cruise. Enjoy yourself and Alaska!
  17. Definitely! We paid $69 pp in March, 2020 and even then I thought it was a pricey excursion. The food was good, but certainly not for the ridiculous price they are charging now. We may stay on the ship or go over to Chill Island for awhile, depending on the weather.
  18. Now I’m jealous ! And by the way, we’ve done the beach club at a cheaper price, and I’d still pick Maya Chan 👏👏👏
  19. I understand your hesitation about cruising now with Covid worries. But with current limits on capacity, the testing requirements, constant cleaning onboard, changes in Windjammer, and the use of masks, etc… I feel cruising is a pretty safe vacation. The really great thing is there aren’t obviously sick people onboard like we always seemed to see on past cruises. I’ve come home with a cold on many past cruises in spite of hand washing, unfortunately… My husband and I have an October cruise (Lift and shift) that we are excited about. And.. we very impulsively dropped everything and went to Alaska last month, knowing that we would never see low capacity like this again. Even better, we booked Ovation of the Seas because it’s a sister ship of Anthem, which we love. I’m so glad we took a chance and went! We also drive to NJ to sail and enjoy the simplicity of not flying and the convenience overall. Anthem is a wonderful, comfortable ship and has so much to offer. I agree about the Bahamas itinerary but we always enjoy sailing on Anthem. I say Go!!!
  20. Me too. We wore bracelets and also tracelets on Ovation a few weeks ago. No big deal and no one was complaining either.
  21. I remember the food at Maya Chan! Probably the best we ever had on an excursion. Loved that place!
  22. So, it sounds like it’s really an Oasis Class benefit, not a true Suite benefit.
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