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  1. Our original cabin was one I was more than happy with, so if there had been no Upsell option or ones we weren't keen on, it would have been more than ok.
  2. I called the Upsell Desk this morning when they opened and was on hold for 45 minutes. We were originally booked in a Verandah (VC) on Deck 6 Forward and I was offered a good price for a Signature Suite (SS) on the same deck Midship. Unfortunately all Neptune Suites are sold out, so I took the offer for the Signature Suite. This will be our first time in this suite, having previously been lucky enough to travel in Neptune Suites.
  3. Thanks for the update. As our cruise is now just 29 days away I might give the Upsell Desk a call on Monday. Fingers crossed.
  4. We are on the NA the week after and I can see 43 Options, including excursions for HMC. Seems strange that they are not showing up for the week prior to us.
  5. We must have been really lucky. Both times we have booked a Neptune Guarantee we ended up on Deck 7 mid ship.
  6. Hope the dates for the NA are deferred, as we are booked on her from 26 March to 2 April!
  7. We were on the Nieuw Amsterdam last month and got our first tiles (this was only our 2nd cruise with HAL). This was on a 7 day Western Caribbean cruise.
  8. Thank you for all the information, I have been following this thread with some interest. I booked a 7 day Eastern Caribbean cruise leaving in 43 days on NA just this past week. I am only a 2* Mariner, having been on 2 cruises with HAL so far. Both times we got a really good deal on a Neptune suite, this time I am taking our adult daughter and we are booked in a Verandah (VD) (again, another great deal). Having done some mock bookings I see that our cruise is far from sold out (lots of cabins available in almost every category, including the suites), so hoping to get a good upsell offer. However, it needs to be good as currently our cruise is cheaper than our flights (we are coming from Alberta, Canada). I guess there is hope yet reading all your experiences!
  9. Thank you! She never travels anywhere without her epipen. I like the idea of bringing some of your own stuff onboard. Will have to look into that, as we are flying in from Canada, and I am sure there is a limit to what food stuffs we can bring over - but worth bearing in mind!
  10. Thank you! Our daughter has similar food allergies (carrots, all nuts/treenuts, cucumber, parsley, any stone fruit/veg, etc), so it's good to hear that you were able to enjoy your cruise and get some decent food. Our daughter has little laminated cards with her "death foods" (as she calls it) and takes them everywhere to hand out where and when needed.
  11. We are thinking of booking with HAL, possibly Nieuw Amsterdam (if that makes a difference), but our adult daughter has severe food allergies. I noted on HAL's website their statement that as long as they are advised of everything this should not be a problem. I would like to hear from anyone with recent experiences please. Did you have to constantly ask the kitchen/chefs etc? How easy was it to get food prepared that was in accordance with your allergy list, any issues with cross contamination (as that is an issue for our daughter)? Thank you for any experiences you can share with us.
  12. Thank you, do you know if they are replacing it with another port?
  13. Hi there, We have just booked Canada/New England on the LOTS, sailing 7 Sep 2023. I have started looking at available excursions, but Portland is not listed on the excursions tab. Anybody have any idea why this might be? Thanks!
  14. Thank you. I believe it would be a straight forward booking; 2 adults; possible included flights, but might not depending on price.
  15. I did think about using a TA, but I wouldn't even know where to find one with RCI knowledge if I am honest. We live in a small town in Canada, and I have not really seen any TAs, never mind any that specialize in cruises.
  16. We are thinking of booking our next cruise directly with RCI, our first time sailing with them. Is it better to book via their website or should we call them? We are in Canada, if that makes a difference. Thank you!
  17. Hi All, We are looking at a Canada/New England cruise for this September and have narrowed it down to either Liberty of the Seas (9 days) with Royal Caribbean or Emerald Princess with Princess (7 days). Having read different reviews etc, we are not sure which is the better ship. We have never cruised on either line, having only done 2 cruises on HAL so far. We are 2 adults in their early 50s and this time it just came down to the itinerary and the sail dates (due to DHs work schedule). On Liberty we would be booking a spacious ocean view balcony whereas on Emerald we would book a standard balcony. I have read different reviews that say that the buffet on Emerald was nothing to write home about, haven't really seen much on this topic for the Liberty. We prefer the buffet, and while we know it is mass catering and you cannot expect 5 stars, a rubbish buffet would somewhat ruin it for my DH. Entertainment, daily programming etc is not that important to us, but quality of food and service is. Any help in guiding our decision would be greatly appreciated!
  18. We are due to board the NA tomorrow and are in Boarding Group A with an 11am check in time. How early should we arrive for this?
  19. Yep that is what we have - we travel a lot and try whenever possible to only have hand luggage.
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