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  1. Hello Everyone, Please help us remember (and settle an argument LOL). DW and I both remember several years back that there was a Russian Violinist who performed in the Explorers Lounge aboard MS Oosterdam on Caribbean sailings. He was so animated and engaging with the audience and was incredibly talented. I remember that he was accompanied by his mother on piano and his father on the accordian. DW seems to think that we has a solo act. Does anyone else remember this entertainer? Thanks, in advance for any and all replies.
  2. Thanks so much for your reply Moriah.
  3. We plan on using the Navigator APP on our smart phones to chat with others in our group aboard Nieuw Amsterdam after we embark this coming Saturday. When we downloaded the APP to our phones, there is a login name and PIN. Is that assigned when you join the ship's WI-FI? Also, while we have purchased the internet package for our cruise, we understand that we will only be using the ship's WI-FI while we're using the Navigator APP...is that the case. Thanks in advance for any and all replies.
  4. Thanks everyone for their replies. Yes, I'm speaking of the thermal travel mugs. Please see the attached photo,
  5. Hello Everyone, we purchased HAL logo travel mugs years ago and we still use them today. However, they're very tired looking because of normal wear and tear. We're sailing June 8th on Nieuw Amsterdam to Alaska and were wanting to buy new mugs while onboard. DW was thinking that she remembered that when we purchased them we received discounted specialty coffee when we reused the mugs at Explorations Café. Is that still the case? Thanks for all responses. Sam
  6. Thanks everyone. I was clear to the Ship's Coordinator that I would not be ordering the appetizers through him. Since Sunday is a sea day, I'll arrange my 'Sailing North' party with the NL Concierges. Embarkation day is a little hectic anyway, so we'll just have a Sail Away toast in the cabin. Thanks for your thoughts and contributions to my post. Happy Memorial Day weekend to all!
  7. Hello Everyone, here's my latest update on this. I have heard back from the Ship's Coordinator and he informed me that these hot and cold appetizers were not included in my amenities that go with my Neptune Suite and that my shipboard account would be charged if I ordered them for my Sail Away party. I'm a little confused because I have read many other CC members posts about requesting, and receiving hot and/or cord appetizers in their cabin every day. There was no mention of being charged for them. I could see being charged if I was 'gifting' these to another cabin. What am I missing? Is it because I'm requesting this through Ship's Services?
  8. Thanks Kazu, I've emailed the Ship's Coordinator to make sure he knows what I'm looking for. I'll post here what I hear back.
  9. Thanks everyone for their replies. I contacted Ship's Services and they passed along my request to the Nieuw Amsterdam's ship's coordinator. I've received an email with a listing of standard & premium hot and cold Hors D'oeuvres to choose from. One question that I have, is that there is a price associated with the standard and premium Hors D'oeuvres of $22 and $29 per dozen, respectively. Has anyone else that has requested these appetizers been charged for them? Thanks, in advance, for your replies.
  10. Thanks for the prompt replies...we've been able to request the sail away snacks on Niew Amsterdam, Noordam, and Oosterdam while on Alaska itineraries. But these were not hot appetizers, just chips, etc.. Can you contact ship services via email, or is a phone call better?
  11. We are a group of nine that will be sailing aboard Nieuw Amsterdam to Alaska in June. DW and I are booked in a Neptune Suite. In the past, we've been able to request a private sail away party in our cabin through the Neptune Lounge concierges. Nothing extravagant, just some light snacks. I'm not sure if this is something that we could request prior to embarkation, or if we could just wait until we meet the concierges after we arrive. I would appreciate any feedback from this group. Thanks, in advance for your replies.
  12. I chose the business class for June 2019. We've done the R/T train before, but didn't care for having to store our luggage for several hours, then not getting into Seattle after 10pm. Made for a long day.
  13. According to the AMTRAK schedule, you can book the R/T AMTRAK Cascades train for $98 R/T from Seattle/Vancouver. The one way train is $67, and the HAL transfer is $69. However, the return train from Vancouver doesn't leave until 5:45pm arriving Seattle at 10:10.
  14. Thanks so much KK. We will be overnighting at a hotel close to SEATAC and taking an early flight the next morning. If I recall from previous experiences with the HAL transfer, if you weren't flying that day, they would drop you off near your hotel. Is that still the case?
  15. Thanks so much for your reply Dave. That's exactly what I was looking for. Kindest regards,
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