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  1. We are going in September as part of a land tour with Princess. I realize the road will be closed, but what are must do/see things with current restrictions?
  2. Figured it out Trek is 2 hours. Extended trek is 3 and includes climbing. Regular trek is not available for our dates
  3. Which company are you doing this with: Talkeetna - Flight Seeing Tour of Denali
  4. Looking for guidance from folks who have done this tour. with Princess and how it works when you are at Denali and Mckinley lodges. Does it make sense to rent a car? Is there a place to rent a car? What about things to do? Place to eat? Just realized we are only getting transportation and lodging from Princess
  5. Lots of "we did such and such" but not seeing specifics on companies used? Heard a bunch of what you fid on the internet is broker driven vs actual providers, so thought Id ask here. We will be in Juneau on Sep 13> interested in helicopter/Mendenhall trek/walk options.. Not intersected in ice climbing Thanks so much in advance
  6. Looking like the dog sled/helo tours in Juneau stop before we get there 9/13. What are everyone's favorite Helo tour companies in Juneau?
  7. So helicopter to Mendenhall glacier then dog sledding there? Got a link?
  8. There is one: We are four couples doing 4-day land tour before also
  9. Due to arrival time at Hubbard, no joy for our cruise 😞
  10. I'm not seeing the Hubbard excursion on Princess website on the excursions page (Not seeign anything but excursions while in port). Am I looking in t he wrong place?
  11. What's the winemakers dinner? Haven't seen that
  12. Is Hubbard the only glacier for close up or do they do it at Glacier Bay also?
  13. perfect. We are on Majestic Princess in early September.
  14. No clue what is on the lists which is why I am asking. Like Petite Sirah so will keep that in mind, but more curious if there is a posted list. I realize it could change by the time we cruise in September, but trying to see if upgrading to Premier makes sense.
  15. We cruised Carnival a few years back and they had a special where if you booked the steakhouse first night of the cruise, you were ablet o buy wine off the specialty wine list for half price. We ended up buying 7 bottles that night and had the waiter bring us one of the bottles we bought every night at dinner. Is there something like that available on Princess as well? We have the plus package that says we get 25% off bottles of wine, but I assume that the specialty restaurants perhaps get a better wine list?
  16. Is there a link someplace that shows what the current offerings are for the "plus" and "premier" package in terms of wines and liquors by the glass and discounted bottles? We are on Majestic Southbound Alaska on Sep 5 and got the plus package and wanting to see if it makes sense to upgrade
  17. 64% off of their on board retail? or real retail?
  18. So the chefs table is only reservable when you hit the ship? Guess that means we are out since we will be on a 4 day land package ahead of the cruise and therefore later to the ship?
  19. Are there any third party vendors for Hubbard small boat or do you need t do it through the cruise line?
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