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  1. $119 is absolutely crazy, IMO. You can dine at a fine restaurant on land for this. While I do think Celebrity has decent food compared to other mass lines, it's still not the same as dining in our nicest restaurants in our home city. Also, these items are on Murano's regular menu. You can have them any night you dine there for less than half that cost. Even less if you done the first night or get a discount onboard.
  2. Exactly. My children, all grown now except for one, always loved the Fun Factory. It was the smaller numbers that made it more enjoyable for them. They always wanted to go and never wanted to leave. I felt it was well organized because of the fewer children as well.
  3. We always Uber/Lyft. If you're in hurry to catch a real early flight, grab a taxi.
  4. The left side is the non refundable deposit vs the refundable deposit on the right.
  5. This is correct. No, you can't. You leave a credit card when you make an, offer and they automatically charge your card if you win.
  6. St. Vincent.....Celebrity offers a catamaran excursion to Bequia. It's another island in the Grenadines. If you're into hiking but not strenuous, there is the Vermont Nature Trail hike that takes you to some of the islands interior. They also do a catamaran and land excursion to where the Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed but cannot remember the name of the excursion. St. Vincent is a beautiful volcanic island worth exploring, but you need to do your research in advance. It's not an island to just get off the ship and walk around the port type thing. St. Croix......Not our favorite port. We just go to Rainbow Beach which is to the left of the cruise port when exiting on the main street. We always walk. 20 minutes maybe. There is also Sandcastle beach to the right of the port, but we have never been.
  7. I actually just updated my post. I forgot to calculate the cost with the 4 perks so it is up $1,000/pp, and now that you mention it, I forgot Celebrity was offering the OBC too during that sale that I have on my booking. I guess people must be drinking the "kool-aid" and paying these prices.
  8. I check pricing every morning, and the cost for my cruise went WAY up this morning for the promotion. The price has increased $1,000/pp since the veterans day sale. A $2000 increase is just NUTS!!!
  9. Another vote for Maggie. She is excellent, knowledgeable and will go above and beyond to find you something. We had her in Luminae once on Eclipse.
  10. You have to go to the Celebrity website and do a mock booking for your sailing. You need to check the price on the non-refundable rate with 4 perks. The 4 perks will not automatically carry over. They were given or added to the promotion that was being offered at the time. If the current price for you cabin is lower, they will reprice it. Yes, you can upgrade also and move up a class. If the booking is before final payment, they will reprice it. If it is after final payment, you can only do a paid upgrade as they will not refund you. Your extra OBC for booking onboard will remain.
  11. Do you know that it was an assistant for her? I know others monitor social media and respond. The reason why I say that is because when I emailed twice the llutoff-perlo address, I received calls back from people saying they were her assistant in her office. When we needed to converse more than the initial call, they gave me their direct number which was not a MIA number but a Wichita exchange. I received satisfactory resolutions so it didn't matter all that much. I'm not saying that is wasn't someone directly from corporate though. My company has a fictitious person complete with business cards, a direct phone line and a VM set up for this specific reason of sorting out spam, solicitors and anything that can be handled without going to the top. It's hardly a fraction of a President of a cruise line, so I can just imagine the calls, emails etc. Perlo receives.
  12. Just an FYI that the llutoff-perlo@celebritycruises.com does not go to her or even remotely close to her. It is picked up in the service center in Wichita, KS. Just thought I would share in case you came across this address. It is perfectly fine for customer service issues though.
  13. Yes. I know. Posters were mentioning smoking on Deck 12 Mid and Aft. I was clarifying where exactly the smoking was on deck 12 so there was confusion or misconception for some.
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