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  1. Thanks for the update. Glad it worked out for you for the most part. I will give them another call. I checked my cruise planner again today and the price is still heavily inflated.
  2. If you hear anything, please post. I'm hoping, but based on my conversation he said they would prorate on the prevailing rate which is $1700 more than I paid.
  3. I was on an 8 night Equinox that was shortened to 7. I just assumed it would be prorated based on my original cruise fare. I checked my cruise planner and called Celebrity because my cruise fare increased by $1700 😠. They told me not to worry that they had adjusted everyone's cruise fare to prevailing rates then they would prorate from that. I tried explaining if they prorate on that then they are not price protecting my original rate. They had no answer. Anyone on any sailing that received a prorate experience this. I will give it a few more weeks but not confident that my
  4. @MightyMikeYou have every right to be upset. Same thing just happened to us. We will walk away from that one and not rebook. We also have another cruise summer 2021 that we did a L&S from a cruise this past summer that didn't go. The cruise this upcoming summer will not go since it is 8 nights and goes against the CDC sail order. They'll probably just do 7 night Equinox sailings in lieu of the 6 and 8 nights next summer i'm guessing. We were supposed to sail the Equinox in 3 weeks for 12 nights. We did shift that til next December, but it's looking doubtful now that we can sail on t
  5. I did it with a Royal cruise. Booked one for Sept. 20 and did the L&S for Sept. 21.
  6. Someone posted it here on the X board. That's how I found out about it.
  7. Just because there is no word from the CDC, doesn't mean that they're not working with the cruise lines as we speak. This is probably going to take quite some time. RCI wasn't exactly open at first with the guidelines the CDC put in place to send the crew home. The CDC also has to hear and work with the cruise line and vice versa before a plan is put in place. It's not as cut and dry as it may seem that the CDC just puts out a plan, and the cruise line follows it. I wish it was, but we are dealing with unprecedented times here.
  8. I agree completely with what you're saying, but we all know the reason why X waits until after final payment. They want our dollars. I know it's business but it's disgraceful. You do the right thing even if you're a huge for-profit corporation. NCL's President even said it will be probably 5-6 months until the fall when they sail again. Even Carnival has been stating recently that their attempt to startup Aug 1 is in doubt. I'm really starting to dislike X and their tactics. I have been for awhile but this just puts it front and center now.
  9. It is confusing. Like you said, you lose the 25% if you keep the same sailing, so you're basically keeping the same price so I would rather L&S than have a FCC. It says you can retain the promo, but doesn't specifically say you can keep perks or obc. The word promo is very vague. Another advantage to the L&S. Thinking of all these different scenarios just makes my head spin.
  10. I'll just call back another time and see what happens. I do have until Aug. 1. Hopefully the 3rd time will be the charm.
  11. It is an excluded category, but I have never had a problem calling and receiving it. I've booked onboard and called when I've come home and received the C2. Booking onboard is the only time I've been told "no" but I've called afterwards like I stated and have received it. I've also called after booking a C1 online and received the C2. I could call the next time you book a C1.
  12. I Right, but I am in a C2 but at the C3 rate. We are Elite, but any CC member with a sailing can get the one category upgrade.
  13. I would not wait until Celebrity cancels. If they do, you can not lift & shift with price protection. When they cancel, your only option is a refund or the FCC unless that it ok with you. If you cancel your cruise planner reservations, your're OBC will be back to $500. I have never made air reservations so I have no knowledge on that.
  14. Can you L&S successfully to a qualified sailing but a different category? I was talking with someone in resolutions who was processing the reservation. He said I would keep my 4 perks and $700OBC but just pay the different between the C2 and C1. The call dropped while I was waiting for the price. I called back but another rep said that was not possible. I would have to make a new reservation at prevailing rates if I switched categories and even lose my OBC for booking onboard which I know is false. That OBC carries over. We are currently booked on an SClass switching to
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