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  1. To us thermal suite passes are non negotiable. We'd rather save on anything else to pay for the pass. It's relaxation, ger away from the crouds,splurge for us.
  2. Thank you for starting your review, I really enjoyed your 2 previous reviews of Getaway and will follow this one as well. I'm interested in staying at the hotel you mentioned before our cruise. I checked their website but it doesn't mention shuttle to/from pier. Can you confirm that it's available? It would be very convenient to have transportation arranged by the hotel.
  3. We have OBC and pre-paid gratuities from our TA for our upcoming cruise. None is showing up in our amenities list. My husband says that we'll see it after we board in our onboard account. Should we see them listed in our booking before the cruise? Can anyone clarify how this works?
  4. Found it! Thank you! I never knew to look for coupons on this page.
  5. Where do you see these coupons? Under your Latitudes Rewards?
  6. Thank so much! I definitely learned new things about cruising! :)
  7. Thank you so much! Didn't realize I need to go to guest services to handle refundable OBC at the end of the cruise.
  8. I'd like to know this too. We pre-booked some items to make sure they are not sold out but would like to exchange for OBC we have when onboard. Anyone has experience doing so on NCL ship?
  9. Which OBC are refundable? Stockholder OBC or OBC provided by Travel Agency? Also if at the end of the cruise you still have refundable OBC left, will they automatically go back to your credit card?
  10. We want to pre-book thermal suite passes for our next cruise. What if we change our minds and decide to cancel passes later, will we get a refund?
  11. Is there a Thermal Suite/Pass on the Joy?
  12. It has nothing to do with disrespect of the people of Bermuda. The safety issue was in place 2 years ago. Now it's nothing more than money-grabbing technique for the government of Bermuda. I like Bermuda, being there quite a few times. But now I'll avoid booking any cruise that goes to Bermuda until this fee is dropped. From what I'm hearing many cruisers make the same decision.
  13. We are planning NCL Getaway cruise to Canada. I know that Canada still requires negative Covid test. So should those tests be proctored or I can buy a simple test at the pharmacy, do the test at home myself 3 days/2 days? before the cruise and it will be accepted? It's a last minute cruise and the first in 2 years so at this point I'm getting confused which is the right way to go with testing. I just want to make sure we'll be allowed on board without any problems.
  14. I know that Sail Away Balcony is a Guarantee and you'llbe assigned a balcony cabin anywhere on the ship. But when I try to book a regular Balcony cabin I get Balcony Guarantee as well, just more expensive. So what are the differences if both Sail Away and Balcony are just Guarantees?
  15. Any news on the price of the Thermal Suite on Prima? We are trying to decide between regular balcony+ 2 Thermal Suite passes OR the balcony with Spa Access. Which would be more price efficient or it's the same?
  16. We always buy Thermal Spa passes when we cruise Norwegian. We are coming back to cruising in over 2 years and I'd like to ask those who used the Thermal Suite recently. With all Covid precautions and limitations is Thermal Spa fully operational? Is there a limited number of guests allowed at one time? Any details on current conditions of Thermal Spa on board are truly appreciated. Just want to be ready for any new rules/changes.
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