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  1. I kept several of my items in my packing cubes which I placed on the floor of the closet. I pulled out the packing cube as needed and everything stayed organized.
  2. Talked to my TA today, paid the $50 pp for air and now have our flights. We are now leaving a day early and will get into Bali at 3 pm two days later. PGI Guy, we are going RDU to LAX to Hong Kong to Bali. American Airlines and Cathay Pacific. Thanks for your help.
  3. Thank you. Can you tell me what your flight times were?
  4. I put a deposit on this trip for 2020, including the pretrip to Bali. The two night pretrip to Bali is April 3 & 4 and the cruise starts on the 5th. Our itinerary has us leaving Raleigh, NC on the April 2nd and arriving in Bali on the 3rd. When I do a mock flight I see that most flights get in at 11:59 on the 3rd which only leaves us the 4th in the hotel. So essentially we are paying for 2 nights and only getting one. There are no tours provided on the 3rd but are on the 4th. Has anyone else booked the pretrip and had this same situation?
  5. And we found out on our last cruise that they both don't open at the same time. One side opened a half hour later than the other side.
  6. Viking Sky, Into the Midnight Sun. I think there were 12 or 14 signed up; not a lot.
  7. We had three couples show up for ours. It was embarrassing. So many staff and officers showed up.
  8. Peregrina, I am on the same travel panel that you are. I am not interested in any of the stops they asked about. I canceled my cruise and am getting all all my money back.
  9. I got an email from my TA that said Viking was going to decide what to do about our cruise in a couple weeks. My cruise was at the end of January and my final payment is due in a couple weeks. I don't want to make final payment and then decide I don't like the substituted cruise. I might just cancel the cruise. I might lose $100 per person but it's better than having all my money tied up for who-knows-how-long.
  10. H2Otstr

    Spa specials?

    The spa appointment were very busy. I got a Swedish massage and it was wonderful. That hour went by so quickly.
  11. We went last year in December. I wore a long sleeved sweater with a puffy vest over it and I was warm enough. The only day I was really cold was when we went to Florence. It was quite blustery there. One man didn't have a coat on at all and looked very cold.
  12. We never did get a time slot that we wanted in Manfredi’s on our week cruise to the Med. All 6 to 7 or 7:30 times were gone right away. We checked once on board and couldn’t get reservations either. Only 8 pm or later were available and we just don’t eat that late. I’m glad we had been on other cruises and were able to eat there because it was very good.
  13. My TSA locks, on three different occasions, were cut and thrown away. I guess that is easier than using a key. A note was left in my suitcase once and the other two times my suitcase (and my husband’s) were opened illegally. My husband’s suitcase was destroyed on our last trip. Delta replaced it with a new one.
  14. Caviargal, can you give us an update for the Cuba cruise that you did? Did Viking provide your visa or did you get your own?
  15. FROM THE CDC Website: You can use alcohol-based hand sanitizers in addition to hand washing. But, you should not use hand sanitizer as a substitute for washing your hands with soap and water. Hand sanitizers aren’t as effective as washing hands with soap and water at removing norovirus particles. See “Handwashing: Clean Hands Save Lives.”
  16. The booklet is not scanned, just glanced at. The port agent asked to see it before we walked through the scanner. This was our third Viking OC and we have never been asked to show our booklet before this last cruise which was in December. We did not have to show our booklets in November when we did Into the Midnight Sun, embarking in Greenwich.
  17. I had forgotten about that, but we had to show our booklet in Barcelona before going through the scanner. We did have Viking Transfer, too. I had everything put away since I didn't think I would need anything beside my ship card and had to get it out of my carry on.
  18. On our last cruise, Dec of 2018, we were unable to get a reservation for the time we wanted at Manfredi's. The only available times were either 8 pm or 8:30 pm and we just don't dine that late. I am glad that we were able to experience dining there on two other cruises. The food is great.
  19. That is a very good idea. I did bring name tags for the first two M&Ms. On this last cruise there were only three Cruise Critic members, along with their spouses, who showed up. There was more staff than participants.
  20. There is plenty of room for a bouquet of flowers. My husbands and I each bring a small basket for our odds and ends and put those on the desk. There is also a good size coffee table where one could place flowers.
  21. We were asked to stay on the bus for 5 to 10 minutes so the bus driver could get the luggage off in an orderly manner without the passengers jumping on top of him trying to grab their bags. It can get pretty crowded with a bus load of people all standing around waiting for their luggage. It was a very good way to handle the situation.
  22. H2Otstr

    Ice bucket

    We didn’t have one in our DV6 room, either. I asked our cabin attendant to provide a bucket and fill it each morning and evening. I like to have extra ice to put in a baggie to put on my knee after being out all day. He did forget the first couple days so I left a note and he had our ice bucket filled every day after that.
  23. I ordered Iced tea and the straw came IN the glass, not handed to me separately. There was a small piece of paper on the top of the straw.
  24. We had plastic straws on the Sky last week.
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