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  1. Of course I did. 😮 I thought you meant the voucher had a page 2.
  2. There was no page 2 and no guest statement, just a voucher with an amount on it.
  3. My husband and I each received a voucher. I added the room price, pretrip and flight X 125% and the voucher is far less than that amount. Even taking the flight amount out it doesn't add up to what they gave us.
  4. I received our vouchers last night. Trying to figure out how they calculated the 125% and came up with the amounts listed on the vouchers. My total amount paid times 125% and the amount we received are not the same.
  5. And that trip was with Viking? 😳😳😳. wow, never would have expected that.
  6. A, Did you think it was worth attending? What did you wear?
  7. Question about the optional excursion to the opera in Odessa: Was this a regular performance or one put on for tourists? (like the one in Vienna). What was the dress code? Do men need jackets and ties?
  8. Did this ship offer massages on board? We have moved our 2021 cruise to June of 2020. Also, were there many optional excursions offered?
  9. H2Otstr

    Mini Bar

    Were you able to ask for a specific type of red or white wine?
  10. There were several high end jewelry shops on the main street when we were there. Our PD (this was a Grand Circle trip) took a couple people into the shops and helped them shop. There were several arts and crafts booths set up in town, too, but most only took local cash and I had none and didn't want to get any for just a few items.
  11. I kept several of my items in my packing cubes which I placed on the floor of the closet. I pulled out the packing cube as needed and everything stayed organized.
  12. Talked to my TA today, paid the $50 pp for air and now have our flights. We are now leaving a day early and will get into Bali at 3 pm two days later. PGI Guy, we are going RDU to LAX to Hong Kong to Bali. American Airlines and Cathay Pacific. Thanks for your help.
  13. Thank you. Can you tell me what your flight times were?
  14. I put a deposit on this trip for 2020, including the pretrip to Bali. The two night pretrip to Bali is April 3 & 4 and the cruise starts on the 5th. Our itinerary has us leaving Raleigh, NC on the April 2nd and arriving in Bali on the 3rd. When I do a mock flight I see that most flights get in at 11:59 on the 3rd which only leaves us the 4th in the hotel. So essentially we are paying for 2 nights and only getting one. There are no tours provided on the 3rd but are on the 4th. Has anyone else booked the pretrip and had this same situation?
  15. And we found out on our last cruise that they both don't open at the same time. One side opened a half hour later than the other side.
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