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  1. H2Otstr

    What lines offer a Bordeaux river cruise?

    We are doing that tour with Grand Circle in March 2019.
  2. H2Otstr

    Will you book a river cruise for 2019?

    We are booked for the Bordeaux area in March with Grand Circle.
  3. H2Otstr

    Connection between APT & AMA

    APT is the Australian branch of AMA. You can find both AMA and APT groups on the same sailing.
  4. H2Otstr

    Room Service tipping

    There was a man on our cruise who demanded that his coffee machine be removed and replaced with a kettle. You can always ask to see if that is possible.
  5. H2Otstr

    pedestrian walkway on Budapest's Chain Bridge

    I checked with a lady I know in Budapest and she said she drove over it on a Friday. Not closed yet.
  6. H2Otstr

    Specialty Dining Reservations Timing

    I forgot to schedule my specialty dining on the morning it opened and by the afternoon the only times left were 8 to 8:30 pm. I'll wait till I get on board to see if there are any earlier spots open. If not, we'll just dine in The Restaurant.
  7. H2Otstr

    Wintergarden Tea

    I know they will serve coffee; just ask. I bet there are other beverage choice, too.
  8. H2Otstr

    Compare AMA to Avalon or Uniworld

    We got a discount from our TA for booking with AMA.
  9. H2Otstr

    Compare AMA to Avalon or Uniworld

    We have traveled with all three lines and AMA would be our favorite among the three. They have a variety of excursions while in port instead of everyone taking the same excursion but in different groups. Their slow walkers' group is geared toward allowing those travelers to have the same experience as the other groups. In one instance they had a small choo choo train ride people through the vineyards into town while the other groups walked. Go for it; I don't think you will be disappointed.
  10. H2Otstr

    Question about the buffet

    I don’t think there are any sinks to wash one's hands going into The Restaurant, only hand sanitizer dispensers. The hostess would not seat us until we squirted sanitizer on our hands 😊.
  11. H2Otstr

    Evening shows?

    We had two performances by Philipa Healy, an opera singer. She was wonderful. She had a range of songs that she sang, not all opera type. There was also a magician who performed twice, too, but we didn’t attend.
  12. H2Otstr

    A different laundry question...

    I went to the laundry room a couple times at 6:30 and got right in, but some of the washers were already in use. Worth a try.
  13. H2Otstr

    Nightly entertainment

    Yes, 6:30 to 7:30 is the busiest time in the dining rooms. AND they have LOTS of tables for two, which I know from your river cruise posts that you prefer.
  14. H2Otstr

    Viking toiletries 2016

    Bar soap is provided. If you need extra just ask your cabin attendant.
  15. Sure is and they have to-go cups.