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  1. I wake up at 6AM and was stopped from going to the top deck to walk in order to keep it quiet for those below. So quiet time was enforced. We were often already docked so I'd just take my coffee and walk onshore.
  2. Depending on the tide level when docked the lower decks may have a view of the wall of the dock.
  3. Thank you everyone for the funnies. They are always great but they are needed today more than ever.
  4. River cruise. They cancelled Ukraine, Russia and China for all of 2020. The offer is generous from them. It's posted on their site now.
  5. Viking just sent me an email cancelling our Ukraine cruise for September.
  6. The Silver Cloud May 19 from London was just cancelled for us by SS. It still shows going online but they cancelled with our TA this morning. It may be just from the USA as our flights (Delta/United) were previously cancelled by the airlines. I'm booking something for 18 months from now as I'm hopeful.
  7. We're scheduled May 19 on the Cloud and our air was through SS. Delta cancelled the outbound 2 weeks ago and United cancelled the inbound last week. Still waiting for SS to cancel the cruise although it potentially could still operate with all UK passengers.
  8. I was on that cruise with JP and you as well. It was special but I like to see animals (I did get spit on by the llama) so I liked the Galapagos and Antarctica more. I have signed up for the continuation of that trip Valparaiso to Ushuaia if it goes in 2021.
  9. We didn't do these on Silversea but we loved the Galapagos and Antarctica. We do love the Silversea Explorer as well.
  10. Everything is so depressing online now. I really look forward to your postings and they always make me smile. Thank you.
  11. If you rebook at the time of cancellation you can often change the dates on the insurance to the new date. We've done this twice when our trip was cancelled by the operator and rescheduled for a later date.
  12. We're also on the May 19 Cloud voyage leaving here on May 16. We're healthy but 70. SS booked our flights and we have seat assignments already. I'm hoping that SS makes the decision for us or things change. We'll make our decision, if we need to, on May 13.
  13. That jumped out at me as well. That's an Arctic picture! They need better editors.
  14. We have not taken Silversea to the Galapagos but we have been there and we have been on the Explorer several times and other lines. One of the pleasures of cruising is that we can each take a different excursion and meet back afterwards. We're not alone as we're part of a group and we can follow our different interests when they occur. No problem if you snorkel and your husband hikes.
  15. They have signed a contract with Hannibal, MO as well (Mark Twain sites).
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