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  1. I have a Viking cruise booked for June this year with free air. I asked specifically if I did my own air would there be any compensation and Viking said no. I was able to change the flights that they booked online with a small upcharge which was shown in the choices. I suggest calling them and asking about your specific booking.
  2. It comes off of your invoice (at least ours did)
  3. I do think that the A category gets noise from the walking track. Viking does not allow anyone to walk up there before 7 or 8 AM (I've forgotten which) as I know that I was stopped when going up to walk in the early morning. We've always booked B but we used the balcony often.
  4. We did the Iberostar cruise about 10 years ago. We were the only Americans onboard but the expedition leader spoke English. We combined the 4 and 5 night itineraries and enjoyed it very much. It was not fancy at all but it was clean and an expedition. I don't know how it is now.
  5. I had no idea about this until I arrived in London. Since I had a small amount I just deposited it in the donation box at a church that I visited.
  6. Last August we were there for 4 hours but we read everything and watched every film. It was really interesting. The website recommended 2 hours.
  7. I wore ski pants over long underwear and jjs217 is correct in that I couldn't take off my ski pants until I got to my cabin. My husband wore long underwear, sweatpants, thin waterproof pants. Truly waterproof is the most important thing.
  8. A couple of weeks ago I flew American from London business class. My first flight was cancelled. My replacement flight was delayed so I missed my connecting flight home. I don't know the reasons but AA paid for a hotel room. I had to pay for Lyft roundtrip and I submitted that bill to AA. They gave me mileage points not money. So I applied to Allianz and I received a refund in 24 hours. I also was able to use the Flagship lounge in Miami when I showed them my previous days boarding pass from London. So every airline is different and a lot depends on who you speak with. Just another example.
  9. As of November 2022 the laundry was still there with 2 washers and 2 dryers.
  10. My TA tried to make a booking for me yesterday and said that they told her IT issues. I tried online and got an error message. I've forgotten my password so tried this morning to get it sent to me and it just spins and spins. My TA will try again today. This seems to be an ongoing issue.
  11. We also wore the slip on room slippers to/from the mud room. Easier
  12. caradara

    tote bag?

    Backpacks on expeditions.
  13. We didn't do any optional tours but just all of the included and then we like to wander so I'm not sure on the time frame. In Budapest there is time to do the thermal baths and the concierge on board can help you arrange it as we met people who did it. My husband caught a cold and slept that day away but I wandered all over by myself.
  14. We took it and the Rinda is typical long ship. They are all identical and we think very nice. The ports were very interesting and the tours were excellent. We learned a lot of history.
  15. Having used a wheelchair for my mother, I would agree with $10. However we had times when they asked us if we could push it ourselves as they were overwhelmed and then no tip was needed.
  16. Thank you WesW. Both audio and video work on my Iphone just not on my desktop. Fun to see/hear.
  17. I can't see any of the videos but I can hear them. Is it just my computer? Wonderful reporting. Thank you.
  18. Viking usually has a business size card at the front desk that you can carry if you need to call them. I always carried it in case I got lost wandering and needed to show it to someone for help finding the ship.
  19. We went to the sign that said "TAXI" outside arrivals and took the first one in line. Our hotel was in a pedestrian zone and he stopped outside it and carried our luggage to the hotel entrance. The hotel said that he was not an official taxi or he would have had the code to drive onto the pedestrian zone (they lower the barricades). It was fine but I don't know how we were to know the difference? Reasonably priced with a meter running. No English and we have no French but I had written out the hotel name and address and gave it to him. We had the hotel call a taxi to take us to the pier and he drove up to the hotel entrance and carried our luggage down the steps at the pier.
  20. If you stay at the Mandarin Oriental the front desk will change some for you at a very reasonable rate. However everywhere that we went preferred credit cards. We changed $100US and then brought some home!
  21. It was 2017. Sorry, time flies during Covid!!!
  22. In 2019 we took the Explorer on the Guayaquil to Valparaiso cruise along with several members of this board. We enjoyed it very much and considered it an expedition even though it was not spent on zodiacs. Everyone has different expectations and ours were met. In November of this year we took the Explorer Valparaiso to Puerto Williams and it was spent on zodiacs and hiking. Kayaking was cancelled and I'm sure that some people were disappointed. I think of expeditions as all inclusive and outside of lots of city visits but more of history and nature. Others may only think of them as very active. We are all different. We did not have any bad smells on either trip.
  23. We just got back from the Explorer. My husband wore a jacket, no tie, on the Captain's Welcome Dinner, Captain's Farewell Dinner, and Venetian Society Dinner. I wore the same skirt and top to each as well (no sparkles or heels or anything along that line).
  24. I was just on the Silversea Explorer and was having dinner with one of the expedition staff when he told us about this accident. He said that the zodiac driver was very experienced and was, actually, the expedition leader. It's very sad and scary.
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