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  1. I've never used this promo before and was wondering if NCL flys you in a day early, do they put you up in a hotel? Thanks.
  2. The FCC I got last year stated I had to use it on a cruise before 12/31/21. I have a June cruise booked with it. If that one is cancelled do I still have to use it on a cruise before 12/31/21 or have they extended new FCC to a new date?
  3. I am a MSC gold member through their match program. Booked a balcony cabin in 2021 on one of their special 5% + 5% cruises using credit from a cancelled cruise this year. When I log into my account it shows both myself and my spouse receiving $50 shipboard credit each. I thought it should be $100 each when you book a balcony. I tried emailing MSC to see if this is the case and they send me a new confirmation but my account is still showing $50. Can anyone verify if it should be $100 and if it shows up anywhere before you board the ship. Thanks.
  4. Thanks for all the responses. We did decide on the Armonia and hopefully can cruise in 2021!
  5. Have never cruised with MSC before but looking to book something in the future out of Miami. I've mostly sailed NCL and prefer their smaller ships over the megaships. I don't need all the bells and whistles but love ships that have plenty of open deck space (especially in this post-covid sailing time) and a promenade deck that encircles the ship (for long scenic walks). We would be booking a balcony cabin. While Armonia looks like the size of the ship I prefer, I worry that I may not have enough open deck space to enjoy. Looking for peoples suggestions and experiences on these two ships.
  6. I was on a cruise years ago with my teenage daughter and for some adult interaction I joined cruise critic and signed up for the activities planned for the cruise. My daughter and I did the cabin crawl and we were lucky enough to tour the 3 bedroom haven suite (with the baby grand piano) as our last stop. My daughter commented that their bathroom was bigger than our cabin (we had an interior), and the most memorable moment....instead of a towel animal on their bed, they had a towel person!
  7. I had a cruise for September that was canceled and since I only had paid the deposit I was happy to be notified that I could get 125% FCC instead of a refund. I got an email from MSC with the amount of the FCC and the following conditions: "Your 125% Future Cruise Credit certificate can be used on any sailing departing on or before Dec. 31, 2021 and applied at the time of booking toward stateroom upgrades, specialty dining, beverage packages, spa treatments and more. (It excludes government taxes & fees and prepaid items on your original booking, which will be refunded sep
  8. What is the best way to request a refund? According to their contract terms "Cancellation of the Booking must be requested in writing (registered letter, email or fax) from the Passenger or Passenger’s Travel Agent and received by the Company" Or should I call. Thanks for your input
  9. Thanks for the great review and pictures! We'll be sailing for the first time on MSC in September on this ship. Is the MSC for Me app free to use for anyone, or do you need to sign up for a wifi package? I'm not tech savvy, but if I could use the app while on the ship then I will download it. Thanks.
  10. If you're asking this because of the Adult only policy before 7pm, I can't remember if they allowed kids in Spice H2O for the sailaway. I don't think it would be a big deal though since everyone is near the sides looking at the NYC skyline or the Statue of Liberty and you'll pass those 2 areas in about 10-15 minutes. There is a smoking area near the bar which is on the Statue of Liberty side if that bothers you.
  11. There was an early happy hour in O'Sheenans on the Escape for breakfast. They had Bloody Marys, Screwdrivers and Mimosas for $5.99. I've also brought on wine numerous times. I keep it in my carry on and wait for them to spot it in the xray machines and direct me to the table to pay. Sometimes they do, and sometimes they don't :-) My last transatlantic I had 6 bottles in a wine carrier bag and didn't have to pay corkage. That was out of Brooklyn and I didn't even see a table set up to pay the corkage fee!
  12. Just off the Escape last week. Spice H2O was the best. Can walk from side to side and the bar was open! We then went up to the top most sundeck (deck 20) for sailing under the Verazzano Bridge. It's a smaller space, no bar, but wasn't too crowded. Enjoy!
  13. We're on this cruise also and plan on dressing up! We were on a Halloween cruise on the Jade a few years back and like previous posters said, the majority don't dress up, but many do! My husband actually won a prize in the costume contest!
  14. If you go to Bermuda for the 3 days and get a $50 credit per day, can you use the $150 towards 1 excursion or do you need to book 3 different excursions on each day you are in port to get the credit?
  15. We disembarked in Civitavecchia in May and had tickets for the 9:16am express train to Rome. We self-disembarked at 7:30 and walked from the the ship to the train station. Got there by 8am and had plenty of time. If I knew ahead how easy it would be, I would have taken my time and had a nice breakfast before leaving the ship. If you can't carry your own luggage off the ship, they started calling some of the color tags around 7:15. On our cruise, they had the colored disembarked tags out 2 nights before we arrived at Civitavecchia, so if you need a specific time make sure you check near gu
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