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  1. Thanks. That should be more than adequate. Kathy
  2. Thanks for all the information. Our TA checked with AQSC and was told that all the Cat. C cabins have a closet and shelf space, so that is what we have booked. Looking forward to the trip. Kathy
  3. On the American Queen, how many outlets are there in the cabin? Specifically Outside Stateroom with Open Verandah? Just wondering about charging phones and tablet. Thanks, Kathy
  4. Yes, the American Queen., specifically the outside stateroom with open verandah. DH is NOT going to be happy if we have to live out of our suitcases. Thanks for the information. Kathy
  5. How much storage space is there in an Outside stateroom with open verandah? It's hard to tell from the pictures. We are experience Caribbean cruisers but this is our first time on a river cruise. Thanks, Kathy
  6. Thanks very much for this account. I am very much afraid we are going to have the same type of cabin as you had. (It's AAA organized and I don't think our TA was on the ball.) Anyway, I don't have to cook, clean, or do any shopping unless I want to, so what's not to like? Kathy
  7. Does anyone know what sugar-free flavorings they have? Thanks, Kathy
  8. Thanks for this thread. We sail on GOS in May to Canada/New England, so I appreciate the photos and info about life on board. Kathy
  9. At one of those "everything for $10" sales by the shops onboard, I found a very nice, small, crossbody bag. It holds my seapass, phone, and prescription sunglasses. I've also got a black patent leather one that I found at the local greeting cards store with a coupon so it was a good deal. I use it for evenings. Cruisin Cadie
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