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  1. Also stuck in snowy NE Ohio. This photo gives me hope that our June cruise will arrive, sooner or later. Kathy
  2. Good to know. Thanks for all the important information. Kathy
  3. Thanks for your speedy replies. We will be sure to check out the tram. Kathy
  4. Is Coco Cay a tender port? Or is there a dock to disembark? We are both seniors and mobility challenged, so would like to be prepared. Thanks, Kathy
  5. Just off the Ruby. Everything looked nice and clean. New carpeting everywhere I noticed. I think you will be pleased with with the condition of the ship. Kathy
  6. One more question--the last time we were on the Ruby, many years ago, it took us until the last day to find the waffle station. It was outside by the ice cream station. Is it still there, or in the buffet somewhere? Thanks, Kathy
  7. Thanks for the information. I know DD and SIL like to dine on the "back porch" so we may be trying the Caribe Cafe.
  8. Thanks so much for your interesting and informative posts. Our itinerary is different than yours, 10-day Western with partial transit of the Panama Canal, but your information about the ship is relevant. Hope they get the dining situation straightened out by next Sunday. Question--you mentioned the Caribe buffet as opposed to the Horizon Court. What is the difference and where is the Caribe buffet? Thanks, Kathy
  9. As I recall, the Ruby Princess has the biggest closets and smallest bathrooms for a standard balcony stateroom.
  10. Thanks for posting. We'll be boarding the Ruby immediately after you disembark. We sailed on her a few years ago and I'm anxious to see what changes they've made. Kathy
  11. In Vancouver, when we dropped off our luggage, the porter saw my cane and asked if I'd like a wheelchair. I only had to wait a few minutes before one arrived. The attendant took me all the way through customs and check-in, and up to the ship. A ship's attendant took me over from there. He dropped me off by the main elevator. Very simple and painless. BTW, I am a very generous tipper. These people perform a much-needed service. Kathy
  12. Thanks for doing this thread. We'll be on the Ruby in November. I have one question about the Ocean Now charge. If we have NO intention of ordering from the app or going to the for charge restaurants, do we have to pay for it? I might feel differently if they had Gigi's/Alfredo's, but you say they don't. Therefore, we're perfectly happy with grabbing a slice of pizza at the pool deck restaurant. And we eat most of our meals at the MDR or buffet. But if we have to buy it, I guess we'll find a way to use it. Thanks, Kathy
  13. You have to get your own luggage and take it through customs. Then you take it to the bus and the driver will load it onto the bus. He will also unload it at the airport. So to answer your question, it depends on how much and how heavy your luggage is. You'll also have your carry-on which you kept the night before for your nightclothes and necessities.
  14. Enjoying your review. We just, like this morning, the same cruise for next year. Kathy
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