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  1. Markus, Thanks again for posting and keeping us updated on this cruise! Not sure if you saw upthread (the day the ship lost power) there was a question about the mini-bar in your cabin. Was it stocked with a single (larger) bottle of alcohol or a variety of mini bottles? Did they restock it?
  2. I don't understand why the Italian passengers would be causing trouble...if they've been vaccinated, they have the EU Green Card (good indefinitely)...if they were tested upon embarkation, they have the EU Green Card good for 48 hours. It would seem to me non-EU passengers would be the ones concerned as the "EU Green Card" is something a bit more difficult to obtain from outside the EU (but as has been posted above...not that hard).
  3. Dinner Day 2 - Vegetarian Starter: Cream of Chicken Soup. 🤪
  4. We didn't discuss specifically, but he was quite clear he is thrilled to be back cruising and plans to continue. I assumed with Celebrity, but I didn't specifically ask. They can re-enter, but must be sent to a quarantine location (I believe specific hotels) until they test negative.
  5. Agreed. I would guess 75% American, with some Europeans. Some of the Russians and Ukrainians are family of crew taking advantage of family rates that are often not available on new ships for the first 6-12 months (but due to the low bookings, were permitted). As mentioned, there is also a large Park West group in board as well, which is fairly international. I would also agree with children numbers...very low and has not been an issue for us (group if 7 adults) at all... although we are not in Luminae.
  6. Spoke with Giuseppe today. His contract was originally up in August, but yesterday they asked him to stay on until the naming ceremony in November, and he has agreed. He did say he will take a short (2 week) holiday in September.
  7. This is the same drink we ordered...it is now $20 (meaning $6 extra, after the 20% gratuity, even if you have the premium package. It DID come as pictured though! Nope, all BJ tables are now 6/5 (dealer mentioned this was a change implemented fleet wide). Yes, NOTHING is self serve (not even sugar for your coffee, which is presented to you packet by packet, nor ketchup, which is hand pumped for you at every location).
  8. This is what we purchased pre cruise. We're doing Eden, and 2xFine cut, each of which would have been $55 so it's a small savings. I have not seen any offers mentioned (and the restaurants are quiet). OMG, so embarrassed I called him Luigi above. 😳. I will ask....most people have indicated their current contract runs throu November with a possibility to extend (I know CDs don't always run on the same schedule).
  9. We dropped our stuff in the room, explored the shop for about 30 minutes to orient ourselves and then ate at Ocean Grill. Dining reservations line was a bit long and to be honest, never necessary. Have been told by staff numbers for next week just slightly down from this week, but they're hoping for some last minute European bookings on the back of further relaxation here in general and positive news from the first cruise going well. This is the first cruise in a long time where we've been truly able to forget about making definitive plans. There hasn't been a single show, event or restaurant that we couldn't have walked into when we pleased to eat (and we're a group of seven!).
  10. Sorry for no quotes to specific posts above, just skimmed and will answer questions that stuck out to me: Greece PLF - we entered our hotel address first and then just Celebrity Apex, Piraeus Athens for our second "location"....no details of the ports. The forms are barely scanned upon entry and unless you're one of the randomly selected airline passenger to be tested on entrance, interaction with the authorities was nearly nil (basically just a quick glance to prove you'd filled out the form). Have already posted my experiences on Santorini. For Mykonos we booked the Pasaji beach club on Ornos Beach on our own (highly recommend, as it was great). The one hiccup was there were nearly ZERO taxis at the port. We got lucky a tour driver saw us wandering and offered to take the seven of us there for €40. I got his number, texted him and he picked us up and took us back for the same. Yesterday while playing in the casino, spoke with a guy who said his family waited an hour behind two other people at the taxi stand and finally gave up and re-boarded. My take - the resorts are decently staffed but the island itself still not fully up to speed. I would try to find a drive ahead of time if you're going to explore on your own. Masking was like Santorini, infrequent outside of eating establishments and non existent on the beaches. Celebrity was running a free shuttle into the Mykonos old town and back for free. Limassol - made Mykonos feel like a hotbed of activity. Port was absolutely DEAD save for the Apex and cruise excursions. We took the free Celebrity shuttle into the old town (15-20 min drive) and it was VERY quiet. Very few of the tourist focused shops and restaurants open. We walked into the more "downtown" area and found a bit more activity, but on your own I think you'd struggle to kill more than a few hours. This is an early port though (all aboard at 3:30pm). Eden - as I mentioned, we love the space itself, but it's poorly utilized. In addition, we are actually interested in some of the performance artist elements, but the are horrible about making clear when they might be happening. We've now heard about two performances there that were not in any of the dailies, but just mentioned by Luigi the cruise director. We then went to one night featured in the daily, and it was nothing more than one of the regular music acts doing a set. The other issue here is the absurd drink prices with many things requiring and upcharge from the Premium package we all already paid dearly for. Casino staff have been lovely. They have only 11 dealers currently given low passenger numbers and requirement that crew cannot share staterooms. As a result, we've gotten to know several of them very well. No true hold 'em table or tournaments running (they don't think they can fit enough at the table with the distancing requirement to make it financially viable - either they rake too little to make it worth their while or they rake too much because of the smaller pots due to low player numbers allowed). I'm will post my thoughts on the MDR experience when we get back. By then we will have done all 4 plus Eden and 2xFine Cut.
  11. Read posts above, I mentioned there has been no request to wear masks while sunbathing or in the pool (this is consistent with Greece guidance on land). Walking to or from the pool areas, we wear masks....and always indoors unless eating or drinking (which is clearly applied liberally as just having food or drink in front of you seems to be sufficient justification for no mask). For example, we wear our.mask while being seated for dinner, but are quickly given a small paper envelope to our them in and have them off through the whole service, whether we are actively eating or not. It's really not very onerous. At shows, we're typically having a drink and thus don't wear our mask. Agree with ATLJC, mask wearing was clearly the norm in Athens, but in Santorini and now in Mykonos, looking like 75% of locals not really bothering. Exception seems to be food establishments where masking is more common by staff. But even inside Santorini shops, few staff wearing masks. I spoken with one shopkeeper who said 90% of the island is vaccinated and they are ready to get back to normal. A couple of ship notes: Eden is a gorgeous space, but seems underutilized.... I suspect due to low passenger numbers (they are clearly trying to concentrate entertainment in fewer venues to encourage "decent" attendance. Caravan was VERY enjoyable last night and we would see it again. Short but sweet. We upgraded to "stream" wifi and I think it's abysmal (for the pricing). However, I suspect they actually prioritize the popular streaming "services" as they work well....but we purchased to get more usable "quick" wifi and for regular browsing I find it still very unsatisfactory (speedtest registers 2.5Mbs down). Any other questions?
  12. No wagyu on offer last night. Yes, both for embarkation and before disembarkation. This is a Greece requirement for cruises at the moment.
  13. Yes, we were in Athens for 5 days before boarding. All the sites are open and VERY quiet. Indoor museums have fairly strict rules on capacity (both overall and in each exhibit room) but given it was quiet, no real issues (we had to wait 5 minutes here or there to proceed through certain parts of the museums). Restaurants are open and serving outdoors only. Weather was great this week at around 85 and breezy...have been to Athens several times and never had a more pleasant experience at the major sites.given the lack of crowding. A couple of notes from tonight: Fine Cut - we had absolutely amazing service at fine cut tonight. Food was cooked perfectly and we enjoyed everything but the desserts which we just found a bit "boring" for an upcharge dining experience. It doesn't appear they've changed anything from th Edge with the open air access to the atrium (and accompanying light and music shows) below. We didn't find it terribly distracting as we were seated near the outdoor windows....but I did find it an odd design choice. Entertainment - went to the comedian late show and had a very enjoyable experience, with one small "comedy bump" during the show with one of the Park West onboard artists heckling the comedian from the second row, apparently well imbibed, trying to hawk/promote his art during the show. It started off funny with a bit of banter, but definitely crossed the line after he kept heckling and felt a bit uncomfortable. However, we were happy the turnout was big enough (given the small number on the cruise) to make it a very enjoyable show. And excellent recovery by the comedian who was a great sport despite the small bump.
  14. We checked in at noon....and it appeared the same was happening for everyone around us. We are a group of seven, in three cabins and thus were directed to three different people who all did the same thing I described above. Very strange no one asked for any of your vaccination cards. Is there any chance someone else in you party provided them? Did you fill out the pre cruise health questionnaire? We also had to review our answers during this step and confirm to the agent that none of them had changed.
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