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  1. The "Change flights" button is now on the Manage flights page. Thank you Colo and Thrak for the information, I am glad I wasn't just not seeing it!
  2. August. We booked flexible through British Airways but are hoping to switch to Virgin which is about double the price right now.
  3. Once I click on “Add or modify flights” it takes me to Manage flights. The only options I see are select seats and cancel flights and a summary of our flight information. What am I missing? i don’t see anywhere to re-search flights.
  4. Just curious how you are rechecking the prices? Are you looking at flight quotes for your particular cruise? I dont see any way to recheck in the reservation. Thanks for your help.
  5. The only information I have found is that “details will be released closer to the dry dock”. So maybe January or February??
  6. No, they did not change. I actually wrote down the info to plan our speciality nights when I found the menus.
  7. I think it was around 2 months prior when I found them on the app. For those that don’t know where it is, click on the ship at the top of the app, then DINING on the bottom and switch to Main Dining at the top. Click on your restaurant and then Menu.
  8. I wish you would have asked last week! Am on Allure now and would have taken pics of all the menus. Here is tonight’s menu which is night #7 As Biker said check the RCI app. It was 100% correct with the menus for which nights and what is served.
  9. Sorry, not RCI in general, just this cruise. We love Celebrity and Princess but aren’t loyal to anyone in particular.
  10. Not at all. Deck 7 has been smell free lol
  11. We are on deck 7 and the location is fantastic. Two decks above Royal promenade, one deck above the boardwalk/aqua theater and one deck below Central Park. Ill give you a hint..you must be on the correct side of the ship when going to your room. There is no way to cross over between sides, even though the ship map says you can!
  12. Currently on Allure sailing towards Cozumel and thought I would do a quick review of our JS. This is our first cruise back on RCI in 8 years after mostly sailing Celebrity and Princess and definitely not one of our favorites. I read about the JS having minimal benefits on CC but am pleasantly surprised. We checked in on the app and once we arrived at the port (about 10:45) got in line. Once they saw our boarding pass said Sea class they directed us to the Suite check in which I thought was for Sky and above. There was no line for suites, they quickly took our photo and a photo of our passports and directed us to the upstairs waiting area all in about 3 minutes. once upstairs they asked to see our boarding pass and escorted us to the Sea and Sky waiting area. This was another surprise as I figured we would be in the Diamond+ area. Some posts on here make the JS seem like there are no benefits other than double points. By 11:00 they called Pinnacle and all Suites to board and we were on within minutes. our cabin is on the hump and has a huge double depth balcony with two lounge chairs and a table with two chairs. This is about the only place we can get any peace and quiet on the ship 🙂 . I love that the cabin is so wide and spacious compared to a Princess mini which is narrow but longer. The walk-in closet is huge and there is tons of storage, drawers and shelves for a 30 day cruise. The large sitting area with a sofa and chair is also useful. Of course there is a full tub in the bathroom with the L’Occitane bath products. The first night we saw Mama Mia and went up to deck 5. There was a large reserved area for suitres and Pinnacles. We figured it was Sky and above but to our surprise our Sea class cards were welcomed. We were able to show up to Oceanaria and the hardliner show about 10 mins prior since we had the reserved seats. The one disappointment has been Coastal Kitchen. We have tried to get in three different nights, two nights we were told no availability and the third night we were told they could squeeze us in at 8:30 pm which is way too late to eat for us so we have given up. I had the Diamond concierge call each time for us no luck. Not a big deal but wanted to try it. Overall very happy with our JS size and benefits. I will try and post some pictures and n a few minutes. I am typing from the Solarium so please forgive any spelling errors. Happy to answer any questions as well.
  13. I actually sent two screen shots. When you log in to RCI click on My Account and then settings. I took a screen shot of the top of the page which includes your first name, Crown & Anchor #, status and points. Then scroll down to About Me which has your full name, date of birth, address and C&A number. That is all the information they need. Good luck.
  14. Well Royal has been in the US for quite a while. Here is a link to the luxury beds: https://www.princess.com/ships-and-experience/princess-luxury-bed/ "Will debut on Regal and Royal in 2019".
  15. Go to this link: https://www.mgmresorts.com/en/mlife-rewards-program/preferred-partners/hyatt-hotels.html Scroll down to tier match and click the “opt in” button and log in to your Hyatt account.
  16. Doesn't seem like it....already back in business: https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/21511-grand-bahama-shipyard-open-for-business-2.html Still waiting on more details about what will be done. Really hoping for dive in movies!
  17. Instead of using the "apply now" section on the website, I just emailed the Voyagers club directly. I attached two screen shots of my full name, status (D+) and points. After more than two weeks I received an email saying since I didnt have a cruise booked with them they can't status match me. Huh? Didn't know that was a requirement. They told me to resend everything when I have a booking. We have since decided not to try MSC and stick with our favorites.
  18. I know its a ways out...but any information on why the 11 night January 27th, 2021 Nieuw Statendam cruise disappeared? I am assuming it is a charter but just curious as this was going to be a milestone birthday cruise. Thank you!
  19. I believe there are two star class CL suites (1718/1720), and they are definitely larger than the sky class CL suites. The star class are about 720 sq feet compared to around 540 sq feet. Both star class are located on the aft port side. It looks like 1720 May have an aft view of the sports court but this is only a guess based on deck plans. Hope that helps.
  20. White Hennessy. Not sold in the US and readily available in Jamaica.
  21. Another vote for Rome cabs. Very reliable and reasonably priced. We have had a Mercedes sedan or van every time with a well dressed driver.
  22. Not sure when you are leaving but be aware Air Canada is in negotiations to purchase Air Transat. With EZ air you will be covered for any flight changes, but your route could change.
  23. Can I ask what you emailed them? The Celebrity and Captains club main page only shows my first name along with status and points. I can’t fit all the info they are asking for in one photo. Thank you!
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