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  1. I have been once in May and the rest in Sept/Oct. Both were beautiful weather and not crowded. Personally I would never visit in the Summer as not only is it much hotter but much more crowded.
  2. This is EXACTLY why I haven't moved my Vista booking to a TA. I have called more than 10 "preferred patner/connisseur club" agencies and not had any offers more than prepaid grats or a couple hundred in OBC for a $13k+ booking. Of course CC makes it illegal to get any recommendations from fellow users so I have given up.
  3. Looks like the US sailing requirements came out yesterday on 9/29. I was really hoping Seabourn would provide PCR tests out of Miami like Oceania does but doesn't look to be the case. https://www.seabourn.com/en_US/health-safety/us-travel-requirements.html
  4. There’s already another thread on this which was started about 10 days ago.
  5. I love the Mercer hotel in the gothic district. Only 28 rooms, great location and nice rooftop pool. Also have stayed at Hotel 1898 in the rambla district. A little larger but still very nice also with a rooftop pool and great location.
  6. I find it very interesting to see how others enjoy time on their cruise. Personally I am exhausted from all you do :). My days consist of sleeping in, eating, lounging at the pool and going to the martini bar. Anything more than that is out of the norm for me. That is what makes cruising such a great vacation for everyone. You can do as little or as much as you want. Im glad you enjoyed your first Celebrity cruise, we have many years of great memories with them.
  7. I believe it was actually in 2017. https://www.celebritycruisespresscenter.com/press-release/1084/like-yoursquove-never-seen-her-before-ndash-celebrity-constellation-to-undergo-bold-refresh/
  8. I have not been to the ABC's in many years and don't ever think of them. Your pictures and commentary really make me want to go back. You should get some kickback from the tourism department! 🙂
  9. There are only 4 of them on Edge class so you dont have too many choices. One (12102) is connected to the iconic suite. The spa is above all of them so noise shouldnt be a factor.
  10. We are also taking our first Seabourn cruise in a couple months. Mostly sail in suites on Celebrity or Princess and have enjoyed Oceania a few times. Hoping for a more upscale quiet experience this time with some new ports. The Seabourn boards are very quiet but I may do some live posts.
  11. LGW already answered that no you do not get unlimited dining in specialties. Only Royal Suite and above, however you will have a butler and they can make reservations for you at any of the specialty restaurants. Unfortunately Edge class does not have Murano which is my favorite.
  12. That is a really a disappointing menu for sure. It’s a shame you have to keep ordering off the MDR menu and children’s menu to find something you like while in a suite restaurant. We will be on Apex for 14 days and won’t have that option. I am seriously considering moving from retreat to Aqua as their menus look much more appealing on most nights. Thanks for posting the menus, it may save me some $$!
  13. I wish they would have done the revolution all these months shes been sitting around but of course I understand why they didnt. I just have to keep driving to Fort Lauderdale and Miami instead of the quick 50 minutes up to Tampa until she has been refurbed. She is WAY overdue.
  14. I made Elite+ in my 40's so definitely not a dinosaur. I think many people have ventured away from X, including myself, even before going AI. Personally I am trying other lines like Oceania, Seabourn and Viking who are priced the same or lower than the retreat and offer a much better product. There are of course some negatives like the entertainment but I am willing to forgo that for all the other positives. I do not feel valued by Celebrity like I once did and losing so many benefits is definitely one of the reasons.
  15. Such a shame they only painted the outside and she didn’t get the revolution 🙁 Being from Sarasota I would love to sail out of Tampa…but not until she is revolutionized.
  16. Welcome to Florida! 🙂 Definitely a stressful start but glad you got here safely. Enjoy your first cruise on Celebrity and the EQ. She is our favorite ship (4 times since 2011) that we have many happy memories of.
  17. This is not correct. Just to clarify all of the suites have actual balconies as well.
  18. Has anyone heard if Seabourn will be doing Covid tests at the port (Miami) like Oceania is doing for their passengers? I know they haven’t started from Florida yet but it sure would make things easier.
  19. This is a perfect example of why you should never fly in the same day. You never know what can happen….not worth missing your cruise.
  20. I agree. It’s 2 years away so will be watching for price drops.
  21. Without starting a debate, no thank you. I was able to book the sailing I wanted and get the exact cabin I wanted in 5 minutes on my own. No lost sleep 🙂 I was surprised all categories were open and no website issues. I see they lowered the Olife credit to $300 though 😞
  22. I’ve got the alarm set and coffee ready. Hoping the website doesn’t crash! Good luck everyone…
  23. Maybe this photo will help you. Sorry, I have no personal experience in these cabins.
  24. Am I the only one who is just going to hope for the best and log on to the website Wednesday morning? It will be for later in 2023 and not too picky about the cabin so will see what happens. If its not meant to be than so be it.
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