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  1. What was it about the Promenade cabins that didn't look so great? I've looked at pictures also and don't see much difference. Why did you choose Emerald deck? TYIA
  2. Thank you very much! It is helpful to know what the details of the deck plan represent 🙂
  3. Thank you very much for the input! We don't have a choice of ship for the itinerary, and I think we would really like the covered teak balcony. I guess I hope we're not too loud for our neighbors!!
  4. Since they are newer, I'm wondering if there are any differences in the Promenade balcony rooms and the other balcony cabins on the Island Princess. I know the balconies are covered and have teak decking... but are there differences in the room itself?
  5. Thank you! This makes it easy to see why the difference - some type of duct work runs through the center.
  6. And TY once again!! I guess that makes sense since Silhouette is newer they'd find a way to "squeeze in" some extra revenue!!
  7. Wow! What fantastic information - love the picture - thank you!!
  8. I'm curious - why are the room numbers of the Sunset Verandas different on Silhouette and Eclipse? Also, in looking at the "S" Class room spreadsheet, someone mentions that there are 3 different balcony sizes on the SV rooms. Which are they?
  9. I'm hoping to be on the forward areas of Baja and Caribe decks for viewing the Northern Lights!
  10. Thank you! We're really looking forward to Island Princess... it will be our 7th Princess ship!
  11. Thank you! Trying to figure out the best room location...
  12. Is there an observation deck on Caribe deck of the Island Princess? How does one access it?
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