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  1. There were only 2 of us initially also. I'd just started looking for another couple to keep the cost down. However, someone else contacted Woody directly. Remember that his is an all day tour (in order to go to the more remote areas of Dominica) so that is why it costs more.
  2. There were 4 in our group with Woody. He's headed to Tokyo next week as Chef De Mission for the Dominica Olympic Committee. I'm not expecting him to have time to plan the details of our visit (in January) until he returns. We did look into Bumpiing tours on our first visit to Dominica. His tours go to the heavily trafficked places such as the Emerald Pool, Botanical Garden and Trafalger Falls. We ended up doing a ship excursion instead. I think Levi has expanded his tour selection since then (January 2016).
  3. Hi Charlene and Gerry! We are on Vision of the Seas leaving San Juan on January 11th. We'll be in Dominica on January 15th, and I've asked Woody to save the day for us! No plans beyond that. He is headed to Tokyo in a few weeks as "Chef De Mission" for the Dominica Olympic Committee. I'm sure we'll be working on plans after that and later in the fall.
  4. Maybe about half and half... We spent quite a bit of time at Batibou Beach which is absolutely amazing! So was the lunch which was grilled there on the beach and served on a coconut frond. We also went to Jaco Falls, some overlooks, and a couple more beaches. It does take some time to get to the more remote areas of the Island though. It's worth the ride! Here are a few pictures.
  5. We've been to Rome a few times, so we've already done the things that we're most interested in. We're looking for alternatives that might make transportation easier and more convenient.
  6. Has anyone stayed in Fiumicino or Ostia, Italy (both near the Rome airport) after disembarkation at Civitavecchia? Thoughts or recommendations?
  7. I saw a FB post that Woody is traveling in Europe. The cruise business in not year round in Dominica. Ships only come in between October and April. Maybe that's why you haven't heard yet.
  8. Great! It's a marvelous Island - I hope you're able to tour with Woody!
  9. My initial contact to tour with him was on his website. Possibly something is not working with the link. Here's his direct e-mail: adquatics@yahoo.com When are you planning to go to Dominica? We'll be on the Vision of the Seas sailing on January 11th and I've got Woody booked for the 15th. Hope that's not a conflict for you!
  10. Woody's is an all day tour, and I think the cost varies by how many people are on the tour. He has numerous stops along his route for overlook, walking around and taking in the beauty of Dominica. We probably spent about 45 minutes at the Jaco Falls and around 2 hours at Batibou Beach. Batibou might be the most spectacular beach in the Caribbean because the rain forest comes almost down to the water, yet the sand is spectacular and it's a marvelous walking beach! The lunch, which was cooked on the beach, was included as well as plenty of adult beverages - Woody makes his own fabulous Rum Punch. Of course, there are plenty of non-alcoholic options. I don't know why my link (that I copied and pasted) came up with all those extensions. Try just woodydominica.com.
  11. In January 2019 we toured with Woody. It was a wonderful day seeing the less traveled parts of Dominica. Dominica is known as the “Nature Island”, and its beauty is returning after the devastating hurricanes of 2017. Of particular note on Woody’s tour are the stops at Jaco Falls and Batibou Beach. Lunch at the beach was especially nice, being served on a coconut frond! It was a fabulous day, and we’ll be touring with Woody again in January 2020! Here's a link to his web site: https://woodydominica.com/?fbclid=IwAR2zJtJkh7_Pqa8raDEkJi0sc--CZ19PNNB0tlPvDViPlofDT7cTVs1HoSo
  12. We had the same concern and tried moving... Celebrity would not move us without repricing - bottom line is it would cost us about $2000 more!! Not happy with Celebrity 😞
  13. What a great review! We’re in a Sky Suite next month, and have submitted bids in the “Move Up” program for a Celebrity or Royal Suite - fingers crossed!
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