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  1. I know I have been charged on Carnival since the inception of their drink packages. Prior to drink packages, we were also charged sales tax when in U S ports.
  2. Check the Hampton Inn. I stayed there last January and it was perfect and a fraction of the price of other hotels in the area. Rooms are quite small but it's a great location.
  3. I am also platinum on Carnival and have sailed RCL. I decided to try NCL again (had done them 20 years ago) last year on the Breakaway and really enjoyed it. I thought the experience was fairly similar and liked learning a new ship style and the different activities. I'm sailing again on the Breakaway in a few weeks. I'm happy to answer any specific questions you may have.
  4. I think everyone answered your questions so I'll give you my 2 cents on the NCL experience. I tried NCL last year after 25 cruises on other cruise lines. I too am platinum with Carnival and have also sailed Royal and Princess. I liked NCL and will be cruising them again in a few weeks. Overall I felt the experience was about the same, some things were better others not. It was fun to not know exactly what was going to happen when and to experience the different ships. I do like that NCL does not limit your drinks!
  5. When we were there in September, we planned to to the HoHo. When we got off the ship there was no red bus to be found. Someone pointed us toward the bus stop and we ended up taking the city bus. I agree with the above poster that you really didn't need the bus to see the city. We got off the city bus in a central area and explored on our own. We hadn't intended to see the Little Mermaid Statue but wandered by this adorable park and decided to walk through it. So glad we did! We eventually found our way to the canals and then the market area and had a wonderful local lunch. We waited for the bu to return to the ship but it was really chaotic, lots of people with luggage heading to the ship and such. Thankfully we figured out we hadn't bought return tickets while we were waiting and opted for a cab. Ended up being a fairly low cost great day!
  6. On our tour in September, our guide told us that with the new highway, driving is just as fast as the boat. I really enjoyed the ride as we got to see some of the countryside. She also stated that the hydrofoil is very dependent on the weather and can frequently be cancelled.
  7. My friend and I are 50 & 51 and most of the solos were older than us! I think it really depends on the sailing. We were on a Baltic cruise so the entire ship was an older demographic than you'd see in the Caribbean.
  8. I heard a lot of toilet flushing. Not sure if it was because I was in a connecting cabin. Other than that, I heard nothing.
  9. I had one on the Breakaway. I thought the shower in the room would be an issue but it wasn't. There is a vent directly on top of it and only a small area at the top where steam could escape. I take HOT showers and never once was the cabin hot afterwards. I agree that drawers would've been nice. I used packing cubes and just put them on the shelves beside the sink and it worked fine. I didn't realize until the end of the cruise that the hangers in the closet area pulled out to allow access. Definitely would have been easier when I unpacked if I had figured this out earlier. My only complaint is that there is no where to sit in the cabin other than the bed. There's a stool that doubles as a nightstand and storage but there's no room to put it other than beside the bed and then it limits access to the closet. The Studio Lounge was nice and convenient. I've looked at the layout on other ships and the cabins seem to be more spread out. On the Breakaway they were all grouped together near the lounge. It was nice to be able to walk by and peek in to see if I wanted to go in or not. There was also a bartender there for an hour every evening. Made for a nice place to hang out before dinner and make plans with the other solo travelers.
  10. I tried to use the IConcierge app on the Breakaway. It worked long enough for me to pay the $9.95 fee for messaging and then quit working. I went to the internet guy and he insisted it was a software problem. I was disappointed as it would've been nice to communicate with others onboard and keep up with the daily activities. I didn't think it was worth it to pay $13.93 a day for the social media package.
  11. On the Breakaway we were on deck 10 and there were at least entrances to the studio rooms. Took me a few days to figure out why I kept getting turned around:):)!
  12. I just got back from my first sailing in a solo cabin. It was very easy to meet other solo cruisers in the lounge. We were on a Baltic sailing so it was mostly an older crowd. We met more people our age in the casino and disco! I'd definitely do it again.
  13. If you're looking at the deck plans, the entrance will be where the hallway is "white" all the way to a corridor. Typically there is a door directly from the lounge that opens onto the corridor that the staff use.
  14. I'm just back from sailing in a solo room on the Breakaway. The Solo Lounge really depends on the host and the passenger demographics. We had a good host that was there every night and organized group dinners and such. It was nice to pop in for a snack or coffee and chat with whoever was there. The bar was open in the lounge from 5-6 everyday and the get together was at 5:30 for 30 minutes. Most of the solos on our cruise were a bit older so we met people that we wanted to hang out with in the disco and casino. If cost is the same, go for the balcony. BTW, what cruise is this and how do you find the solo discounts?
  15. We used it with no problem, even had service at times we didn't expect it. Go to the Verizon website and add international to your plan. There's no cost. If you use it in Canada or Mexico, it's $5 for a 24 hour period. You are using your regular plan so there's no additional charges.
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