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  1. We were told when checking in at the pier that the ship would be leaving late due to planned maintenance. The ship also left late from tortola for the same reason.
  2. I am also curious if a 20 year old can with the soda package can get a non alcoholic frozen drink or would he have to pay for it.
  3. Dailies posted by Paelos post 40 https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2630008-last-minute-advice-for-epic/?page=2
  4. None of NCL ships have laundromats. There is usually some kind of discount on a bag of laundry mid cruise.
  5. The breakaway will be in Belize tomorrow. Looking forward to viewing the new drink menus.
  6. Chris Elliot has a travel advice column in our Sunday paper. His website list contacts for companies when you have a travel issue/complaint. The link for NCL is: https://www.elliott.org/company-contacts/norwegian-cruise-line-ncl/ You may want to try some of the contacts he has listed. Good luck!
  7. When your cruise is completed please post your cabin number. Thanks.
  8. Our cruise made a stop in Victoria on the way back. We just filled out a form on the ship that covered Canadian customs. I would suggest using a skycap at the airport. They will check you in and walk you through to where your luggage is placed on the conveyor belt. From there you go to where you scan in your passport and then through customs. This process can take some time. There is more information on the ports of call boards.
  9. The above link is now just a faq page with a feel free to call us at 866 234-7350 or click this button and we will call you. In the past you were able to actually type in a comment for them. This appears to have been a recent change.
  10. NCL will not honor price drops after final payment. They should also not raise prices on the terms of perks advertised/offered at the time of booking after final payment. This would keep things fair for both the cruiser and NCL.
  11. Do you have dates for other ships. We are on the epic in March.
  12. My issue is that there has been no communication with booked passengers regarding the change. I really feel sorry for the bar staff who will have to be on the receiving end of cruiser surprise and dissatisfaction.I feel that the cruise line should grandfather in those who are past final payment and should actively communicate the change to all others.
  13. So will NCL communicate this change to already booked passengers or will they just let them be surprised? There will be a lot of cruisers who booked under the previous pricing that will be very dissatisfied.
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