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  1. Brooke, Yes thank you. 15318 & 15918 are the largest. Close to aft and have advantage of curve. Took awhile studying map of each floor. I booked them both so we have port & starboard views. I was going to book at least one of the NICER aft Haven suites with Hot Tub! But new rules (Quoted the CDC which gave us the now debunked Masking rules, have now moved on to be personal hot tub police) make the use of a personal hot tub WORTHLESS! ANY USE NEEDS PLANNED OUT HOURS IN ADVANCE. You must call housekeeping to fill it. How long to heat up? NCL only guarantees 1 hour of optimal temperature. HT will be drained after EACH USE!. Then the process starts over. Never heard anything so stupid applying to PERSONAL hot tub.
  2. Arriving Port Said & then Alexandria on NCL. Do they allow independent overnight tour to Cairo from PS and arrive back next day in Alexandria? Thank you for any information.
  3. Did your ship make it to Egypt? Did you do an overnight tour?
  4. I am looking to book the Viva 2 bedroom H6. Depending on room or deck, a big variance in balcony size. I have searched and cannot find which decks or specific cabins offer the larger balconies. Balcony: 138 - 190 sq. ft. Does anyone know? Thank you if you can point me where to look.
  5. We are on the Breakaway October 3 for 10 day Italy & Greek islands. Does anyone have any information on what days and/or times Burn & Six are offered? Very difficult to make dinner reservations when no postings of show times. NCL says they post times 21 days out. trying to make dinner reservations for 8 is nearly impossible. Thank-you.
  6. Great Question. We are booked in Haven Breakaway Oct 3rd. Whether Tender or docking at any port, is there real priority for disembarking? We have a number of tight private tours due to distance from port to main cities.
  7. I require a VPN for security on my corporate network, but I only email and low level intranet. No streaming. Do I still need Premium wifi? anyone have info on purchasing an EU sim card for a Samsung? Is it inexpensive for when you are within range versus a $300 UPGRADE? Must be the most profitable thing they sell on the ship. Thanks
  8. Is Starlink active on Breakaway? If you have individual starlink, will it work onboard? Thanks
  9. ANY Suggestions on getting Latitudes Desk to reinstate unposted past cruises? We have 3 past cruises all Haven & Suite. Leaving on the Breakaway Oct 3. While adding my wife and 3 adult children to the suites I found only I have points posted for all the past cruises. My wife has only two past cruises posted and my kids all have zero points! On Latitudes History Page: " DON'T SEE A PAST RESERVATION?" (click) Report a missing cruise. The fine print on Latitudes Rewards then states " IMPORTANT: Rewards points are applied to your account after you return from your cruise. Points will be applied within 48 hours after you have completed a sailing. Effective 1-February 2016, missing cruises must be claimed within 12 months from the day the cruise ends, in order to receive Latitudes points. We are unable to respond to requests submitted after the 12 month deadline has expired. I think this is quite unfair. I as the lead passenger receive all of my points, but I need to check my wife and kids accounts after return and because I didn't, they lose all points. They would all be Platinum after this cruise and now have zero! For my one son after I supplied all past complete sailing data they have him listed as "Past Cruiser" Zero points. Very angry. Airfare purchased and beyond cancel date or I would cancel. All this discussion about bonus points which cost NCL so little and I can't receive standard fully paid for cruise points for all. Guess it is either back to Royal or on to a luxury line.
  10. Returning to Civitavecchia on NCL Breakaway October 13th. My daughter must return to USA on the 13th. Docking at 6 am and in a Haven Suite (hopefully with priority disembarking) is it reasonable to expect to make a 1 pm flight out of FCO? My last return flight (September 2 years ago) from FCO took more than 3 hours to process the boarding process! Worst in my history. Comments/Suggestions? Thank you
  11. We have only booked Haven on NCL. It is the reason I am coming back to cruising. If no larger Haven rooms available, I won't book that ship or itinerary. No excuse for being a cruise snob, I have earned it. I don't wish to interact with 4,000 passengers and not have space and some solitude. The newer ships have too many people and I am appalled at chair saving/lack of space around pools, etc.. The haven is as close to chartering without spending big bucks on Luxury lines. Looking to book Breakaway out of Rome. This is a newer ship for us. I love the GEM/Jade/Pearl Havens with larger rooms. If booked in the haven, does it make any sense to book Club Vibe or a waste of money? Thanks.
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