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  1. HELP!!!! Our September cruise was cancelled by Carnival and we chose to cruise again in the future. We just got an email indicating we were being penalized our $99.00 per passenger nonrefundable deposit. There are 2 of us. What?????? I didn't cancel, they did. What am I missing here? Please tell me when we rebook we wont have to pay another deposit? In hoping what little money we have left will be enough to cover a deposit.
  2. Well it looks like we are going to be cancelled, no surprise here (Valor-September 12-NOLA). Here are my questions. 1. If we choose a future cruise and allow Carnival to keep our money do we have to make a cruise decision now? Can they just hold our funds until things settle down? I ask as I usually do a lot of research into a cruise and I don't want the pressure of having to make a decision on short notice. Could they also just issue a gift card? 2. If we choose a refund, I realize it will take weeks/months, but will it be dollar for dollar and will it be a credit to our credit card? 3. We bought insurance through another vendor. We bought cancelled for any reason. Do we make a claim once we've heard from Carnival directly? If we are getting a refund/future cruise there is nothing to come to us for the cruise. Southwest will also allow you up to 1 year to fly so we'd loose nothing with the airline as well. We've cruised for years, always bought the insurance but never had to make a claim so this is all new to me. My guess is if we choose a refund it will go back onto our credit card as I made a major payment error months ago and paid it off by accident. Of course this was early/mid March when I made the error. I had to wait about 3 1/2 months before my credit card was refunded due to the virus. This makes me very sad but I'd rather they all be safe than sorry and get us onboard and another surge hit. Thanks all who reply.
  3. It's looking like a cancellation is in our future. I have questions about refunds or a future booking. If we request a refund is that done dollar for dollar and charged back to our credit card? Or is it in the form of a Carnival gift card? Also, if we would choose a future cruise do we have to make a decision right then? Just curious if Carnival will just hold our funds until we're ready to book something else. That would seem impossible to have to track a gazillion customers and their dollars, but it could be done. I usually spend quite a bit of time doing research into ships, decks, ports, etc. I don't want to be forced into making a decision on the spot. Just curious how this will all play out when the cancellation comes down, which it's looking like it's going to. We are to set sail in NOLA on September 12th. Thanks all!
  4. Oh I agree 100% that she can't use the expired passport to board the cruise. She's thinking along the same lines that she may take it just in case. In fact, I think she's planning on take all items to cover her backside to insure she gets on the ship.
  5. Here is our situation. Let me know your thoughts. DD was married in September of 2019. She has a new drivers license with her married name. She has her marriage certificate. Her passport has expired and now they aren't processing them. She will have her birth certificate and an expired passport in her maiden name. We sail for their anniversary cruise in early September. Will she be ok with 2 pieces in one name and 2 pieces in another name? Birth certificate and expired passport in maiden name and driver's license and marriage certificate in married name. Thoughts?
  6. I have participated in both meet and mingles and slot pulls always organized or so I thought, through another member of cruisecritic. Always well organized and always loads of fun. At most of the ones I've attended there have been cruisecritic logo items there and the casino manager was involved (free tshirt or two). My question is how does this work? Is it organized by the cruise line or is it organized by the member here? At some the cruise director has stopped by and had free door prizes. I may become the organizer and I'm not sure how to start? Any thoughts?? Thanks all.
  7. Good morning! Has anyone paid attention to how far out cancellations have been announced? We are, for the first time in nearly 15 cruises, are cruising out of New Orleans, on September 12th on the Valor. Just curious to know when/if a cancellation may come down. Unfortunately, I'm a huge vacation planner, organizer and OCD individual. I'm trying to come up with a backup plan for the "what if's." Can we drive to Biloxi, Gulf Shores, Navarre Beach? Can we change our flights to elsewhere? Where is elsewhere? Thanks all who reply!
  8. Hello all! DH and I are looking at Alaska in either 2021 or even 2022. We have cruised several times but always Caribbean so I know nothing. I'm welcome to any and all (nice and kind) suggestions. We will be flying from Indiana so I'm not even sure where the best place to port from. Land tours a must or not? Places to port, hotel, transportation (not through cruise line), sights to see, and departing flights. Thank you all!
  9. I'd like to know how you all have obtained so much OBC. We only have $200 on our September 12th sailing. It was given to us only because we carry a Carnival Mastercard. It's my understanding we will also get another $50 if we keep the sailing. This is a short 5 day out of New Orleans to celebrate our DD's one year wedding anniversary. Am I missing out on something on getting those large OBC's? Thanks all, stay healthy
  10. To be totally honest I didn't do anything. We had been invited by our DD and SIL to cruise with them and his family in September. When I went on the Carnival website to book, it was one of the offers. Similar to a casino offer or early saver offer but for Mastercard holders. I can tell you we had until April 1 to book so maybe it's still an option. I know the lines are crazy busy but you might try and call. There is also a number on your card. I'm not sure if they can help you or if they just deal in the fun points or not. Good luck and stay healthy!
  11. They are also offering a $200 on board credit if you hold the card. We are booked in September and have the Mastercard $200 credit and if we keep the booking and sail, so far there is an additional $50 obc from Carnival for keeping it.
  12. Good morning! I have a question that isn't pressing or waiting on hold forever. We booked a September 5 day cruise out of New Orleans before the shutdown began. We booked an inside room and received a $200 obc because we have a Carnival credit card. We did not book early saver. Due to the current state of the industry, the prices have dropped dramatically. Can I change my room from an inside to a oceanview or even balcony and keep my OBC? Or does it act like a total new booking? Before the shutdown the $200 obc was available until April 1 I believe. Thanks all!
  13. We have a cruise booked for the 12th of September. We just bought our flights so I hadn't bough insurance yet. The insurance is telling me that if I'm at least concerned about the virus we must buy "cancel for any reason." This doubles the cost of the policy. Should I wait and see what summer brings and buy closer to sail date? Or do I chance it? It's also in the back of my mind the fact that the cruise line and the airline will go belly up and if I wait, I may be out now or even later. Any thoughts?
  14. Soooooooo If I currently have a $200 obc because I carry a Carnival Mastercard, and I complete a price reduction form for $30.00 they will take my $200.00 and reduce my balance by $30? If so, with all of this craziness will they do it automatically or will they call and say, "hey you may want to re-think this?"
  15. Awesome, thank you so much!
  16. Good morning! I have a couple of soda/water questions. We cruised Royal in March of 2019 on Rhapsody of the Seas and we were able to bring on bottles of water and soda. I believe it was 12 bottles/cans for each passenger. I called this morning and received different information so I'm just double checking. Today I was told 12 per cabin, not passenger. I was also told it can be cans or bottles. We've also cruised another cruise line and they only allow cans. My second question which the answer was different from what I've experienced. I asked if we could wait and bring our water/soda on in Key West rather than Tampa. I was told no it had to be in Tampa. In the past we've purchased additional soda in San Juan and brought back on the ship. Again, just checking on here to make sure I was told the correct information since both situations were different than what we've experienced before. Thanks all!
  17. We just booked a cruise last minute last night (Jan 15) for a sailing on Saturday, the 18th! Yes, 3 days from now. I went to the Roll Call and the Meet & Mingle is closed. Any thoughts on how to register now that it's closed?
  18. I'm about to have a break down. We are veteran cruisers who have planned our vacations months in advance. This allows lots of research into where and what we are doing. After finally deciding between cruise or resort we opted for the resort. Today I looked and the price to cruise is too low to pass up. Looks like in 3 days, YES, 3 days we are cruising. I've never done anything like this in my life! Again, lots of planning and research usually goes into a cruise for me and my OCD. With that said, we have been to Cozumel several times. Of the 5 times there we've have visited Mr. Sancho's at least 3 times. We liked it and had a great time. Since we are booking this cruise last minute does anyone have any suggestions of other, just as great places to go to this time?
  19. Has anyone booked a cruise 3 days before it set sails? If so, what, if any, advise can you give? I've posted to our situation before. In a nutshell the cruise we had originally been looking at just dropped below what we are paying for a week at a resort. Like, way below. We are now trying to decide what to do. It leaves Saturday the 18th! Like, THIS Saturday. It would be Royal picking our room as well. We've cruised a lot but with months of planning. This would be totally a last minute change, if we end up cruising. Any thoughts?
  20. When is THE last day you can book before cruising, if there are rooms available?
  21. Hi all! I'm just trying to figure something out and it just may be that there is no sense or science to it. I'm literally thinking there is no way for anyone to figure this out and you really do need to check prices at least one a day! LOL. DH and I have cruised or stayed in a resort for years in January or February to get away from the cold weather. There is no rhyme or reason as to why we pick which one, but it's always for one week and always a cruise or resort. This year we looked at a gazillion cruises and resorts and added and re-added the cost and benefits to each other. Finally, we decided on a resort in south Florida. After the initial reservation was made, flights booked and rental car reserved we received an email explaining that the resort was going to start charging a daily rate to park beginning on January 1. NOTE: Please keep in mind that both our flight to/from Florida will allow us to cruise, if plans change. This now made us question our decision. We decided a week away is a week away no matter where. Just on a whim on Friday, I priced out a cruise to see where things were compared to our choice of the resort. Thankfully, car and resort can be canceled if we had a change in plans, at no cost to us. The cruise we looked at only had 1 ocean view and several interior rooms left, but here's the mystery. The cost of the OV was still over the cost for the resort/car/parking/groceries. But pricing out the interior, we found that it was even higher than the ocean view. I found this strange and I can never remember a time when this was the case. By the way, I priced this out via calling Royal so there wasn't the possibility of me making an error. Again, our thoughts were a week away, resort or cruise is better than a week of work and Indiana weather. We did not change as we were still good, money wise, with the resort. So today I looked again (I know I know!) and the OV is now even higher then it was on Friday by $1,300! Now here is where I'm questioning our decision. The interior is now much lower than the resort by about $700.00. What to do??????? Does anyone know how or why these changes happen? I realize supply and demand, but it's so much of a difference. I've seen a change in pricing before but this is huge pricing difference and it goes both ways. It is a science to figure it out! Is this normal as if cruising, in the past, it's been a long planned out vacation. We've never made a last minute decision like this. We've also never stayed in an interior. But if the price is right, how often are you really in your room ? Since it's now lower than the resort/car/food and parking we might make it a first time. Any thoughts?
  22. Hello! I am looking at joing my DD and SIL with his family on a September cruise out of New Orleans. At this moment my DH isn't sure if he will have time off work. What are my choices? Can I book the room now as a single and add him when we know he can go? My BFF has said she would go if he isn't able. Can I add her later? Am I better off to book for the two of us now and if needed do a name change later? I have NEVER had this be an issue before.
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