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  1. 5 minutes ago, ontheweb said:

    BTW, did you ever report to anyone at Carnival the rep whose advice was just lie about the positive test?

    I am ashamed to say that I hung up on her! I always get names  and go figure, I did not that one time that I needed to.  I was so frustrated because she clearly had no idea of what she was talking about, NONE. My head was spinning thinking about the millions of  cancellations/refunds and calls to get them should we fail the nerve wracking 72 hour questionnaire that was looming in the CCL abyss.  I had all my hopes on the fact that proof of our negative covids (in addition to the required 48 hour covid test) would somehow get us into the gate, but alas,  That miracle was not to be spent on me. 

  2. 1 minute ago, BoozinCroozin said:

    Ruh-roh Shaggy. I hate to be a downer on your times and joy for the new cruise. Grand Turks isn't open to cruise ships this year.

    nooooooo!  Grand Turk was replaced with Bimini on my (clears throat)  most recent booking because it was not supposed to open up until the very end of Sept!   Why on earth is CCL still advertising Grand Turk then? for suckers like me?  I would have picked a different sail date for my reschedule cos I wanted GT instead of Bimini.

  3. 21 minutes ago, CruisinMama2003 said:

    So glad to hear these final steps went smoothly for you! Also glad you rebooked so that your poker chip, dbl drink, Grand Turk, and twerking @ Margaritaville dreams come true 🤣


    I also think you should consider doing a Live Review in Nov, you definately have the writing style and humor for one! Just sayin'... 😉

    Mama, can't do any live review because I don't get internet packages!  No bells and whistles for me so I can cruise more.  ($$)   But thank you for the compliment.

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  4. 18 minutes ago, jsglow said:

    You know what would be nice in these circumstances?  If Carnival would just bump to to an equivalent cruise without repricing.


    'Wood, we're so sorry you can't go on this one, but we can immediately move you to the same cruise and the same cabin category in 6 weeks. See if you can arrange flights. Use special code XYZ when you re-book'. 

    Yeah, if only. I would have to move to an alternate reality for that to happen.  My airfare doubled too. The only reason I could book this mother/daughter trip was because airfare bottomed out for a non stop to Miami at a price I have not seen in 10 years.  So much for that.  

  5. Final Follow Up:   (A  summary of events)

    Traveling companion DD tested positive what will be 11 days out from sailing date. Based on swab date and exposure window, she caught it somewhere around 14-15 days before sailing.   Best guess she caught it from a coworker whose husband was positive and got very sick. This co-worker, a nurse, is non vaccinated and believes covid to be a governmental hoax. This nurse was constantly reminded to follow the mask protocol but fought it every step of the way to the point of being written up by management. 


    DD  adhered to the request of management to get tested.  This could not be forced but suggested.  DD being the cool person she is took the test. Came out positive. She was 100% asymptomatic.  Potential exposure nurse at work refused testing, made to stay home for 14 days.  DD had to stay home this past week  with no pay or use up her vacation time.  (because the company is over 100 employees, they do not qualify for that government program that will pay DD for staying home due to covid)  I and our house members tested negative as did DD 5 days after her positive. 8 persons she was around all got rapid tests, all negative.  We were denied boarding as we failed the 72 hour questionnaire.  I was exposed and she had a positive with a test date less than 14 days out. 


    Cancellation process:  I called the number posted in the immediate message I received upon failing the 72 hour questionnaire.  It turned out to be the generic customer service number, not a special designated phone number for, you know, people like me that fell victim to covid in spite of doing everything absolutely right. (no bitterness there)


    Thank goodness I got a CSR who knew what she was doing.  I had all my ducks lined up in a row. Had both a printed and PDF copy of DD document showing she was positive ready to send in a moments notice. I even had another cruise picked out just in case I could rebook something then and there. (what a dreamer I am)  I had read somewhere in the thousands of pages on CCL website that proof of positive test is needed when cancelling for covid.  


    Cancellation/ rebooking went as smooth as butter. No proof needed . I was able to rebook for the end of November same ship, same cruise but Bimini got bumped and replaced with Grand Turk (Hooray!! after this fiasco, I may even join in on a twerking contest at Margaritaville)  I had to downgrade from an ocean view to an inside at a cost of $140 more.  It's a spa room so at least we can go into that special little pool with the jets that back in the day, was open to everyone and one of the best kept secrets. Excursions had to be refunded so I will get gift cards mailed to me  as that's how I paid.  Room purchases of water were transferred to new booking.


    We did the ethical thing, being honest with questionnaires every step of the way. (keeping in mind the CSR I spoke with to try and get details on whether negative tests would help us out and she said that "no one will know about your positive test")

    I am hoping that Karma will work in my favor. Perhaps I will be swimming  in the aft adult pool with my DD, sun setting, sound of the wake, feeling relaxed floating in the pool with a Miami Vice (compliments of jsglow) and feel something under my foot. I will grab it with my toes and lo and behold, it will be a $500 poker chip that someone lost and it found its way into the bottom of the pool just waiting for me to step on.  


    You may say I'm a dreamer
    But I'm not the only one
    I hope someday you'll join us
    And the world will be as one


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  6. 1 hour ago, JaniceB said:

    Awe, thanks for letting us know.  Also, if you can let us know if you had to stay on hold for hours to get a representative.


    I will post a follow up as to what happens when I call to cancel.  I know that yesterdays phone call with a Carnival rep was a disaster.  I am a pretty chill person but when you speak with someone who has no knowledge whatsoever of their covid protocols other than the 48 hour test??


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  7. 29 minutes ago, CruisinMama2003 said:

    😔 ugh!!!! I hope yall are able to book another one soon! Also, thank you for sharing your situation and outcome with us. 


    Safe travels wherever your next cruise takes you 🙂



    Thank you Mama. I will in fact continue to cruise. We will see how long it takes for me to get my FCC so I can book another one. I am going to sit on the pitty pot for awhile now!

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  8. SAD AND FINAL RESULT:  I received my questionnaire. Me and DD sat down to complete it, me 1st. All questions were a NO with the exception of one: have I been exposed to anyone in the last 14 days who tested positive for covid. I answered yes. Clicked on continue to do hers.

    That's where it ended.  Big red exclamation point in the middle of the page. I could not go any further. Bottom line, it mattered not that we have both been tested negative since her positive last week. Always a symptomatic.  Thank you for your support and kind words to all who responded to what appeared as a desperate information seeking post. Cos it was exactly that. 


    Attention: Please do not go to the cruise terminal if you have any symptoms of, or have recently tested positive for COVID-19. Call 1-800-314-9859 to cancel your cruise. You will receive a future cruise credit. For more information on symptoms of COVID-19, please visit cdc.gov.

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  9. 3 minutes ago, CruisinMama2003 said:

    Your right, i read that as well. In 2 separate threads. One answered "yes" to the question about recent travel to another country (a cruise). The other one was a family that showed up with neg results, was tested at the pier (IIRC it was in Seattle, NCL) and the daughter (and i believe a SIL?) tested positive! Other 2 family members were questioned by medical and were allowed to board. 

    These things give me some hope!  I wish that darn questionnaire would hurry up and get into my to do list!  We are chomping at the bit to fill it out and get it submitted.  UGH. 

  10. 2 minutes ago, CruisinMama2003 said:

     I really hope some kind of exception can be made for your situation, esp with 2 negative tests over a weeks time. Best of luck to you 🤞

    Thank you Cruisin. I sure hope there is something on that questionnaire about negative tests after a positive.

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  11. 6 minutes ago, Moviela said:

    It would seem patiently unfair to deny boarding over a false positive test. I would think the negative test already taken, plus the 2 day required test would be enough evidence that the single test was a false positive. 


    I would not attempt to be less than straight forward in answering the health questions, an attempt to deceive would not go well. The only other idea I have is an antibody test could demonstrate that the positive test was false.


    I wish you the best and hope your cruise is enjoyable. 

    Thank you for your positivity. It has always been my intention to be fully honest with everything. I received my email from Carnival that I can fill out my questionnaire but it is not yet  showing up in our To Do List.  I can only wait so long to hear from them once that is submitted as I have a great many reservations.  I am hoping for a miracle as we are supposed to fly down Friday.

  12. Just now, jsglow said:

    Wood, it'll pop up on your cruise planner page on Carnival.com.  There's about 5 questions if I remember.  One is certainly about any positive test in the last 14 days.  Plus the standard symptoms stuff.

    Thank you. That's all I was looking for was to make sure there are 2 questionnaires. The one asking about being vaccinated which I did  once I could check in, and then the one that I expect tomorrow as the more detailed one  that does not yet show up on my planner.  We expect to "fail" but it will be easier to get a FCC if they cancel vs me taking the steps to do so. 

  13. 30 minutes ago, CruisinMama2003 said:

    Ours became available to fill out under the "things to do" part of check-in on the website just fyi so you dont miss it. Cruise info seems to come at us in a few different ways these days, it can be confusing sometimes 🥴

    CruisinMama, was this questionnaire the one that asked if you would be fully vaccinated within 14 days of sailing or a more detailed one?  

  14. UPDATE:  1st Carnival rep I just talked with said, AND I QUOTE HER


    rep said: "if she i has a negative test dated 48 hours or less, she can cruise.


    I replied "are you aware that on the CCL website it states that if you are positive within 14 days of sailing you must cancel?"


    rep said: ( hesitated. on answering, there was a pause...)  "well it is up to her if she wants to go"

    I said:  "are you serious? do you know anything about these protocols? You are telling me that its up to her?"


    rep said: "yes, because no one will know she had a positive test"


    I hung up on her.  Unfreaking real. As God is my witness, this conversation just took place.


  15. 7 minutes ago, Lee Cruiser said:

    We are apparently booked on the same Sunrise cruise as you, but haven't heard anything lately about a 72 hour questionnaire.  We haven't received anything from Carnival about it either. Where is this questionnaire? It's not listed anywhere on our planning page. Are they still doing these with the testing requirements?

    We will get it tomorrow in our email. Its explained on the page 






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  16. 5 minutes ago, BoozinCroozin said:

    You are opening up a can of worms that you can be held personally liable for if you lie on the health questionnaire. You don't have to give your name, sail date, ship, or anything. The number they gave in the FAQ is specific for covid questions. Explain the scenario, point to the CDC guidelines I provided, and ask them what think or what they do.


    There is a definite difference between the CDC and Carnival on this situation. Lying on the health questionnaire has consequences that could be more severe than just being given FCC. Imagine showing up to port, getting on the ship, only to be escorted off for trespassing by the police. It was done on another cruise line. 

    I never said I was going to lie. 

  17. It's a tragedy on many levels. DD did the right thing by getting tested.  The "exposure coworker" does not believe in vaccinations, thinks its a government hoax and would not take a covid test as was requested by office  management.  I am in awe she even reported to her office that her husband is sick with it.

    Insert my DD ,who was tested, asymptomatic, was positive, took another test 4 days later that came out negative. I am negative, her mom. The 8 people that she identified that she came into contact with all miraculously were able to get rapid tests, all being negative. Our 48 hour tests most likely will be negative as we have quarantined.  

    If all this goes downhill because of an unvaxxed person who believes its a hoax and was negligent in her mask wearing at the office,  I am going to be freaking pissed. 

    Our 72 hour questionaire is tomorrow. We will be honest in it and see what happens. 4 covid cancellations under my belt already and 2 years since my last sailing. I still know that the hassles were going to be worth it but never, ever saw this coming. 

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  18. 38 minutes ago, Joebucks said:

    Sounds like you screwed yourself by getting tested. 


    An asymptomatic COVID-infected person could fail the test within 2 weeks, but there is no process that would catch this, except for a voluntary test.

    She was tested because she works in a medical office and a coworkers husband was postive. So she did the right thing by getting tested as was requested by management.

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  19. 13 minutes ago, DANCING GRANDMOMMY said:

    I understand that there are often false positives. If you take the test right after that one and it is negative then is that considered having a false positive?

    That is one of the many questions. I don't think it will matter because CCL or any line for that matter would be opening up Pandora's box questioning that one.


  20. 2 hours ago, doctork said:

    Maybe I am missing something.  Why would one test for Covid 11 days prior to a cruise?  I thought the tests needed to be done within 48 - 72 hours prior to sail.

    She was tested 11 days prior because an employee at her job tested positive thereby causing a potential exposure. Its a medical office. They requested all employees get tested.


  21. 26 minutes ago, furf_n_slo said:

    In the FAQ from carnival it says that if you test positive within 14 days of sailing you're supposed to call to reschedule.  


    "What happens if I have a positive COVID-19 test within 14 days of sailing?


    Please do not go to the cruise terminal if you have any symptoms of, or have recently tested positive for, COVID-19. Call 1-800-314-9859 to cancel your cruise. You will receive a future cruise credit. For more information on symptoms of COVID-19, please visit the CDC's website ."



      I am trying to find that paragraph because I need to print it out. 

    Edit: found it, thank you.



  22. Has anyone tested positive within a few weeks from your sail date but got a negative test for your 48 hour test and was allowed to board without issue?  (being fully vaccinated and having that documentation as well) 


    Our scenario:  DD (fully vaccinated)  tested positive on  what will be 11 days prior to sail date.  She took another test what will be 7 days from sail date and is negative. She remains in quarantine since her positive.  I was tested and am negative  (her darling momma and traveling companion)  We will be taking the 48 hour covid tests  in 3 days.


    Million dollar question ( I have combed through all the rules, regulations, protocols,  and everything in between I feel) Does a positive covid 14 days or less cause problems with being allowed to board if our 48 hour test is negative and  we are fully vaccinated?    Man oh man, do we need a vacation. This is stressful!

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